Best Kayaking in Kentucky 2023 – Find Best Destination

Kayaking in Kentucky

The US state of Kentucky is known for many things, and not just inside the country’s borders. The state is world famous for its amazing bourbon, majestic horses, and of course the fried chicken that arguably made it so recognizable. However, it has so much more to offer than these symbols that can easily be … Read more

How to Portage a Kayak – Rules You Must Follow

How Portage a Kayak

Life is full of obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome, at least at the initial glance. As you probably know full well, with a careful approach and some hard work, nothing is truly impossible, and eventually, anyone who wants it hard enough succeeds. Of course, you need a little bit of luck here and … Read more

What Are Strainers on a River? Tips to Stay Safe

What Are Strainers on a River about

It is a well-known fact that rivers can be extremely dangerous even for the most experienced kayakers and boaters. Nature is unpredictable and things can take a turn for the worse in a matter of seconds. Despite everything looking fine and dandy, there could be an extremely dangerous stretch of water even in the calmest … Read more