Startron Vs Stabil: Which Fuel Stabilizer Is Worth Getting?

A fuel stabilizer is a must if you use blended fuels in your boat. Without a stabilizer, your fuel is bound to cause engine trouble. However, it’s intimidating to choose one with the many options available.

So, which will you pick in the fight between startron vs stabil?

It’s wise to pick startron. It’s an affordable option that adds 2 years of shelf life to your fuel. It’s also compatible with both gas and diesel engines. However, if you use your boat regularly and prefer a gas engine, pick stabil.

We know you need more information than this to decide. Thus, we want you to continue reading. We’ve discussed the important features to help you decide on the fuel stabilizer to get.

So, let this adventure begin!

Startron Vs Stabil: Are They Very Different?

Cure Ethanol Fuel Problems

For a trustworthy marine carburetor and engine, you’ll need a good fuel stabilizer. While both of these fuel stabilizers are highly rated, they are quite different. These differences are what will help you decide the one to get.

To help you get the gist of it, take a look at our table below. We’ve described the different features of each of these fuel stabilizers. This way it’ll be easy for you to understand the details later on.

Feature: Startron Stabil
Price:  Around $6 Can be up to $15
Dose: 1 ounce for 16 gallons of blended gas 1 ounce for 2 gallons of blended gas
Engine type: All engine types Only gas engines
Shelf life of the fuel: Up to 2 years added Up to 1 year

Well, now you know what’s awaiting you. Let’s delve into the details on these fuel stabilizers:

The Price Tag Variations

stabil fuel stabilizer_jpg

There is a stark difference in price between startron and stabil. In fact, stabil is pricier than startron by a fair amount.

Startron retails at around $6. This makes it a really handy and accessible option. In fact, many people use it for appliances like chainsaws and snow blowers.

On the other hand, stabil retails for $15. It’s not as versatile as startron though. But stabil has season-specific and appliance-specific stabilizers.

This way you have more options for what you want to use your fuel stabilizer for. All of these different options are mostly priced the same, at around $15.

The Difference In Dosing

Dosing plays an essential role in the performance of your boat. You can unfreeze the steering cable of your boat, but engine trouble needs professionals.

The doses of both of these fuel stabilizers also vary greatly. So, depending upon that, you can decide which one to get. To make comparisons easy, we’ll use measurements for blended gas.

Startron requires 1 ounce for every 16 gallons of blended gas. Thus, depending on the tank size of your boat, you may need as little as 3 ounces.

Stabil requires 1 ounce for every 2 gallons of blended gas. That is a lot more fuel stabilizer to use than startron.

So, if your fuel tank is 20 gallons, you’ll have to add 10 ounces of stabil. This means you’ll have to buy stabil more often.

fuel stabilizer difference in dosing

Compatibility With Engine Type

Your fuel stabilizer needs to be compatible with the engine. This is to ensure the best performance. Perfect compatibility will also prevent issues like a stuck fuel gauge on full.

This is where startron is more versatile. It works on both gas and diesel engines. Hence,  as mentioned before, it can be used on other appliances.

With stabil, it’s only compatible with gas engines. Using stabil in diesel engines won’t destroy the engine. However, you won’t get peak performance from your engine.

Effect On The Shelf Life Of Fuel

When you choose a stabilizer, you want it to keep your fuel fresh. What this means is that you want it to extend the fuel’s shelf life. In this regard, startron and stabil are different too.

With startron, you’ll add up to 2 years of shelf life to the fuel. This is especially great because gasoline can go bad. So, startron will help if you need to keep your gasoline from going bad in colder climates. This is also handy if you don’t go boating that often.

On the other end, stabil provides up to 1 year of shelf life. So, if you use your boat often, this is a great pick.

Many boating enthusiasts talk about ‘restoring’ old gas. This means adding a stabilizer to old fuel to make it work.

Startron has little impact on this process. It won’t do anything to make old fuel usable. It’ll only reinforce what the fuel already has and stabilize it.

With stabil, the matters are different. Stabil is made with many additives that are speculated to help old fuel.

Many enthusiasts have noticed smoother performance with stabil and old fuel. This isn’t a concrete theory but rather an interesting observation.


Startron Vs Stabil faq

So, have you decided which stabilizer you’ll get? Will you pick startron or stabil? If you’re still lost, allow us to help you one last time.

If you want a great deal for the price, pick startron. You’ll get a long shelf life and versatility for a great price.

However, if you’re used to regular engine checks and gas engines, pick stabil. The great compatibility with gas engines will result in a great performance.

Well, that’s basically all! We hope this FAQ clears your doubts on startron and stabil.

Can you add too much startron?

Fortunately, no. You cannot add too much star tron to your fuel. So, whether you’re using diesel or gasoline, overdose isn’t an issue. If you do so, you won’t encounter any problems with the engine.

Is stabil bad for engines?

Absolutely not. Stabil is formulated to protect your engine from ethanol damage. Many fuels in the market are spiked with ethanol. Without a stabilizer like stabil, your engine is bound to malfunction.

Should I add a stabilizer to ethanol-free gas?

You can but only under one condition. That’s if you want to store your fuel for longer than 6 months. That’s because the stabilizer works with ethanol to increase combustion. It also reduces issues with moisture. Since ethanol-free gas doesn’t have these issues, adding a stabilizer only works to extend shelf life.

Is all fuel stabilizer the same?

Fuel Stabilizer

No, all fuel stabilizers are not the same. There are many different brands and formulations of fuel stabilizers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some fuel stabilizers are designed for specific types of engines, while others can be used in any type of engine.

Some fuel stabilizers contain alcohols that can damage rubber seals and gaskets, so it’s important to read the label carefully before using any fuel stabilizer.

Can you add a fuel stabilizer to old gas? Will it help?

If you have old gas that’s been sitting in your garage for a while, you might be wondering if you can add a fuel stabilizer to it. The answer is yes, you can add fuel stabilizer to old gas. However, it’s important to note that adding fuel stabilizer to old gas will not make it like new again. It will just help to stabilize the gas so that it doesn’t go bad as quickly.


And that’s the news for startron vs stabil. We hope this helps you decide on the fuel stabilizer you want for your boat. If you’re satisfied with the choice you made and our advice helped, let us know.

Till then, sail away!