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Best Walleye Rods

The walleye is also known as the state fish of Minnesota. It is a speedy fish with a sensitive bite compared to other fishes. It is used in tournaments as a challenge for many competitors due to the difficulty of catching this fish. To date, there are various techniques that the locals made, and few of them have one thing in common, a good fishing rod.

When trying to catch a walleye, a sensitive fishing rod is fundamental. Below is a list of the six best Walleye rods that you can go through to know what you want.

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Top Best Walleye Rods

1. Twin Tip Walleye Fishing Rod

Twin Tip Walleye Fishing Rod

It is a unique and impressive fishing rod with a solid frame. It comes with two tips and other additional features to add to them. This fishing rod ensures that you have the maximum chance of successfully catching fish when going fishing.

Not only that but this fishing rod’s blank is made of carbon fiber. It is one of the best elements for your fishing rod and provides the much-needed action of the blank. Having two tips helps you in switching the power to as you like. Irrelevant of what is pre-set, you can go for light to heavy fishing rods.

It is also easy to set up and dismantle for a good fishing day. Its smooth power transition and sturdy frame ensure that you wouldn’t have to provide extra effort while using them.


  • Twin tip pieces casting and spinning rod.
  • The blank is made up of carbon fiber.
  • The handle has high-density EVA grips and Fuji O ring guidelines.
  • It comes with a unique power transitioning system.

2. Spinning Sensitive Action Rod

Spinning Sensitive Action Rod

This spinning fishing rod from Cadence is a one-of-a-kind fishing rod. It’s made from good quality 30-ton carbon and even has two handle systems with two grips. It has the best durability and performance with the best materials used for the frame. The frame is made of stainless steel and has a reel set of Fuji.

The blanks of this fishing rod are available in multiple ranges of power, action, and lengths. It has enough sensitivity to react highly to fish like walleye and other freshwater fishes. The stainless steel guide, inserted with the SiC, can reduce friction and increase sensitivity by transferring it from the line to the rod in touch with your hand.


  • You can also use it for fighting fishes since it has a Fuji reel set.
  • It has a high-quality 30-ton carbon which offers strength and durability more than other fishing rods.
  • It has very high sensitivity, especially for freshwater fishes.
  • It has a two-piece design but is very economical and easier to carry.

3. Legend Tournament Walleye Rod

Legend Tournament Walleye Rod

This fishing rod has a lot of history and a purpose. Its purpose is to provide the anglers with the best support for all their fishing adventures. When going on a walleye fishing trip, you need to ensure that you have the best fishing rod possible. This fishing rod was made to be specific for a particular fishing method.

It has a restyled handle system, better guides, and reel seats. It is perfect for walleye and musky present in the freshwater. It also has an exotic carbon blank for greater strength at the same time while not increasing the size of the original fishing rod.


  • It has a fiber blank made of exotic carbon.
  • It has no transitional points to provide better strength and smoother action.
  • It comes with a tangle-free guide set from Fuji.
  • It has a whopping 15-year transferable warranty.

4. Premier Spinning Fishing Rod

Premier Spinning Fishing Rod

This premier fishing rod from St. Croix is very natural and sensitive. It drives to make the angler feel more comfortable and confident while catching fish as a hobby or in a tournament. This type of fishing rod can be used for both shores and lakes while catching light bite fishes.

This premier fishing rod has a graphite blank, providing strength and durability for a long time. It also comes with high sensitivity and an excellent handle system for power adjustability. The handles have a good grip along with perfectly slim guides. Whatever type of fish is to be caught, it would be easier and will not require much strength to adjust the power every time.


  • It has a premium carbon rod with FRS.
  • It has a good grip on the handle system.
  • It has a Fuji reel seat along with super slim Kigan 3D guides.
  • It has a five-year warranty.

5. Elite Walleye Fishing Rod

Elite Walleye Fishing Rod

The company built this model to add features and rebuild a better version of the original model. It promises to deliver incredible performance for all anglers of different skill types.

It has about 35% more graphite to enhance the blank rod’s strength and durability while maintaining its lightweight and toughness. The blank, the significant portion of the fishing rod, ensures that you have enough action and adjustable power.

The handle of this fishing rod has a great cork and reel set with reliability for hours. Its unique, straightforward tip design provides high sensitivity for even a flight nibble on the bait or hook. You can even use a braided type of line or good quality line in this fishing rod.


  • It has 35% more graphite in the blank for lightness and strength.
  • Fiberglass is integrated to enhance the resilience of the blank rod.
  • It has a very comfortable cork handle.
  • It has a very sensitive clear tip.

6. Travelling Fishing Rod For Walleye

Travelling Fishing Rod For Walleye

This fishing rod is perfect for catching various freshwater fishes, be it for a trip or competition. It provides maximum support, comfort, and confidence to the angler when fishing, ensuring maximum chances of catching the fish with the proper techniques.

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You can even gift this rod to a beginner as it has basic settings and does not require rocket science. It has a one-year replacement warranty and a lifetime repairing warranty for any situation.

It ensures maximum support for anglers by providing them with high balancing ability with a wood insert in the reel seat. Its super light and sturdy body ensure that there is no burden while fishing. It even has slow action for trout and other small fishes. Even though it has slow motion, you can also catch freshwater fish using the right techniques.


  • It’s 20% lighter and stronger than the usual carbon blanks.
  • It has a high-quality cork for a comfortable grip for a longer duration.
  • You can change the action according to your needs for fishing in different waters.
  • It is compact and can be easily stored or packed for travel.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Walleye Rods - Buyer's Guide

The walleye is a very sought-after fish while fishing. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy; it’s the opposite. Many even use it as a competition between two people to catch a walleye first, even when a family goes fishing. So no doubt it isn’t easy, but there are so many methods crafted for catching this fish, and at least one of them would definitely work.

The most commonly well-known methods are jigging, rigging, and trolling. These methods require a little different kind of fishing rod because of the logic of the process and the technique used in that method. It is the kind of fishing rod that you use, and the specifications of the parts of that rod are different. Below is a list of points to ensure you know what a good walleye fishing rod should have.

1. Length Of Blank

A blank is that portion of the fishing rod that has the rod. When fishing, it bends to indicate that a fish is biting on the bait or the hook. Different length of the blank is preferred when using different types of methods. For example, if you are trying the jigging method and the blank is too long, then it’s not suitable; you need a medium or a little longer than a medium blank for this method.

Other than jigging, the other two methods require a long blank with sensitive material to feel the soft bite of the fish. Many prefer shorter blanks for which they can use the jigging method or any other method they know.

2. Handle Material

Best Walleye Rods - Buyer's Guide - Handle Material

The handle material of the fishing rod is given the least attention many times, even though it is a significant part of the fishing rod. It ensures that your grip on the rod is not loose and enhances the action and power of the fishing rod.

There are many types of handles in different types of rods, and these handles all have a little tweaking to provide extra features. According to the grip and fit, one should select the rod, looking at how it’ll feel all around the year.

3. Action

You can tell the action of the fishing rod by how much it bends. Simple speaking, it is the flexibility of the blank. The blank’s action decides how fast you can reel the fish in and how much force you would have to use. Usually, the fastest or medium action blank is preferred in walleye fishing rods.

If the speed of the fishing rod is not specified, then depending on the action, you can determine the speed of the fishing rod. If it’s fast, the blank bends towards the tip. If it’s moderate or medium, then it would turn from near the middle of the blank. If it’s a slow action, then the bending of the blank would go up to the handle. The fishing rod’s action also keeps the power of the fishing rod in check.

4. Power

Best Walleye Rods - Buyer's Guide Power

The term power here is used to tell how stiff the rod is. In other words, if the rod’s flexibility is less, its action is less, and therefore its power is higher. The rod’s stiffness or the power from low to high tells you how much force you would need to pull that rod. Usually, rods which require lesser power are ideal.

When going walleye fishing, it is preferred to have a medium to light power fishing rod. It ensures that you have flexibility, needs less strength, and can pull in faster than the usual fishing rods.

5. Guides

These are the lines that hover and go over the large bank. These are usually made of metal and even have ceramic inserts. It’s a kind of string which you need to change after some time if it breaks off. However, it’s not uncommon for it to break off due to long-time use or if the string is too weak for a fish.

You can easily replace it, and even a better guide can opt for the same. Having a solid guide means you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking when you have almost caught the fish. Even though it’s one of the simplest parts of a fishing rod, it does a lot of work when fishing.


Walleye, a freshwater, and light-bite fish, are very difficult to catch. Having the best equipment is always handy to catch this type of fish. While the best equipment might not be enough to catch this fish, the technique does matter, but the right fishing rod will help you enhance your strategy. While looking over the various fishing rods suitable for walleye, you should thoroughly review the buyer’s guide.

The buyer’s guide lists all the fishing rod parts and what you need from them to catch walleye. Not all types of the fishing rod are suitable as it doesn’t always need to be fancy. You can use even the simplest ones if you brush up on your techniques and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you go for adjustable power or fixed power?

It depends whether you have bought it specifically for freshwater fishes then go for fixed power or if you want it to be an all-rounder, go for adjustable power. Depending on the type of fish, you need to look for suitable power.

2. Can the fishing rod be used for other fishes as well?

The specifications of the fishing rod will decide whether you can use it for other fish. Especially for beginners using a fishing rod for various types of fish is difficult to adjust their skills. If you have the experience, you can use whichever fishing rod you are comfortable with for different fishes.

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