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12 Best Prop For 25 Johnson 2024: For Better Performance & Speed

boat propeller for 25 johnson

A propeller or “prop” is the final piece of the engine and its drive train. It is the part of the boat that transfers the engine horsepower to the water. The transfer is termed as thrust. Thrust is created as the propeller pulls water into the front of it, (the boat side) and pushes it out on the back side.

If we ask any professional sailor whether they prefer outboards or inboards. We know the outboard pole will get the higher votes.

Any expert in the sailing and fishing field would know the reason behind this.

Firstly, the easy maintenance and secondly the accessibility makes it a good choice for anyone. 25 Johnson is one of the most promising outboard motors. But to provide you a good service, the outboard needs a good quality prop as well.

Here’s the thing- obviously, not all outboards are the same, neither are the props. Therefore, sailors look for the best prop for 25 Johnson very frequently.

We understand that analyzing and drawing the conclusion line can be a tough call. So, we examined the best available props of the market thoroughly.

You won’t believe it but we went through more than 30 products in the last week. And finally, we listed the best ones that our lens could find. So, stick with us to get more insights on this.

Top-Rated Propellers for 25 Johnson Outboard Motors – A Review

1. SOLAS 2211-101-13 Amita 3 Aluminum

SOLAS 2211-101-13 Amita 3 Aluminum

Product Overview

As we’re about to start our product part. So, let’s start with our most favorite one on the list. This prop is from the popular prop brand Solas. The product name is SOLAS 2211-101-13 3-Blade Propeller.

This product topped our list not because it carries a renowned brand name. It has some very nice features that make it a top-notch product.

Wanna know more about it?

Then get your cup of coffee and get ready. We’ve got a lot to explain to you.

So, let us get started with the structuring mechanism. This prop is made in the exclusive squeeze cast technique. Wondering what’s so fascinating about it?

Well, this technique ensures a smooth surface texture. So the porosity decreases. Therefore, it ensures an immensely high-strength product.

As you can understand this high strength makes this prop a very good investment. It’ll provide you quality service for a long time.

So, it’s quite an economic and durable product. Moreover, the four-layer painting coat gives it a shield.

Let’s move forward to the next thing. What’s next?

Next is the blade performance. It has stronger blades that are very good for providing efficiency. It has 3 blades which are considered to be the best at providing good top speed.

Moving on to the acceleration part. Trust us, we’re not exaggerating a bit, it has excellent acceleration. Obviously, it’s very helpful at moving your boat forward. Besides, the top speed is also praise-worthy.

As a whole, you can clearly see that it’s a very good product that almost ticks all your checkboxes.

Moreover, you can even use it for 35 or 40 Johnsons as well. Yes, you got it, the versatile using options make it a good pick for professionals. Therefore, you can choose this aluminum prop for you if it suits you.

But don’t forget to take notes about both the pros and cons. It’ll help you to choose your product.

  • Exclusive squeeze technology provides strength
  • Excellent acceleration and top speed
  • Usable for other johnsons
  • Economic and durable
  • Provided materials might cause health harm


2. Aluminum Outboard Cupped Propeller Boat

Aluminum Outboard Cupped Propeller Boat

Product Overview

The second product on our list is another aluminum prop from the brand Rason propeller. This is another good quality product. But as we already said it’s a good product, we must justify our claim.

First thing first, the most important thing about this product is the material. The aluminum is very good in quality and has high strength. Therefore, this product can provide you with a solid performance.

Moreover, it has hybrid casting which makes it far more durable and strong. It’s made of strontium, aluminum, and titanium which is just perfect for tougher finishing.

Next up, we have the anti-corrosion protective layer. It is extremely helpful for any professional user. This propeller has an environment-friendly robotic powder coating.

As you can see, it’s safe for nature and gives your prop a safety layer. Therefore, it improves this prop’s overall performance.

Do you think we’re done?

Well, sorry then cause we’re not done about this product yet. We still have more to spill about it.

Moving forward to its acceleration and top speed performance. If we become honest, this product is designed very wisely.

It has OEM blade geometry. This enhances its top speed and acceleration. Moreover, the appropriate cupping and added camber ensure minimum slips and perfect bow lift.

Apart from all these, it is very easy to install. This feature makes it a good pick for newbies as well. So, as a whole, this is a top-notch pick if we suggest you neutrally.

  • The material and good quality coating ensures excellent performance
  • OEM blade geometry enhances top speed and acceleration
  • The coating powder is environmentally safe
  • Appropriate cupping minimizes slips
  • Some might find the moving speed not so satisfactory


3. SOLAS 2211-105-11 Amita 3 Aluminum

SOLAS 2211-105-11 Amita 3 Aluminum

Product Overview

We are halfway through the product list. It’s time to say hi to our third product on the list. Surprisingly the brand is the same as the first product.

Must be wondering why we have two products from the same brand?

Well, trust us, we aren’t partial towards them. They are extremely good at providing top-notch products. Therefore, we found two of their products extremely suitable for this purpose.

So, obviously, we aren’t partial; rather these products are so good in quality that they make their place in our favorite list. But not going to lie, these two products are similar in many ways.

But their performance and speed level are so good that they fit an expert’s needs just perfectly.

Basically, this prop is a universal fit 3 bladed one. The blades are smooth and ensure a smooth and speedy performance. The materials are superior in quality.

It is capable of ensuring high performance and great top speed. These propellers are made in squeeze cast technique and that ensures a smooth surface.

Therefore, the product is much more durable than regular props. The strength is good for providing a good top speed that moves your boat faster. The outstanding acceleration is what an experienced sailor would want.

Moreover, the outlook is also very good looking. And the installation process is quite easy too. So, pick this up if it fits your needs perfectly.

  • Universal fitting gives it versatility
  • Smooth blades provide top-notch performance
  • The squeeze cast technique makes the surface smooth
  • Very easy to install and satisfying outlook
  • Doesn’t come with a proper kit


4. Asaki Al. Propeller

Asaki Al. Propeller

Product Overview

Say hello to the fourth product on our list. It’s Asaki Al. Propeller. Just like all the products we’ve seen so far, it also has a satisfying quality.

Basically, this is a 3 blade aluminum prop. Mostly, professionals prefer three-bladed propellers for better performance. The blades are also quite good in quality.

The highest quality finishing ensures better execution of its work. The top speed and acceleration are praise-worthy. This right-hand rotating prop is therefore quite suitable for professional sailors.

Besides, the product has a solid smooth fit. It ensures smooth fishing and sailing. Anyone who’s looking for a fishing boat prop can go for this. It’s also compatible with other Johnsons as well.

By the way, don’t forget to check if this product matches your prop shaft size or not. If yes then it can be a good one for your purpose.

  • Perfectly designed 3 bladed propeller
  • Likable acceleration
  • Finishing quality is excellent
  • Solid smooth fit compatible with various models
  • The overall performance quality can be improved


5. POLASTORM Aluminum Outboard Propeller

POLASTORM Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Product Overview

We’ve reached the end of our product list. Now is the time to introduce our last product which is the POLASTORM Aluminum Outboard Propeller.

This 14 splines toothed propeller has high efficiency and performance. It’s also much more durable than traditional die-casting props.

But what makes it so strong and durable?

The boasting hybrid casting of strontium, aluminum, and titanium gives immense strength. Therefore, it’s promising at providing a strong performance.

Thus you can understand, it’s perfect for rough and tough professional use. If you’re an experienced sailor you can go for this product. Its stronger coating adds to its strength.

Moreover, this coating is anti-corrosive and environmentally friendly. So it’s not only long-lasting but safe as well.

Besides, design engineering is also admirable. Its blades and cupping are perfectly designed. So it can decrease slips very efficiently. The bow lifting and bite increasing are excellent as well.

So to conclude, this product ticks the basic criteria of a good propeller. If it suits your needs you can definitely go for it.

  • Extremely strong and durable
  • The excellent mechanism that helps in decreasing slip
  • Good at enhancing the bite and bow lifting
  • The anti-corrosive coating is nature friendly
  • The overall service needs betterment

Buying Guide

Yes, I already got enough insights about the products, right? But there’s still something important to discuss. Can you guess what that is?

So for anyone knowing the buying factors are immensely important. As a user, you have to have some basic knowledge about the product buying factors.

Therefore, we added this part to help you in this regard. So, let’s get started-


The material of your propeller is one of the most important things. It’s going to determine the balance, cost, and most importantly the durability of the propeller.

So, you must sort your needs before choosing the material of your prop. Wanna know why?

Well, not all materials will provide you the same service. Aluminum props are budget-friendly and provide good durability. The performance is also satisfying.

As a matter of fact, stainless steel is 5 times stronger than aluminum. Therefore, when you need a stronger propeller you must go for stainless steel.

Moreover, for emergency use, people go for composite or plastic-made ones. And that’s the thing, you must understand your situation and choose accordingly.

Blade Count

blade count

You must be amazed to know that blade count is an important factor when buying props. But a lot of people never really know that props can have more or less than 3 blades.

Sorry for bursting your bubble. But actually the fewer the blades the more efficient it is. Because blade number increment might decrease the vibration.

In application, three blades are widely preferred because of their balanced efficiency and smoothness. However, four blades propellers are good for competence as well.


Right-hand props are considered the most standard ones. This is because the clockwise rotation moves the boat forward.

On the flipside, left-hand rotation is counter-forward. So, it’s perfect for a counter-rotation gearcase.

So, you must know your gearcase type and which side of rotation you need before choosing your prop.

Diameter & Pitch

prop on boat

If you’re wondering why knowing the diameter of your prop is necessary?

Well, we need to elaborate on this we suppose.

So, diameter determines how much load can the propeller push on water. Yeah, it kinda determines the prop’s efficiency of pushing power.

Therefore, your heavy loads need a prop with more diameter. But if speed is your priority you need the smaller one.

Pitch is basically the distance your prop will travel in one complete revolution. But theoretical distance and actual distance never match. Because of the slip, you’ll lose some distance in between.

But you must have a basic idea about the pitch. It’ll help you to finally measure other things about your propeller.

Normally, lower pitch props are good for heavy loads. Though they slow down the top speed. On the other hand, higher pitch props are good for providing top pitch.

So, try to keep these things in mind while choosing your propeller. It’ll help you to pick the one that suits you best.


How fast will a 25 hp Johnson go?

Answer: Normal its consistent speed level is 20 mph. But adding a third person can decrease the speed. It might even drag down to 15 mph at times. But with the right gear wave and other components, it can run at 25 mph as well.

How much fuel does a 25 hp outboard use?

As per the general thumb rule about outboard, the consumption rate is 1 gallon per hour for every 10 horsepower. This calculation equals 2.5 gallons per hour if the motor runs at full throttle. But it’s quite uncanny that you’ll run at full throttle for more than an hour. Hence the consumption will change accordingly.

What is the best prop for top speed?

Basic stainless steel propellers are better than aluminum ones in the case of top speed. It has finer and thinner blades. This feature helps it to reduce drag in the water. Moreover, stainless steel is stronger hence it can increase the speed.

How much propeller slip is normal?

Ideally, your slip percentage range should be within 4% to 8%. This is calculated by measuring the difference between the theoretical prop speed and the actual one.

How do I know if my propeller is bad?

There are quite a few symptoms that indicate that your prop is bad. Too much pitch or not having enough pitch both are signs of a bad propeller. Also, if it causes you to lose gas that means it needs to be changed.

Does a bigger prop make you go faster?

Yes, in general a bigger propeller will make a boat go faster. A bigger prop can provide more thrust to push the boat through the water more quickly, however, the size of the propeller must still be carefully selected to ensure that it is the correct size for the boat and motor.

Additionally, the pitch of the propeller should also be taken into account, as higher pitched props can provide better top speeds but slower acceleration.

How do I choose the right prop?

Choosing the right prop for your boat is an important decision, as it can affect your boat’s performance, fuel efficiency, and handling. The key factors to consider when selecting a propeller are the type of material (stainless steel or aluminum), the number of blades, and the pitch. Stainless steel is a stronger material than aluminum, so it will provide better performance and durability.

The number of blades and the pitch of the propeller will depend on your boat and engine type, and you should consult your owner’s manual for the recommended range of propeller sizes.

Additionally, you can test different prop sizes by running the boat at wide open throttle (WOT) and observing the engine RPM.

If the RPM is within the recommended range, then you have found the correct prop size.

How many blades on propeller is best?

Generally, the most aerodynamically efficient number of blades on a propeller is two. However, this may not necessarily be the best option for your boat, as the number of blades and the pitch of the propeller should be carefully selected to match the specific requirements of your boat and motor.

Additionally, three-, four- and five-blade propellers can provide different performance characteristics that may be better suited to your needs.

The best way to determine the best prop for your boat is to test different prop sizes and observe the engine RPM at wide open throttle (WOT).

To Sum Up

So, guess it’s time for wrapping up. We have tried our best to provide you with some good insights and recommendations. Hope this helps you to choose the best prop for 25 Johnson.

By helping you to choose the best will make our hour-long research successful. So, don’t forget to let us know about it.

Wishing you a safe and smooth sailing experience full of chills and thrills. Our good wishes to you. Happy sailing.

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