Tohatsu vs Yamaha 2023: The Superior Outboard Motor

Yamaha vs Tohatsu

Your watercraft needs a solid outboard motor. If you’re on the market, it doesn’t get much better than Tohatsu and Yamaha. Many buyers have been left confused while making this choice. So, which one is superior: Tohatsu vs Yamaha? For starters, Yamaha consumes less fuel. But, it’s more expensive than Tohatsu. If your speed is … Read more

Trim Tabs VS Hydrofoil – Which Better Enhances Performance?

trim tabs vs hydrofoil 1

Trim tabs and hydrofoils are recommended for use in boats. But there’s a popular assumption that they only help in large boats. However, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, trim tabs and hydrofoils help boost the boat’s performance in many ways. And that might leave you wondering, trim tabs vs hydrofoil, which is a … Read more

Salt-Away vs Salt Terminator – Clean off the Corrosion

So you may regularly go out to the saltwater for fishing or entertainment. Suddenly, one day you noticed some salt corrosion had made its way home on your boat. Now you definitely need a salt remover to clean off the corrosion. So, which one should you choose between Salt Away vs Salt Terminator? Salt-Away needs … Read more

Marine-Tex Vs. J-B Weld – Which Is The Better Epoxy?

Marine Epoxy

Epoxies are of high necessity when you’re on the water. You never know when something might break. But, most sailors are really confused about marine tex and jb weld. So, which one’s better for sailors between marine tex vs jb weld? Marine tex has a wide range of products compared to jb weld. Whereas, jb … Read more