How To Fish Chironomids Fly Patterns

Chironomids Fly Patterns

Chironomids, much like blue-winged olives or pale morning duns aren’t a fly pattern, exactly.  Rather, they refer to a whole class of flies tied to resemble a specific type of insect. Chironomids are usually tiny, unappealing flies and you may be tempted to pass over them in favor of something a little flashier. I know they don’t … Read more

The North Shore Atlantic RM Review

I work as a professional Kayak Guide in Finland, in the Helsinki Archipelago. The Atlantic was a boat that I really enjoyed paddling from time to time, both on my own and when I was taking groups out on trips. I loved how nimble it was, if I had a guest take a dip in the … Read more

The Best Freestyle Kayaking Gear You Can Buy

Buying freestyle gear for the first time? What to consider? There are a lot of different pieces of gear that are very helpful or even vital for freestyle and the amount of choice can be very daunting. I’m going to walk through all the different pieces of kit so you can make an educated decision on … Read more

How To Read A Trout Stream in Riffles, Runs, Pools And Glides

Anyone who has walked along the banks of a trout stream has undoubtedly noticed that sections of the stream differ greatly from each other in that some are swift and agitated while others are slow and calm. Consequently, fly fishermen have given names to these different sections consisting of Riffles, Runs, Pools, and Glides and, under normal … Read more

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Review: A Fun Way to Get in Shape

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Review

When you are overweight and you are trying to get those extra kilos off, sometimes you have to get creative to avoid the typical boredom that comes from an exercise routine. For me, kayaking was going to be my tool to get myself out of the couch and into the wild without feeling disdain towards … Read more