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EZ Loader Trailer Problems – How to Fix Them

EZ loader trailer problems

Suppose you are all set down for a holiday on a beautiful boat journey. Suddenly you find your EZ loader trailer annoyingly problematic.

Rather you might just know some very common problems of the trailer beforehand. That could have saved your day.

So, a question may come to your mind “What are the common EZ loader trailer problems?”

Well, the most common kinds are galvanizing, rusting, lights not working e.t.c.

The problems stem from a mixture of both technical & precautionary issues. Sometimes it depends on your trailer’s model & functions too.

However, in this short easy reading, We have compiled the 3 most common problems.

Then gave the simplest format to solve them. Why wait then? Jump in here, have a read & enjoy your perfect holiday.

3 Common EZ Loader Trailer Problems & Solutions

These 3 problems were found most faced by the owners. It also almost covers all the EZ trailer loader types & mechanisms. For your convenience, each problem has its solution attached simultaneously:

Misalignment of the Bunk

EZ loader trailer

You bought a new EZ loader trailer & picked out a bunk trailer for it. But while you try to put the boat on it, it won’t sit right.

The bracket size is too low to adjust the bunks. This happens sometimes even after you take a recommendation from authorized personnel.

Well, the problem may seem complicated. But, believe me, you can make it work all by yourself. You will just need one tool. Here are what you need to do to fix the misadjustment problem of the bunk:


First, pick up a simple scissor jack. Then, put the scissor jack between the trailer frame and bunk. If needed then place it between the boat and frame.

Now, lift one corner of the boat is enough to adjust the bracket. After that, move to the other end of the same bunk.

Pull the jack up the boat/bunk enough to replace that bracket. Apply the same method for the other side as well.

A small suggestion here: some boat owners find it more convenient while adjusting bunk issues for specific kinds of boats. You can choose the perfect boat for your EZ loader trailer beforehand.

Anyway, you are pretty much done. Here are a few heads up for you. Make sure the bunks are not too wide to the outside of the trailer. That makes the boat sit lower. The bunks can be 1 to 2′ inside from the sides of the boat.

The last thing to make sure is you have the proper straps or tie downs for the weight of the boat. Otherwise, it won’t hold up.

Another last head up for you, save the scissor jack. It’s further useful to change flats on the trailer while out on the road.

Tail Lights not Working

EZ loader trailer problem

Sometimes you may notice a problem that the taillights are not working. This can be from any side of the trailer. It may even happen while other functions operate swiftly.

Now, you don’t need to be very anxious about it. Because the basic problems many times just lie with the wiring system.

Weather conditions can also cause grave danger to your EZ trailer. This might be harmful to the electrical system.

For example, you may have to unfreeze the steering cables sometimes when it freezes. However, just follow these steps to fix the tail light problem quickly.


To repair, firstly you need to check the tail light wiring system on your trailer. Begin from the connector, and closely examine it for damage. Excessive green or white corrosion is a very good indicator to point out the damage.

Clean/repair or replace are the options for you to solve it. Before that, trace each wiring circuit from the connector back to the lights.

Look for three things: loose connections, pinched wires, or damaged wire insulation. Quickly check the main ground connection on the trailer. Make sure that the ground wire is securely connected to clean metal.

Each light should be grounded either by a separate ground wire. If you find otherwise, that’s where the problem lies.

Easy now, just take out the damaged wires. Replace them with new wires & your tail lights will be shining again.

Rusted Bearings

Rusted bearings don’t sound much like a problem as you can always replace them. But sometimes your boat is a bit old.

So, you can’t find that particular style of wheel anymore. EZ loaders sometimes stop the production of certain types of design.

Rusting can prove to be a very dangerous problem too. This scenario should make you take action immediately. As you can see oil leaking from a weep hole can be caused by this.


You just have to follow the one thumb rule here. EZ load trailer plus salt water=rust. Simple. A rusty bad bearing is only because of the saltwater congestion, nothing else.

Here are the things you can do:

1. After every trip, fire up the motor to flush all the waters from the boat. It’s a must.

2. Metal surfaces need to be greased continuously to keep them safe from rust. Apply grease from time to time to the wheel & bearing to prevent it.

3. One small thing while applying grease, don’t apply too much. It can backfire too. Just follow these two steps simultaneously to have a rust-free bearing. That’s sufficient for you.

4. Finally, you’ll have a hassle-free EZ trailer that you can use anytime.


EZ loader trailer

What type of grease do I use in my bearing system?

EZ Loader Custom Division suggests two types of lubrication systems. The first is called EUZ. The latter one is generally known as the Vault “Hybrid Lubrication System”. You can get them in a nearby auto parts store.

Also read: How To Lube Steering Cable On Boat

My trailer lights are not working but my truck lights are, what is wrong?

It could be for a blown fuse in the tow vehicle or a wiring harness issue.

Wiring problem I have discussed earlier. You need to make sure that inside of your trailer’s swing tongue, the wiring has not been pinched.

Where can I find the perfect scissor jack?

It’s really easy picking. Just go to any nearby store or any Sears hardware store. Pick one up. It will cost you around only 15 dollars.

How do I identify my EZ loader trailer?

There are a few ways to identify your EZ Loader trailer:

Check the VIN: The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique identifier assigned to each vehicle, including trailers.

You can find the VIN on a metal plate located on the trailer’s frame. Once you have the VIN, you can use it to identify the year, make, and model of your trailer.

Check the paperwork: Your trailer’s registration, title, or bill of sale should have information about the trailer’s make and model.

Check for markings: Look for any identifying marks or labels on the trailer itself. Some EZ Loader trailers have decals or stickers with the company’s name or logo, as well as the model and serial number.

Contact EZ Loader: If you’re still having trouble identifying your trailer, you can contact EZ Loader directly.

They should be able to help you identify your trailer based on the VIN or other information you provide.

Remember that it’s important to know the make and model of your trailer so you can properly maintain it, obtain the correct replacement parts, and make any necessary repairs.

What size lug nuts are on EZ loader trailers?

The size of the lug nuts on an EZ Loader trailer may vary depending on the specific model and year of the trailer.

However, most EZ Loader trailers use lug nuts that are 1/2 inch in size.

To ensure that you have the correct size of lug nuts for your EZ Loader trailer, it is always best to check your trailer owner’s manual or consult with an authorized EZ Loader dealer.

They can provide you with the specific lug nut size needed for your trailer.

It is important to make sure that the lug nuts are properly torqued to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications to ensure safe and secure wheel attachment.

Always follow the recommended maintenance and safety procedures provided in the owner’s manual or by an authorized dealer.

Bottom Line

The EZ trailer loader problems are so scattered & complicated. Thus, sometimes it is very easy to get confused.

But here we’ve tried to put all the loaves on one plate for you. One thing is maybe pretty clear to you by now.

That is, the EZ trailer loader needs to go through constant maintenance. Otherwise, it can be a very bad day for you.

Well, that’s all. Follow these steps, learn & fix the problems and you are up for a great holiday. Wishing you & your trailer loaders experience a very smooth one.

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