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10 Best Downrigger Release 2024 – Different Tension Settings


Damn it, the fishing line doesn’t stay still where the fishes are. How will you catch a fish this way?

Well, for that, you have the very handy downrigger release clips. They simply hold on to the line and let them hang in the water at the place you want it to be.

However, the best downrigger release does more than that. It also has different tension settings that allow you to set it in different ways.

But hey, there are so many options in the market, which one is the right one for you? Well, to simplify the whole matter we have handpicked the top contestants and today we’ll be going through them one by one.

This way, you will be able to determine what’s best for you and what’s not. Besides, thanks to our comprehensive list you won’t have to go through thousands of products.

Plus, to help you with your purchasing decisions we have also added a buying guide. It will guide you to the right path.

Enough said and done. Let’s not waste any more time. Rather let’s dive into the main content-

Downrigger Release – Our Top Picks

1. Back Marine Downrigger Release

Back Marine Downrigger Release

To start our list we will now present our personal favorite downrigger release clips of this list. And this one is the Back Marine Downrigger Release. Guess what? This product is sure a snapper. You see, it sticks easily to the fishing rod.

But that’s not all he has in its pocket. So, what else does it offer?

Well, circling back to our previous point this downrigger release is composed of a thing called the “Ring & Snap” attaching bar. This makes it easy and convenient for fishermen like you to simply snap the downrigger in its place.

Moreover, it has an adjustable tension screw. This allows you to adjust the tension to your liking. That way, you have your own control over the fishing rod.

Furthermore, this downrigger release clip has a spinning attachment bar made of heavy-duty wire. And even the main body of the release is composed of flexible plastic and stainless steel.

Altogether this makes the downrigger quite durable in nature. Thus they can last for a long time and will not be a waste of your money.

But that is not all. This downrigger release allows an angler to really load a rod set in a downrigger. Plus you don’t have to fret over any false trips/sliding and still release. This is all possible due to its design.

In short, the whole thing is quite user-friendly. Even if you are a beginner you won’t have to face any issues while trying to get this downrigger release clip to work. And when it does work you can trust it to do a great job.

  • Easy to use
  • You can adjust the tension level
  • They are long-lasting
  • Doesn’t allow any false trips
  • It is quite sturdy in nature
  • It takes a while to get the release setting correct


2. Cannon 2250106 Offshore Line Release

Cannon 2250106 Offshore Line Release

The runner-up of our list is the Cannon 2250106 Line Release. Now, we know that it didn’t steal the top position but this product still has some amazing features-

For starters, the fishing line will stay in perfect condition. That is because the fish line will not twist, turn, or wind up into a mess. Hence, the fish line will stay in perfect condition.

Plus, the cannon 2250106 offshore line release is quite sturdy in nature. In fact, even the turbulent water cannot cause damage to the downrigger release. Hence, it’s pretty tough, to begin with.

Moreover, this release clip is designed to handle high tension. Thus it’s a greater match for the heavy waves in the ocean.

On top of these, this downrigger release clip also has a spring-loaded design. Thanks to such an advanced design you can swiftly set the setting. Thus making the whole process faster and more efficient.

Furthermore, this release clip has a clothespin design. This makes the release clip-friendly for all types of fishing rods. Thus, it increases your options if you have multiple fishing rods that you use.

  • The fishing line won’t get tangled
  • It is sturdy
  • Works on different types of fishing rod
  • Doesn’t cause unnecessary delay in setting
  • Can tolerate rough water waves
  • A bit challenging to set the tension


3. Chamberlain 2250106 Downrigger Release

Chamberlain 2250106 Downrigger Release

In third place, we have the Chamberlain 2250106 Downrigger Release. Now, this one is the most premium product on our list. But wait, why will be paying more for a simple downrigger release? Well, here are all the reasons-

Firstly, this product is designed two of the biggest problem that fishermen face with downrigger releases. First is the false release. And the other one is not being able to catch small fish.

You see, this downrigger release clip comes with vertical adjustment features. This is a great addition because it allows you to put extra downward pressure against the release while fishing.

Now, this feature is handy critical. This is because right, when a fish falls prey to the release, the slack between the rod and the fish, is removed quickly. As a result the fish almost instantly gets hooked and you can pull it up.

Moreover, you can also adjust the downrigger release horizontally. However, the horizontal adjustment system is a bit sensitive. And you have to fine-tune it every few minutes to ensure that it’s precise.

Thus start with a little light setting then advance to reach your desired luring position. Moreover, this downrigger release can detect small changes in the sea. So, if you catch even a small fish it will help you notice the catch.

  • Can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • It can detect small changes in motion
  • Minimizes false release
  • You get the exact settings every time
  • Increases rod pressure
  • A bit pricey


4. Scotty 1181 Mini Power Grip Line Release

Scotty 1181 Mini Power Grip Line Release

Moving on to the simplest product on our list, we have the Scotty 1181 Mini Power Grip Line Release. Now, this is the most budget-friendly product that we have on the list. And there are several reasons why this is worth the purchase.

For starters, this downrigger release clip has a streamlined shape. This makes the whole clip more efficient because it does not get stuck on to any unwanted weed or foul lines.

Moreover, this clip might be inexpensive but it certainly has a tension adjuster. With the help of that, you can dial the tension settings to your liking. And if you set the tension adjuster to its high level it will add power to the clip.

Because of that, it will be able to withstand high pressure that may fall on the fishing line if you catch big prey. They will not snap away when a bigger subject is in hand.

Moreover, this clip has soft pads. And, the fishing line sets on them when you attach the downrigger release clips on them. Because of the soft synthetic material, the line doesn’t become damaged over rough usage.

  • It doesn’t get stuck
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t damage the fishing line safe
  • Tension level can be adjusted
  • Tough to adjust to catch for smaller fishes


5. Walker Downriggers Adjustable Line Release

Walker Downriggers Adjustable Line Release

At the very end of our list, we have the Walker Downriggers Adjustable Line Release. You might assume that this is the worst product and why should you even bother to read what it has to offer?

But wait, there are some things that might arouse your interest-

Firstly, we have to admit that this is the most lightweight product on our list. So, you can rest assured that it won’t result in a lot of pressure on the fishing line. Hence, your fishing line will not be probe to any sort of damage.

Well, for starters, this downrigger release clip is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. This combo makes the whole thing rust-free. Thus, even if the release clip drenches in water they won’t decompose that easily.

In fact, it will last a while. On top of this, the Walker downriggers line release is adjustable in the system. Thus you can use it for both heavy and light applications.

Moreover, this downrigger release ensures a positive hook of the fish every time.  This is because it tries to get the fish into direct contact with the reel’s drag system.

  • Won’t rust easily
  • It will not harm the fishing line
  • You can adjust the system
  • Ensure positive hooks of the fishes
  • You have to replace the split rings


Buying Guide


And that marks the end of our long discussion of why these products are our top pick. But wait, things might not have settled well with you. And if you are still having trouble figuring out what to buy then let’s step back a bit.

Let’s take a breather and see the basic features that you must see when buying a downrigger release. Now, you might already know this but it’s still a great way to jog your memory.

And if you are new then this will provide you with some insightful info. Nevertheless, we believe that this section will help you to understand what product is the best one for you.

Desired Depth

One of the primary things that matter when it comes to choosing a downrigger release is depth. Now, this is the depth you are willing to fish at. You see, some fishermen like to reach the depth of the ocean.

They believe that the further their reach is the bigger their bait will be. But you might be satisfied with a shallow range. In fact, you might even prefer a shallow range because it’s much safer.

So, depending on what depth you’re willing to fish at determines what type of downrigger release you should buy. For a longer depth do go for the ones that offer a larger range. They are stronger and can withstand a much higher force.

Thus, even if catch a big, mean fish your downrigger won’t leave your side. However, for a shallow range, you can buy the basic downside releases that don’t offer high-tech specs like being electrically controlled.

This way, you will be saving a few bucks too. That is because the basic ones don’t have a lot of features that the high-tech ones have. For instance, they are not that strong.

Ability to Retain Getting Tangled

One more thing to look into is the tangling factor. The fishing rod’s line may get tangled if the downrigger releases aren’t up to the task.

In fact, they can sometimes complicate the whole thing and create a mess if they are not designed right. Thus you may end up with an hour’s worth of work when the line gets tangled up.

Thus, do ensure that your downrigger releases can tackle the tangled situation. It’s for your best.

Ability To Withstand Water’s Pressure

Moving on, pay heed to whether your downrigger release can tackle the pressure of the water. You see, down at the bottom of the ocean, the water tends to be ferocious. They have no mercy.

The wave of water can be strong enough to pull away from the downrigger release if they are not prone to withstand such high pressure. Some designs like high tension settings and tension adjusters help to deal with this situation.

Ease of Installation

Furthermore, do ensure that the downrigger is easy to install. You see, they might just be a small piece of the clip but they can get super complicated.

Thus, if you are a beginner it is always a good idea to go for the basic ones. They are not that complicated and you can clip them on the fishing rod with ease. Then enjoy your fishing trip.

However, the complicated ones can give you nightmares. Now, if you don’t want high-tech specs then we suggest you stay away from that.

downrigger ease of installation 1

Lasting Ability

Lastly, do look into whether the downrigger release is durable or not. Now, you are investing in materials so you want them to last a while. It will be a bit of a waste if they don’t serve for a few years.

And they get mostly get worn out due to heavy exposure to water. So, do try to get downrigger releases that are made of aluminum or stainless steel. That is because they don’t let the water affect them.

In fact, they do not rust when they are left underwater. So, that’s a huge bonus.

Manual vs. Electric Downriggers

There are a few key considerations to make when deciding whether to purchase manual or electric downriggers for your fishing vessel. Electric downriggers are generally much more expensive than their manual counterparts. They also require a power source on board the vessel – typically a 12-volt battery – whereas manual downriggers do not.

This can be an important consideration if you are frequently fishing in remote areas where access to a power source may be limited. Finally, electric downriggers tend to be faster and easier to operate than manual downriggers, making them a good choice for anglers who want to spend more time fishing and less time setting up their gear.


downriggers faqs

How do downrigger releases work?

With the help of downrigger release, you can fix the position of your bait. That way you can target the fish by reaching the positions that they swim in. This increases the chance of you catching a fish.

What happens when a fish takes the lure?

When the fish successfully takes the lure, the line release lets go of the line. At that point, the fish gets trapped on the line and it is in your bait. When this happens you have to pull the rod to bring the fish onto your boat.

What are the core things that downriggers have?

Different downriggers have different things in common. But the main things that most of the downriggers have in common are the rod holder, spool, crank or motor, cable, boom, trolling weight, and line release.

Where are downrigger release clips placed?

The right place to put the downrigger release clip is above the downrigger ball. They have to be attached directly to the cable to be of proper use.

What types of fish are caught with downriggers?

There are many types of fish that can be caught with downriggers, including salmon, trout, and other pelagic fish. Downriggers can be used in both fresh and salt water, and in a variety of fishing situations. In general, downriggers are used to target fish that are swimming at mid-water depths or below.

Some anglers use downriggers to target specific species of fish, while others use them to target a specific type of fish (such as pelagic or bottom-dwelling fish). In either case, downriggers can be very effective tools for catching fish.

What happens if you hit the bottom with the downrigger ball?

If you are fishing with a downrigger and you happen to hit the bottom with the downrigger ball, there is no need to worry. The downrigger ball is designed to bounce off of the bottom without damaging the downrigger or getting stuck.

How fast can you troll with a downrigger?

You can expect to troll between 1-2 mph with a downrigger. This slow trolling speed is ideal for getting your bait or lure down to the fish, and it also helps to prevent tangles in your line. If you’re fishing in deeper water, you may need to troll a bit faster to get your bait down to the fish, but in most cases, 1-2 mph is all you need.

Scotty Mini Power Grip Plus Downrigger Release Tension

To Sum Up

Alright, guys, that’s all for the day. We have been going on and on about the best downrigger release in town. But hey, the decision is yours. Now you have a platter full of info.

So, do make the right choice for yourself. Anyway, we will leave you with it. Do put on your thinking cap and give it a thought. We are done for the day. So, adios!

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