Kayaking in Long Island: A Beautiful Way to Spend a Day

Beautiful Way to Spend a Day - Kayaking

Picking the right destination to do something is always prevalent. There needs to be enough time devoted to the decision so that everything goes well. Planning out any trip requires careful consideration as the final choice needs to be evaluated and observed from different angles. This is particularly true for kayaking because there are many … Read more

Stratos Boat Problems – Detailed Information

Most boat enthusiasts, with time, develop a newfound interest in fishing boats. However, if you’re one of them, try to consider a few factors before splurging on a fisher. Factors like rod holders, tackle boxes, casting decks, outriggers, etc. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ve most certainly heard of Stratos Boats. But you should be … Read more

3 Yamaha 190 Fsh Problems – Problems and Excellent Solutions

Yamaha 190 Fsh Problems wiht our solutions 1

190 FSH is one of the best boats in its price range. You can fit eight people comfortably in this vehicle. Its enormous fuel tank and many convenient features are great. But there are several problems with the Yamaha 190 FSH. What are the Yamaha 190 FSH problems? The Yamaha FSH 190 has the three … Read more

Raymarine VS Garmin – What’s The Best Gear For Navigation

Raymarine VS Garmin about

All boats need top-notch gear for navigation. This applies to all forms of recreational boats, fishing, and sailing boats. But with brands competing with unique features, it can be tricky to pick the best. So, which will you pick Raymarine vs Garmin? In our opinion, you should pick Raymarine. It’s $100 more expensive than Garmin … Read more