The 5 Most Deadly Paddling Mistakes

Although kayaking is a relatively safe sport that is appropriate for paddlers of all ages ranging from adolescents to elderly adults, there are certain mistakes that paddlers commonly make that could cost them their lives. In fact, because humans have evolved to breathe in an atmosphere rather than underwater, both weather and water can be … Read more

5 Paddling Tips Every Kayaker Should Know

The sport of kayaking is a wonderful way to spend time in the outdoors and is a sport that can be safely pursued by paddlers of all ages ranging from the very young to the elderly. In addition, kayakers can paddle their kayaks on any available body of water ranging from small ponds to large … Read more

The Adams Dry Fly Pattern

The Adams doesn’t need much introduction if you’ve been around fly fishing circles for more than a few minutes.  It may well be the most famous pattern ever created. To quote fly fishing writer Thomas McGuane, the Adams is: Gray and funky and a great salesman I think that salesman line really sums up the Adams neatly.  … Read more

How to Choose a Freshwater Fly Selection

The single question most often asked by novice fly fishermen is how do I choose the right fly? Thus, if you read the plethora of literature written on this topic, you would very likely come to the conclusion that in order to become a successful fly fisherman, you will need to carry an entire collection … Read more