4 Easy Solutions to Tohatsu Outboards Problems – Explore Everything About Tohatsu Outboards

Tohatsu Outboards Problems

Tohatsu being a leading outboard manufacturer still has some drawbacks. These 4 stroke outboards include all possible combinations but with little concern. Therefore you should learn about the pros and cons of Tohatsu outboards. Want to know the solutions to Tohatsu outboard problems? One of the major concerns is low motor strength compared to other … Read more

Tohatsu vs Yamaha 2023: The Superior Outboard Motor

Yamaha vs Tohatsu

Your watercraft needs a solid outboard motor. If you’re on the market, it doesn’t get much better than Tohatsu and Yamaha. Many buyers have been left confused while making this choice. So, which one is superior: Tohatsu vs Yamaha? For starters, Yamaha consumes less fuel. But, it’s more expensive than Tohatsu. If your speed is … Read more

11 Best Prop for Yamaha F70 in 2023: Choose The Best

Prop for Yamaha F70

Does your stock prop need a replacement? Well, good riddance. You need a change for sure. Sure, Yamaha makes great props for their engines. But we know how expensive the OEM parts tend to get. So we thought about making a list. And here we are. If you’re in the category of buying a new … Read more

Yamaha Sx210 Problems: 3 Probable Issues To Face

Yamaha Sx210 Issues 1

You’re planning to buy a jet boat, so, you’ve come across the Yamaha sx210! That’s great! But you want to know about the probable problems it might have in the future. Because you’re concerned about the consequences of it. That’s not an issue because we’ve got you covered on that! So, what are the Yamaha … Read more