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4 Easy Solutions to Tohatsu Outboards Problems – Explore Everything About Tohatsu Outboards

Tohatsu Outboards Problems

Tohatsu being a leading outboard manufacturer still has some drawbacks.

These 4 stroke outboards include all possible combinations but with little concern.

Therefore you should learn about the pros and cons of Tohatsu outboards.

Want to know the solutions to Tohatsu outboard problems?

One of the major concerns is low motor strength compared to other similar brands.

Also sometimes the engine needs to struggle to engage and accelerate. Sparking and overheating issues are also notable.

There is a lot to mention. So stick to the end of the article to explore everything about Tohatsu outboards.

So, why are you waiting? Let’s start the discussion.

Easy Fixes to Tohatsu Outboards Problems

Tohatsu is one of the leading companies to produce the best outboards.

It includes different variants of both 2 and 4 stroke engines. And its specialty is that they are bulletproof.

In addition, they also have an outstanding build quality with proven reliability and power.

However, like everything it has both bright and dark sides. In the following segment, we’ll discuss such common problems with fixes to ensure a better user experience.

Problem 1: Lower Motor Strength

Tohatsu Outboards Problems

The accuracy of an outboard is likely dependent on its motor’s capacity.

But there is a catch:

Tohatsu motors aren’t as strong as others. And, that’s surely a vital problem to be addressed. Lower motor capacity can occur abrupt mishaps that can be life-threatening.

You might ask, this is a common phenomenon for any vehicle run on motors. Several years old engines can easily come up with this issue.

But a matter of concern is this issue if found in newly built Tohatsu outboards. Many customers repeatedly complained about it. And, it’s too disheartening.

However, some models like the Tohatsu 25 2 stroke motor haven’t faced such cases yet. That means this case is found only in some particular Tohatsu outboard models, not all.


Whatever it is, if there is a problem there must be a solution. And now we’ll discuss how to tackle such absurd cases of Tohatsu motors.

Most of the time this problem arises due to the motor’s fuel, air & fuel filter, and sparks.

Therefore you should check every nook and corner of that part. It might solve your motor strength issue. You might also check the Yamaha fuel pump issue for better comprehension.

Another vital reason is low compression. Low compression includes damages to internal parts.

Check scored cylinder, detonated piston, broken piston ring if they are ok or not. Most probably you need to end up repairing those internal lumps.

Problem 2: Overheated Engine

Overheated Engine

Overheating is not a rare case for any machinery. An electric machine that runs on fuel or electricity is likely to be overheated due to excessive usage.

Tohatsu outboards are not different in such a manner. They also get overheated but it’s not only for overheating issues. Sometimes a little groan of a motor engine signifies the sign of being overheated.

Such overheated issues cause an untimely shut down of the outboard engine. And a boat in the middle of a river with a broken engine is too dangerous.


These errors are not actually manufacturer ignorance or assembly fault. In most cases, it happens due to the user’s operational or technical error and electrical faults.

Moreover, this issue is quite frequent in older models.

The latest models come up with advanced heat resistance technology. If you own any new models then you’ve nothing to worry about overheating issues.

However, if you’re an old user, then you need to put extra care on your outboards.

Therefore you need to check some internal chunks to ensure better performance.

Sometimes an overheating sensor triggers incorrectly.

That’s why you need to check whether it’s working perfectly or not. Replace the sensor to solve that heating issue if needed.

If this doesn’t work then you need to check in deep.

It includes checking the plugs, thermostat, blown head gasket, impeller, etc. Also check the exhaust system for possible fling, leaks, blockage due to delamination.

However, if the motor has been sitting idle for years, then it’s another concern.

Also, find the difference between Tohatsu and Mercury.

So, you should learn about how to start a motor sitting for a long time. It might resolve many of your issues that we haven’t been able to determine yet.

Problem 3: Struggle with Forwarding Gear and Acceleration

Struggle with Forwarding Gear and Acceleration

Sometimes while starting the engine users often encounter some unusual issues.

The engine starts fluently in neutral gear but the problem occurs when the forward gear is engaged. While forwarding the gears and opening the throttle at the same time, the engine got stuck.

The same incident occurs when we accelerate. The engine constantly struggled and toiled hard to engage but eventually cut off.


To resolve such cases first check the idle and active jets to figure out any damage. It might be possible to stick any dirt inside the float chamber.

In addition, dirty fuel mixture, electrical connection error, and loose connection might create such issues. Therefore ensure proper checking of each engine part to find out the defective component.

These are the common issues that you need to be concerned about.

It’ll ensure a better user experience for Tohatsu outboard brands. You might check Yamaha 4 stroke engine issues to find some extra points relevant to your query.

Problem 4: Motor Sparking Problem

Motor Sparking Problem

There are several reasons why a Tohatsu outboard motor might start sparking.

First, the spark plug may be misfiring. If the spark plug is fouling, it will not fire properly and will cause the engine to start sputtering and coughing.

Second, the outboard motor may have an issue with its fuel system. If the fuel isn’t being delivered to the engine correctly, it can cause ignition problems.

Finally, if there is a blockage in the engine or carburetor, sparks from the engine may jump to this area and start sparking.


There have been a few reports lately of Tohatsu outboard motors sparking, often while the engine is running. This can be a very dangerous situation and requires immediate attention.

If you notice your Tohatsu outboard motor starting to spark, there are a few things you can do to safely stop the sparks:

1. Shut off the engine as quickly as possible by turning the key in the off position.

2. Apply the emergency brake if you have one.

3. Remove any metal objects that could create sparks from the engine, such as screws or bolts.

4. If possible, move away from the boat while the engine is still running and wait for it to completely stop before restarting it.


Tohatsu Outboards faqs

Is Honda The Manufacturer of Tohatsu?

Yes. Tohatsu outboards are manufactured by Honda. Honda rebranded this item as outboards.

Is a 4 stroke engine better than a 2 stroke engine?

A 4 stroke engine is more durable than a 2 stroke engine. The 2 stroke building is designed for higher rotation per minute (RPM). That’s why a 2 stroke engine is more powerful than a 4 stroke engine.

How long do Tohatsu outboards sustain?

5 years. These warrants are issued by Tohatsu American Corporation (TAC). They assure that it will be free from any defects for a duration of 5 years.


That’s all we have to discuss. Hope you have figured out your answers on Tohatsu outboard problems.

Try to follow our mentioned instructions. It’ll increase the longevity of your outboard motors.

Good luck. Let us know about any further issues in the comment section below.

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