What to Do if Your Kayak Capsizes – Step by Step Guide

kayak capsize

The surest way to fall into the water when kayaking is if your kayak capsizes. While that might seem obvious, capsizing only takes place after you have developed momentum in a forward direction and are attempting to change directions or slow down. It’s easy to develop bad habits, even with the best of precautions, but … Read more

Paddle Float Re-Entry – Step-by-Step Guide

A paddle float re-entry is a rescue technique involving the use of an upside-down kayak and your own body. It can be used to get back into a kayak that has capsized and, provided you have righted it correctly, will usually work even if you are tired or injured – so long as you know … Read more

Kayak Paddling Techniques and Tricks – How To Paddle A Kayak Ultimate Guide

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that is filled with excitement and adventure. It is like a condition that can be found in any geographical location. This activity has been around for centuries and it was derived from the Eskimo culture. The most important kayaking methods for paddlers are the same for every water situation: activate … Read more

Crappie Fishing 101: The Best States For Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is a family-friendly sport. It’s fun for the novice and experienced angler alike. Crappies are very resilient, so it makes catching them an easy task when you know where to look. Fishing for slab crappies offers many benefits such as: No matter what time of year it is, whether it’s winter, spring, or … Read more