Fishing Tips For Beginners – Professional Guide

Fishing Tips For Beginners

It is more fun to fish than swimming in the sea. Back in the time, it was an itch to touch the seawater the soonest it became visible to the eyes, but the feeling has been switched until now. By the time the obsession with fishing has taken the extreme elevation to the top rather … Read more

Bowfishing From A Kayak Using Slingbows – Unique Way of Fishing

Bowfishing From A Kayak

Bowfishing is a fun way to extract prey from the water. It works by using a gun with a very long sight and firing self-assembled arrows, [or] large [water] hunting spears called bolts, at fish. There are two types of bow fishing: traditional and modern. In traditional bow fishing, a regular compound bow is used … Read more

Keeping Right Kayak Balance, Grip and Posture – Kayaking Tips & Tricks

Keeping Right Kayak Balance, Grip and Posture

Ever wondered how people manage on keeping right kayak balance, grip and posture? Kayaks are made narrow so that they move easily on the water. This means that you need to actively keep the balance. Fortunately, the technique is easy and usually comes naturally. To stay in balance, you need to try to keep your … Read more

Paddle as Stern Rudder – Kayak Stern Rudder Technique Explained

Paddle as Stern Rudder

There are several methods to make the kayak go in the desired direction. The easiest technique is a built-in rudder that is controlled with foot pedals. But you should learn to survive also without such luxury equipment. In this section, we will learn to use the paddle as a stern rudder. It is a quick … Read more