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How To Build a Boat Seat Box? – Guide for DIYers

A boat seat box can be very utilized both for the space and the people.

You can basically use an idle space to make a seat.

And you would be able to make it a little store place as well. But how does that go!

So, how to build a boat seat box?

To build a boat seat box, you first take the proper measurements.

Once you do it, you cut the wood accordingly.

After that, you must stick the wood one after another gradually.

After setting up the box, you can then attach the seat with it. Finally, you can enjoy the fun and helpful boat seat box.

You can not hope to get started. But to carry on the project successfully you must read along. We got every detail coming here!

So, get started now!

How Do I Build A Boat Seat Box Myself?

Building a boat seat box may not look so easy actually. And this is very reasonable to think like that.

However, you can actually make it yourself. In fact, setting up a boat seat box is not that hard either.

Like, this is easier than some common tasks like fixing oil from the lower unit weep hole of your boat.

Thus, you already get an idea that it is not complex! So, how to build a boat seat box?

Well, we got it here for you in step with details. So, take a look now.

Materials and Tools Required:

  • Measuring Tools
  • Woodcutter
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Seat for the Box
  • Sandpaper
  • Polyurethane- or silicone-based caulk
  • Danish oil or oil-based urethane wood stain
  • Paintbrush

Step 1: Take A Proper Measurement

At first, you would have to build a wooden deck. This would work as the support to your main seat in the boat.

Building a wooden deck is quite simple actually. You just need to take a large piece of wood for this. Then you need to take measurements according to the preferred size of your seat.

Step 2: Cut The Wood

Once you take the measurements, you need to start cutting the wood. You have to make 5 parts with an identical area.

Do not forget to use a woodcutter for this. Because using any random cutter might not leave a uniform shape. And you may actually spoil the setup.

Remember that any leftover wood might come in handy in other ways. Like, you may use it for Boat Ignition Switch.

Step 3: Stick The Wooden Part

Stick The Wooden Part

After you cut the wood, you need to stick the first 2 parts to the boat. Take a number of nails and then stick the wood with the help it.

Once you put the first 2 parts, you can now join the rest of the 3 parts gradually. You do it as you nailed the first 2 parts.

As you finish doing this, you get the base of your boat seat box. That is, the box of the seat is already prepared for you.

Step 4: Attach The Seat to The Box

At this point, you need to attach the seat to the box. This seat can be bought anywhere in sailing or boat shops.

If you want then you can consider using your old seats too.

But make sure the size of the seat is compatible with the box. If not then you would need to buy a new one.

Finally, your boat seat box is ready. Now, you can enjoy a number of privileges with the help of this boat seat.

Remember one thing. That is, you may keep one side of the box openable. So that you can use it as a storage place in your boat.

If you go fishing, you can keep your necessary supplies inside that. In fact, you may also keep a few food items inside that keep them hot!

But one thing not to forget. You must waterproof your wooden box just like like you do a plant box.

So, keeping a side openable would be a great idea indeed.

How Do I Keep The Boat Seat Box Fresh?

How Do I Keep The Boat Seat Box Fresh

As you ride your boat, you would see your boat seat box getting dusty. And this is actually quite normal.

However, it does not feel good when you see your things dusty. So, you get really annoyed seeing the shine go away.

But don’t worry. Because you can keep up the shine of your boat seat box if you want. To do it, follow a few things.

First, make sure you wipe away any dust from the seat once you finish your ride. This would help to keep away the dust every time you come from a ride.

If you want, you may also use a bit of oil at times. This might help to make the seat shiny.

But do not try to use oil very often. And what you must do daily is cover up the seat. That is, you must cover up the seat box when you don’t go for a ride.

Because you do not want your seat to get dusty even when you aren’t riding. Moreover, do not forget to use spray cleaner at times.

Remember those spray cleaners could be good for your boat seat box. Because not only these can keep your seat dust-free but also aromatic and shiny.

Now, if you think you want to get one of these right away, here you go. You can count on our favorite pickups!


Boat Seat Box faqs

What wood would be ideal for a boat seat box?

The best type of wood for a boat seat box would be cedar. However, there are many other types of wood out there.

But the ideal one that you would like with the price would be cedar. This wood has a special aroma that you cherish after you make something out of it.

Is it a problem to make the boat seat box thick?

No, there would not be any issues if the boat seat box is thick. However, you must not make it way thicker.

Because primarily, it would not look that good if it is very thick. And it may also take up more space than it actually requires. So, try to maintain its thickness of it.

What foam would be the best for my boat seat box?

Dryfast foam could be an ideal one for your boat seat box. You may come up with other types of popular foams as well.

Because these are quite good in outdoors. This does not take in moisture like the other types of foam. So, these are quite long-lasting too.

Boat Seat Box

What Material instead of wood can I use?

There are a number of materials that can be used to create a boat seat box, including plastic, metal, and fiberglass.

One option is to use plastic. PVC pipe is a common material for boat seats because it is lightweight and easy to work with. You can cut the pipe into any shape you need, and then seal it with a sealant.

Another option is metal. You can use steel or aluminum for your box, and either type of metal will rust if not properly sealed. However, metals are stronger than wood, so they may be a better choice if you want your box to be able to support more weight.

Fiberglass also makes an excellent boat seat box material. It is strong but lightweight, so it won’t add too much weight to your boat. Additionally, fiberglass doesn’t corrode over time like metal or plastic does.

The Final Words

Now you know how to build a boat seat box! We believe you like and find our ideas feasible!

But wait for the last tip we got here. If you think you messed up while building up the box, do not proceed.

Because you may need a pro to look at it to fix the issue. So, stop right there.

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