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All About Adding Side Console to a Boat – Advantages and Disadvantages

All About Adding Side Console to a Boat

Nowadays, side consoles are the modern choice. Knowing this, most fishermen or boatmen choose to add side consoles to their boats.

But, if you are new to adding side consoles to your boat, you may need reasons. Also, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages also.

So, here our article will help you to know everything about adding side consoles to a boat.

By adding side consoles we can get more space in our boat. So, side consoles are the best for small or V-sized boats.

The side console also makes your boat less resistant to wind. It makes the boat more speedy. But, for side consoles, fishing from both sides of the boats becomes hard.

Now, knowing the advantages and disadvantages briefly will help us more. So, let’s know about adding the side console to the boat in detail.

All About Adding A-Side Console to Boat

We know that the consoles come in different types. Like the center console, side console, and double console.

If we have a small-sized boat then choosing the side console is great. But why? Need reasons, right? Also, we will need to know about the configurations of the side console.

Without knowing the advantages and disadvantages we can’t make a final decision. So, In this article, we will provide all the information.

Configurations of the Side Console

In a side console, the whole controller is set up on the side. The steering wheel, cockpit, and controls are located on the side of the boat. So, adjustment of a steering wheel is important.

Side consoles are hyped now. Mostly in the alloy boats. Most of the boatmen or fishermen are choosing side consoles over-center consoles.

So, many brands are updating the models of side console alloy boats on different sides.

Like, some come with low-profile hulls. Low-profile hulls help you in the fishing of the barra fish. And some have high top-sides with deep cockpits.

Deep cockpits for fishing or boating in coastal waters. Also, the configuration of the side console is good for lure casting.

On a hot day, you may need a side console boat cover. It will protect your boat from the scorching sun. Here we are suggesting you a boat cover.

Now, we will let you know the pros and cons of adding side consoles to the boat.

Knowing them we will be able to decide whether a side console is worth it for our boat or not.

Pros of Adding a Side Console to a Boat

Pros of Adding a Side Console to a Boat

Side console offers you so many advantages. So, you may end up adding the side console to your boat.

Let’s briefly discuss the advantages of side consoles.

More Space

The cockpit with steering wheel controls is located on the side of our boat. And in the opposite of gunwale. So, there remains pretty much space in the boat.

So, for passengers or your family, you can easily add more boat seats in the free space.

Also, you can keep your bags or store your belongings easily. So, more space is a notable advantage of the side console.

Open Pathway

As we know, the whole controller is located on the side so we get plenty of free space. If we don’t set up the boat seat there, then we can get an open pathway.

Moving in the boat becomes easier on the open pathway. Also, you can enjoy the view of the river or the sea from the open pathway.

More Speed

Because of the position, the side console boat can perform better with higher horsepower.

And also it becomes comfortable to use the automotive steering. Because of the console’s side position.

Side consoles make our boat less resistant to wind. Fewer resistance results in more speed.

Also, the boatmen face less flapping of the window. As the side console boats are less resistant. So, the boatmen can concentrate on their driving more. Also, he can view forward obstacles or others accurately.

More Speed

The Fishing

Side console is mostly well known for its fishing layout.

We know the side console provides us with more space. So, fishing becomes easier.

By pushing the helm of the console to the starboard, we will get more space. With this fishing on the port side will be easier.

If the side console is compact or low profile then no need to worry. From the top of the starboard side, we can catch fish.

The side console is also well known for fishing at anchor. Anchor fishing is quite similar to drift fishing. But here the boat will not move constantly.

By offshore anchor fishing, you can catch the bait fish. Also the kingfish or cobia.

So, fishing from a side console boat gives us many options.


Trolling is a special fishing method.

And this method works better in the side console boat than any other console. The lure or the bait is set up in the back of the boat.

As the side console boat has more space, we can set more bait. More the bait, we can get more fish. Though it also depends on our luck.

Cons Of Adding a Side Console to a Boat

Cons Of Adding a Side Console to a Boat

Despite the side console having many advantages, it has a few shortcomings too.

Let’s know them before making the final decision.

Safety Issues

In the side console the cockpit is located on the side of the boat. So, there remains a lack of safety on the boat.

We need to be careful while driving the boat.

Hindrance in Fishing From All Sides

We know that side console boats provide us space on one side. But the other side remains blocked by the cockpit and steering wheel and others.

Let’s think about a situation, we are fishing from one side of the boat.

And the fishes are on the opposite side which we are unable to reach. So, this becomes trouble sometimes.

Fishing Problems without A Partner

When fishing from one side another side loses its balance. So you’ll need a partner to balance the side console boat while fishing.

So, if you are alone in the boat and fishing from one side, it can be tough to balance the boat.

Operating by standing can be hard

Operating the side console boat by standing is hard. It becomes hard to balance the boat and operate together.

So, we need to operate the steering wheel by seating in the cockpit. You must know how to remove the wheel, just in case.


Add A Center Console to Your Boat


Can You Add A Center Console to Your Boat?

Yes. Centre console is common in the boat from the very beginning.

In the large boat, adding a center console is great. You can fetch fish from both sides of your center console boat.

Can You Convert A Tiller Motor to Remote?

Yes. It is possible to convert a tiller motor to a remote. But it requires a lot of extra pieces of equipment.

Like we will need a steering control cable, wheel, and helm assembly, ram, cables, and throttle quadrants. We will need a console stick too.

What Is A Ship’s Wheel Called?

Helm. The ship’s wheel is called a helm in short. It remains behind the paddle in the motorboat.

What is the difference between a side console and a tiller?

A side console is a type of boat that has the steering controls located to the side of the driver, while a tiller is a type of boat that has the steering controls located at the back of the driver. Both types of boats have their pros and cons, so it really comes down to personal preference as to which one you choose.

Can you add seating to a boat?

Adding seating to a boat can be a great way to increase the comfort and enjoyment level for all passengers. There are many different types of seating that can be added, from simple benches to more elaborate captain’s chairs. The size and type of seating will be determined by the size and type of boat, as well as the budget.

One of the most popular types of seating for boats is bench seating. This can be added along the sides of the boat or in the back. Bench seats are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the ride without taking up a lot of space.

Captain’s chairs are another option for adding seating to a boat. These are typically more expensive than bench seats, but they offer a higher level of comfort and style. Captain’s chairs can be found in many different styles to match the decor of the boat. They can also be swivel chairs, which is helpful when turning around to talk to passengers in other parts of the boat.

If there is limited space on the boat, consider adding folding seats or removable seats. These can be stored away when not in use, but easily brought out when extra seating is needed. Folding seats are also a good option if you plan on having different people using the boat at different times – they can simply fold up the seat when they’re done using it.

Wrapping Up

Now we know all the positive and negative sides of adding a side console to the boat.

I hope now it has become easier to make a final decision.

By adding the side console we can increase the space of our boat. Just we need to be careful while boating.

Good wishes for your fishing and boating.

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