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Boat Engine Cover Ideas: 3 Amazing Ideas You Must Try

boat engine cover ideas

On our boat, the engine looks like something extra. Because this mainly lies outside of the main body part of our boat. But we can not just get rid of it as it is one of the most important things. So, we’d rather think of covering the engine.

Now, you wonder, what are some good boat engine cover ideas?

The first design that you could try is the cardboard design. You can cover your boat’s engine with a cover. But instead of an expensive design, you can use leather to cover your boat engine. And lastly, you can add a mini seat to your boat’s engine. You can follow any of them accordingly.

You know about some good ideas now. But that is not enough for you to implement these. However, we’ve got all the info that you need for this.

So, get started now!

What Are Some Good Boat Engine Cover Ideas?

Boat Engine Cover Ideas

If you are planning to cover your boat engine with some designs, you can. But this may go in vain if you do not know the proper way and design.

So, here we have some simple ideas for you. Take a look.

Design 1: Cardboard Cover

A cardboard cover would be something reasonable as a boat engine cover design. You definitely have to take a measurement of your boat engine for this.

However, you can not get cardboard with your measurements. Because you need to buy cardboard according to their standard measurements.

Then you need to cut it down according to your boat engine dimensions. Once you cut them down, you can fix that. It would be like a mini tent but in a cubic shape.

To fix this, you can use tape inside the cardboard. If you want, you may also use an adhesive for this. Then adjust the cardboard accordingly to cover your boat engine.

So, that is how you can cover your boat engine with cardboard. It is the cheapest way you can think of. But remember that it would not be that durable either.

Design 2: Leather Cover

The second design you may want to go for is the leather cover. By the name itself, you may understand its outlook.

Remember that this would be a bit more expensive than the first one. So, to get started, you have to take a measurement of your engine first.

Take the length, breadth, and height. Then you would have to buy leather according to the measurements. You can choose any color, maintaining the contrast of your boat.

Then you would need adhesive to stick this to your boat engine. Remember to use an adhesive that is compatible with it and not toxic at all.

This type of adhesive would be good to use in many things. Starting from wood to plastic to cardboard, you can use this type of adhesive.

Once you get your adhesive, you can stick the leather. And then you can also add some designs or modify your layer surface.

So, that is how you can cover your boat engine with leather.

Design 3: Add a Seat

seat to your boat’s engine

The next idea to try is to add a seat to your boat’s engine. This basically means you would utilize the engine space for a mini or small seat.

Remember you can not make it a big seat. Because that would be a burden to your engine. So, to make a seat, you need materials.

Now, take measurements of your boat engine. After that, you can manage your materials. It can be made of leather, wood, or even cardboard.

However, we recommend you not use cardboard for this. Once you get the required materials, you can get started installing.

Adding a seat can be of low cost or a high cost. But this would be a good chance to enhance your look with a seat. Like, there can be good-looking leather with classy colors for this.

Remember, you can get the help of an expert for this. In that case, your budget would increase to a certain level. But that would be a well-furnished seat, though.

So, that is how you can add a seat to cover your boat engine.

These are the 3 simple but effective boat engine cover ideas we got. Remember, these are the main ideas for your boat engine. You can extend your ideas beyond these if you want.

Can I Extend The Boat Size & Capacity Through The Engine?

When you design and cover your boat engine, you basically modify it. You do not modify the engine alone. But you get your entire boat modified.

Most of the time, boat engine cover designs are an extension of the boat. However, these designs are not always an extension of it either.

So, if you are extending the design, here goes an advantage. That is, you may get a bit of an increase in your boat capacity. Basically, you would get a bit more space with that.

No, it does not work for each and every design of it. But most of the extended designs can help you with this. So, you can expect a little bit of an addition to the space of your boat.

On the other hand, if you can not add anything to the design, it won’t work. That means the design would not increase even a bit of your boat space.

But remember one thing about it. Even if your boat has an increase in capacity, it would not be very much. It would be almost insignificant but helpful.

So, that is what you can expect from an extension through a boat engine design. Hopefully, that helps!

Cons of Covering the Boat Engine

Covering the Boat Engine

You now know how you can cover your boat engine. You mainly do it so that the boat engine is not visible anymore. As a result, the aesthetics are way better.

However, do not forget that covering the boat engine has some issues too. So, what are the cons of covering the boat engine?

The main problem this causes is the pressure on the boat’s engine. Yes, due to the coverage, your boat engine would have pressure. And this leads to engine issues with a bad trigger outboard.

No matter if it is less or more significant, there would be. And due to this, your boat engine would have less ventilation.

As a result, the boat engine would have a lower flow of air. Due to this, the engine would be heated. With time, it could even be overheated at times.

So, this would be the main problem you would face. Other than that, there might also be other problems like the regular activities of the engine.

You may have a bit of difficulty refilling fuel and cleaning your engine. So, there would be some other problems due to this.

Like, it can be problematic to remove gas from the tank. However, you can try one thing while covering your engine.

You can just put a space on the cover. So that it is easy for you to get to the boat engine. This is how you can go along with it.


boat engine covering issue

Is it going to be an issue for the boat engine while covering it?

No, it generally does not matter whether you cover your boat engine or not. Because the cover does not have any effect on that. However, you need to be careful while you are doing your project on this. Because you must not strike or hit your engine in any way.

Can I implement a random design on the boat engine myself?

No, you better not implement any type of random design on your boat’s engine yourself. Because not every random design will work out. It does not matter whether it is a big idea or a small one. If you follow an old idea, you may do it on your own. Or else, it is best to consult an expert.

Are all the boat engine cover projects expensive?

No, not all of the boat engine cover projects would be expensive. There could actually be many ideas. And you may also get some random ideas and verify them with an expert. Thus, one idea can be expensive and the other could be quite reasonable. So, it is not always that expensive.

The Final Words

Now you know about the boat engine cover ideas! We believe you would love the ideas that we have covered here for you.

But remember one thing. Before you go for a project like this, think about the budget first. Because going along without considering the budget is not an ideal thing. It may even hamper the project in the middle of your work.

Good luck to you!

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