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Fulton Swing Tongue Failure: 3 Reasons With The Solutions

Fulton Swing Tongue Failure for Trailer

Good things need effort. However, efforts going in vain is the worst feeling ever!

For example, you’ve installed fulton swing tongue. But it’s having issues. This is super sad!

So, why is there fulton swing tongue failure?

First of all, corrosion is quite a major issue including rusting.

Moreover, a bolt getting snapped is pretty common for a failure of this swing tongue.

Finally, the hairline crack can be quite a problematic failure of the swing tongue.

This knowledge is insufficient for you to comprehend it fully. So, stick with us if you can spare some time.

Sounds good? Let’s dive into it then!

3 Reasons & Solutions of Fulton Swing Tongue Failure

Although we’ve read the brief, we still need to know about these in detail. So, the reasons are given below.

Moreover, we’ve got solutions that are quite easy to follow.

Thus, moving onto the main part without any further due.

Reason 1: Corrosion Or Rust on The Swing Tongue

Couplers, balls, and mounts are essential components for trailering success. Your trailer might be damaged by any rusted, twisted, or corroded elements. As a result, the simple hookup becomes more difficult.

So, the latch should be secure enough to prevent separation by accident. However, it should not be so tight that it creates significant friction. Tongue jacks make connecting your boat to your tow vehicle a breeze.

Moreover, oil leakage from the lower unit weep hole could also reach the swing tongue. This might eventually result in corrosion in the long term.


Fulton Swing Tongue Failure

You would surely look for an immediate solution. In that case, consider cleaning the affected area with water and liquid soap. Then to prevent the corrosion from taking place, paint on the area.

Properly coat one layer of paint on it. It should be done evenly. Make sure the edges are covered with the paint. And that’s it! The problem should be solved this way!

However, if the rust is really bad, it’s best to replace the swing tongue. Because it can crack easily. So, in that case, consider hiring a professional. Because doing it yourself can cause more issues.

Reason 2: Bolt Getting Snapped

You might see your bolt getting snapped on the hitch. However, there might be no issues with opening or closing the hitch. As a result, you’ll see your swing tongue of the boat opened up. And when you try to investigate the issue you’d notice no bolt as it gets snapped.

You know the bolt’s shear strength is critical. Because it is the driving factor at work in this situation. There are some principles to follow, even though there is no standard rating for shear loads.

So, failing to follow these would result in bolt snapping.

For your information, shear strength is typically 60% of the tensile value. It is measured according to the rule of thumb of sailing. As a result, the higher the grade, the better the tensile strength and shear resistance will be.


Bolt Getting Snapped

You need to follow a few directions to resolve this issue. Firstly, in the middle of your broken bolt, hammer the center punch. Then slowly drill a pilot hole with a left-handed drill bit. Now, toggle to the extraction bit.

Then to remove a fractured bolt, reverse-drill cautiously. Now, using a magnet, discard any metal shavings left behind by the shattered bolt. This is how you can come up with a solution.

Additionally, you may consider another thing to make your swing tongue more flexible. Installing a reel is quite a good choice. This would also prevent the bolts from getting snapped.

However, you may still find difficulties or issues with it. In that scenario, you should seek advice from professionals. They are always available to aid you with expert help.

Reason 3: Hairline Crack on The Swing Tongue

Crack on the swing tongue is quite common nowadays. Well, it primarily happens due to excessive tensile force. In a brief, it happens due to constant overweight. Due to this, over force is exerted on the swing tongue.

However, this is not the only reason for this issue. Manufacturing defects are also one of the reasons for this issue. Moreover, hairline crack also occurs at times due to environmental challenges.

Nevertheless, you would be quite confused to find another source of this issue. There is something which could be the source of it which you never thought about. That is the keel guard of your boat creating friction.

This might eventually exert pressure on the swing trailer, resulting in a crack. So, make sure to get the best keel guard.


Hairline Crack on The Swing Tongue

Well, you might look for instant solutions for this issue. But unfortunately, you can’t even fix it out by yourself. However, fixing this issue is not that complicated either. Because specialists are always available to assist you.

But you should follow another step before contacting any expert. That is, you may just contact the Fulton company. Make sure they’re aware of the problem you’re having. They would simply replace the defective item without any additional cost.

Reason 4: Weight Capacity Mismatch

It is important to regularly inspect your Fulton swing tongue for any signs of wear or damage. The most common cause of failure is mismatched weight capacity, which can lead to serious injury if not addressed promptly.

If the weight capacity of your Fulton swing tongue is mismatched, it means that the tongue is not able to support the weight of the trailer properly. This can cause the tongue to bend or break, which can lead to serious accidents.


Weight Capacity Mismatch

To avoid this problem, always make sure that the weight capacity of your swing tongue matches the weight of your trailer. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or by contacting Fulton customer service.

Also be sure to check out our table as it can come in handy:

2×3 or 3×3 Trailer Tongue:

Total Trailer Weight (Pounds) Maximum Tongue Load (Pounds) Maximum Pivot Length (Inches)
5000 500 24
4700 470 27
4200 420 30
3800 380 33
3500 350 36
3200 320 39
3000 300 42
2800 280 45
2600 260 48

3×4 Trailer Tongue:

Total Trailer Weight (Pounds) Maximum Tongue Load (Pounds) Maximum Pivot Length (Inches)
7500 750 27
7000 700 30
6500 650 33
6000 600 36
5500 550 39
5000 500 42
4500 450 45
4000 400 48

3×5 Trailer Tongue:

Total Trailer Weight (Pounds) Maximum Tongue Load (Pounds) Maximum Pivot Length (Inches)
9000 900 27
8200 820 30
7450 745 33
6800 680 36
6250 625 39
5800 580 42
5350 535 45
5000 500 48


Fulton Swing Tongue faqs

How to shorten the boat trailer?

It’s possible that your boat trailer won’t fit into your garage or storage area. In that case, you will need to cut it down to size. So, a swing-away drawbar could be the solution in this scenario.

How can I calculate the weight of my tongue?

Place a vertical pipe beneath the tongue of the trailer. Reduce the trailer jack’s height until the coupler is fully seated on the pipe. Multiply by 3 after reading the scale. Take a preliminary reading on the bathroom scale. Then multiply by three. This is the weight of the tongue.

Is there a way to increase the weight capacity of the tongue?

There is a simple and effective approach to increase the tongue weight of your boat. Simply put, you must add weight or weights in front of the axles. However, be sure you don’t exceed your towing setup’s weight ratings and limits.

What does a breakaway boat trailer do?

The Trailer Breakaway System is designed to safely stop a trailer. It is accomplished by engaging the trailer’s electric brakes.

It disconnects the trailer from the tow vehicle while moving. Additionally, you can see that it has a decent battery. A black plastic case sits in front of the trailer. A battery is housed in this enclosure which is 12 volts.

Final Words

Now, you know about the fulton swing tongue failures! Not only that, but you also know the solutions to the issues now. We hope our directions were quite helpful to guide you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section.

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