How To Create The Ultimate Fishing Kayak Setup – Relax Your Mind

Being a fishing enthusiast has many advantages. The fact they have chosen such an old and adventurous activity as their main hobby says a lot about every angler. It means they enjoy adventure, that they can handle themselves in the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and that they would be able to survive in the wild longer than the rest.

Providing for their family is that much richer and more diverse, too.

The Phenomenon of Fishing

Phenomenon of Fishing

The ability to catch fish has been crucial for thousands of years as people never stopped getting food from the bodies of water that surround them. While it used to be difficult since our ancestors were greatly limited by technology for their times, nowadays it is anything but difficult.

Modern fishing gear and equipment allow fishermen to do their thing faster, safer, and more optimally. Creating your setup next to the water is very different than before.

Still, in order to do it properly, a fisherman has to get more than the basic modern fishing tools. Various rods and bait are not enough, nor are specialized silks and stronger hooks. For serious anglers to fish in the best way possible, they need to leave the coast in a vessel. Fishing from the riverbanks and shores has its perks.

It is relaxing, you get to enjoy nature, and you can hang out with friends while perhaps preparing some food. If you want to fish as a professional and not an amateur though, it would be best to be on the water.

Getting Into the Thick of It

In order to do this, you will need the right means to get out there and that is where the kayak comes in. A small boat for a single person who paddles away with all their gear, the premise is as basic as they get.

However, the results are much better because you are fishing in the deeper water where there is more fish. Doing it from the kayak while on the water and closer to where most of the action happens will guarantee a bigger catch.

Kayak fishing has become quite big in recent years, but sadly not everyone is doing it properly. It is one thing to simply take the boat out to the water and fish from it, and a whole other story to do it properly.

If you are to make full use of this tactic and take advantage of being in a position to catch more fish, your kayak setup needs to be proper. Lucky for you, in this article we tell you all you need to know about creating the ultimate fishing kayak setup.

Choose the Right Kayak

Choose the Right Kayak

The most important thing is to pick the right kayak for your needs. This means the type to go with your preferred fishing style, so either a stand-on-top or sit-inside model. The size and weight of the kayak will matter too because they influence stability, maneuverability, transportation, maintenance, and storage.

Also, you will need a bigger model if you plan to bring everything a proper kayak setup needs. Make sure that the one you buy has a comfortable seat with ergonomic support because you will be sitting a lot. Knee and thigh pads will definitely help with additional comfort.

Enough Storage and Holders

Storage is the most important factor for this because you will need to bring a lot of stuff if your setup is to be the best of the best. The kayak should have enough room for you and your things, which means storage space in the front and back, and to the sides. Bungee ropes all around are crucial and a dedicated paddle holder will mean more room inside the kayak for your bags.

Speaking of holders, the kayak should have at least two rod holders already equipped by default, with room for one or two more. Every angler needs a few active rods in the water at any given time. In front of you on the dashboard, the more customizable features you can have, the better.

You will need all you can get because a GPS, a fish tracker, and a phone holder are all crucial for the modern angler such as yourself. Cup holders will not hurt either.

Spray Skirt and Lifevest

Spray Skirt and Lifevest

An often-overlooked feature of a fishing kayak setup is the spray skirt. For an ultimate setup, this is something you will need. This helps the fisherman to stay warm when it gets colder in the mornings and when the sun sets, as well as dry if there is rain.

A lifevest should also be a regular item that is always present, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Crates and Coolers

No kayak setup is complete without a crate with all of your fishing goodies that are crucial to catching a variety of fish. These crates are not small so the kayak needs enough room for one. On top of that, another larger item is necessary, a cooler.

It will store your food and drinks. Don’t forget a fishing net and somewhere to hold the fish you catch. Some anglers pack another cooler for this, while others use a kayak stringer.

Paddles, Ropes, Safety Gear

Paddles, Ropes, Safety Gear

A paddle is a no-brainer and something you should always have by your side. Additional ropes can help you attach various tools, bags, and holders. Staying safe is prevalent so make sure to include a fishing safety kit, first aid, and a dry bag. Always bring a fully charged external battery that you will keep in a sealed waterproof container.

Anchor System

Something that separates a fully kitted kayak paddled by a completely prepared angler from an amateur who is still getting the hang of things is a kayak anchor system. Not all kayaks have them, and the ones that do are usually more expensive.

These can be installed aftermarket which is something you should think about if yours lacks one. In the river, that would be a drag chain. Deepwater kayak fishing requires a collapsing grapple, while shallow water fishing works best with a stakeout pole.

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