12 Best Fluke Reel 2023: Makes Fishing Easier & Fun

Fluke Reel

Flukes are a bit tough to catch, right? Well, any fish that stays deep underwater requires a bit of effort to catch. But using some simple tricks and tactics can make your fluke fishing experience better. Using the perfect reel will help you a lot, in this regard. A good reel is powerful and can … Read more

11 Best Prop for Yamaha F70 in 2023: Choose The Best

Prop for Yamaha F70

Does your stock prop need a replacement? Well, good riddance. You need a change for sure. Sure, Yamaha makes great props for their engines. But we know how expensive the OEM parts tend to get. So we thought about making a list. And here we are. If you’re in the category of buying a new … Read more