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Mercury 150 Four Stroke Problems – Fix Some Of The Maintenance Issues

Most boat enthusiasts understand with the time that most outboard engines have their drawbacks. If you are an avid sailor, angler, or fisher, you understand that you need reliable engines. This is for the long run as most anglers prefer to turn a business with this. However, are you trying to turn a business through these fishers? Then try to consider a few factors before splurging on a Mercury 150.

So, what are some Mercury 150 four-stroke problems you might face?

There are a few well-known issues. The outboard motor not starting is the most common, as the cranks yell. Overheating issues cause incomplete combustion to take place. If these issues are combined they resort to noise. There’s sometimes excessive noise in which the engine stalls and fails!

If you need detailed information about these problems, don’t worry we got you covered. This article will give you comprehensive information on all the problems.

Keep reading for the details!

What’s a Mercury Four Stroke?

Mercury 150 Four Stroke

Mercury 150 FourStroke EFI outboard engine has engraved its superintendence in marine engine technology. With its unique design and efficiency, this 150 hp offers unequaled performance under all situations.

They are crafted for lightweight and higher relocation. They make boat planes speed faster because of their lightweight. They produce ample contortion and instant power.

Despite being so well built and well known for its performance, people still face issues. We will be discussing mercury 150 four stroke problems in this article. Keep reading to find out!

Mercury 150 Fourstroke Performance Table:

650 (trolling) 3kts 2
2500 (offshore troll) 9.5kts 11.9
2800 (planing) 14kts 14.4lt/h
3300 (offshore cruise) 19.9kts 16lt/h
4000 (cruise) 26.4kts 21.3lt/h
5000 (max cruise) 34kts 36lt/h
5900 (WOT) 41.9kts 53lt/h


Problems You May Encounter with a Mercury 150 Four Stroke

Mercury 150 Four Stroke problems

Mercury Four-strokes are originated to give out quality performance. Generally, they are well-founded and reliable motors. But they still display some common problems.

Problem 1: Outboard Motor Does Not Start

The starting failure issue is common amongst Mercury 150 Fourstroke. In some cases, mercury outboard cranks but won’t start. Sometimes the motor starts but hinders later on. To fix the problem, find out the root cause behind this arisen disturbance.

Problem 2: Overheating Issue

The overheating issue is frequently heard from users. If the outboard gets overheated, it bearishly shuts off. Then it takes time to start again. It is normal if that happens because the engine needs to cool down at first.

Problem 3: Engine May Make Excessive Vibration

Another problem that is faced with mercury four-stroke is excessive noise. Some users stated that they’ve seen engines stalling, losing power, and vibrating excessively. It usually occurs when the motor is heated.

These are the most common mercury 150 four-stroke problems. You might find them slightly relatable with the mercury 25 hp 4-stroke issues.

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Ways to Resolve Mercury 150 Four Stroke Problems

Mercury 150 Four Stroke_ First Look Video Sponsored by United Marine

We have some quick tips for you to fix mercury 150 four-stroke problems. Keep reading to get ideas!

Possible Fix for Held-off Motor

Here are some easy tips on how you can resolve your outboard motor issues. Check out below!

Check out the Gas Tank

Sometimes empty gas tanks or substandard fuel can be the reason behind this problem. So, the wisest option is to check out the gas tank.

If you are running on low fuel or a bad mixture, change and refill the tank. For the right proportion take help from service centers.

Don’t Use Old Fuel

Aged fuel or gasoline can harm your engine. In the case of ethanol gas, it is advised not to use it more than 30 days in a row.

Keep an Eye on the Tank Vent

Monitor the gas

Monitor the gas tank vent sincerely. If the vent is closed it might be connected to the issue you are facing.

Because a closed gas tank stops the airflow from replacing fuel while the motor retires. In that case, it prevents the engine from firing up and results in engine failure.

Fix the overheating issue

This is by far the most destructive of the 3 issues. Resolving this should be priority 1 when you face all these problems together.

Here are a few tips on cooling down your system. Keep reading!

Check the Cooling System

Leakage in the cooling system might cause this problem. Check if there’s a leak. Also, check the radiator or thermostat housing. If you find any leak, the quickest solution would be using the hose repair kits or sealers.

Check the Water Pump Impeller

Inspect if there are any broken or displaced pieces. If you find them, remove and fix them accurately.

Check the Water Passages

If the passages are clogged with waste it will prevent the flow. So get help from a professional cleaner to clean it.

Mercury 150 Water Passages

Lose the Noise

Some common ways to regulate your engine’s sound are given below!

Turn off the Engine

If you see your propeller is damaged or compromised immediately turn it off. Disconnect all the linkings. Inspect the propeller and pull the propeller out. Because a damaged or untightened propeller can cause this issue.

Check the Propeller

Check whether there is any waste tangled around the propeller. If so, remove it carefully. Damage to the propeller often causes long-term corrosion, avoid this at all costs.

Cleanse the propeller thoroughly for better performance. The broken pin of the propeller makes excessive noise and vibrations. These are great indicators that there is something wrong.

Because the damaged pin causes the propeller to spin. This way the engine loses power and rattles.

Hopefully, these tips would help you fix your mercury 150 four-stroke motor problems.


Mercury 150 faq 1

1. Are Mercury 4 strokes reliable?

Yes, Mercury 4 strokes are reliable. Because they are fuel-efficient which means cost-efficient as well. They make less sound but are a bit heavy. Persistent growth by Mercury Marine did scale down its performance a little bit.

2. Is Mercury 150 a good motor?

Yes, the Mercury 150 FourStroke is a good motor. It is manufactured and tested to be the finest and most durable engine ever. This is according to the satisfaction consensus carried out by SeaStar biannually for boat enthusiasts ever.

3. How fast does a Mercury 150 go?

The 150-horsepower Mercury four-stroke can turn an impressive 35 mph at 6000 rpm. The best cruise speed however comes down with 3000 rpm at roughly 15 mph. The Mercury 150 is an absolute beast on the water. And these are base statistics, with an Enertia prop, the speeds bolt through these values.

4. How many hours will a Mercury 150 four-stroke last?


The Mercury 150 four-stroke engine is a reliable choice for recreational boaters. It features a reliable design and plenty of power to get you where you need to go. According to the manufacturer, a Mercury 150 should last between 3000 – 4000 hours.

Mercury 150 hp FourStroke Outboard


5. How many miles per gallon does a Mercury 150 get?

Mercury OptiMax 150hp Pro XS recorded 2.72 km/l (6.4mpg) when cruising at 46.6km/h (29mph) and Evinrude E-TEC 150hp HO recorded 2.38 km/l (5.6mpg).

Wrapping Up

We hope by now you know more about the Mercury 150 four-stroke problems you can face.

There are always drawbacks that come with an overall good automated steering system for boats. As all things do. But the ease of troubleshooting these issues for the Mercury makes it stand out.

As always, regular upkeep foregoes the need to fix some of the maintenance issues. All in all take everything into consideration, before purchasing this. For some, it can seem like a double-edged sword.

Thank you for reading and come back for more queries about the Mercury!

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