10 Best Whitewater PFD 2023 – Stay Safe on the Water

Stay Safe on the Water

Doing what you love is relaxing, fun, rewarding, and enjoyable. It is often so good and positive that we tend to forget about safety precautions and contingencies. When it comes to whitewater rafting, safety is paramount. A personal floatation device (PFD) is an essential piece of equipment that can save your life in the event … Read more

Lifetime Kayaks 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews – Explore the Waters in Style

Explore the Waters in Style

Deciding between many different brands is not always easy. As it turns out, it is rarely simple and straightforward. Much more often, the final decision comes after days and months of evaluation and comparisons because that is how long it takes one to choose between the many options on the market. For kayaks, all of … Read more

Vibe Kayaks 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews – Experience the Ultimate Adventure

Choosing a brand as a newcomer to a certain field or market is usually anything but easy. You have an already established scene where people have been having fun and competing for decades, and you who has never before been a part of it. Naturally, joining in is scary and overwhelming especially when one must … Read more