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12 Best Kicker Motor Bracket: 2024 – Make the Right Choice

Kicker Motor Bracket Review

Having a kicker motor can save you from being stranded on an island. But, in order to secure it, you need a motor bracket. That said if you don’t buy the right bracket the water can be strong enough to wash away the motor.

And who wants their lifesaver to simply float away into the neverland?

No one! That’s why we decided to pick out the top 12 best kicker motor brackets.

Please don’t fret, our researchers have to spend an extra amount of time trying to ensure that you only get the best of the best. But wait, you don’t have to blindly believe us. Instead, let us walk you through all the products.

That way you can be the judge of the matter. And to ensure that you become an expert and make the right choice we have included a buying guide. May it enlighten your path of choosing the right motor bracket.

Anyway, once you are all set we can commence our journey:

Our Top Pick’s Products:

1. Panther Marine 55-0407AL Aluminum Bracket

Panther Marine 55-0407AL Aluminum Bracket

Product Overview

At the top of our list is the Panther Marine 55-0407AL Aluminum Bracket. Well, it is our top pick mainly because this engine supports both 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors. But wait, it still has a lot more to offer.

Well, for starters you get to use this bracket for any kicker motor you want. Since it supports both 2 and 4 store motors they cover most of the kicker motors used on boats.

Hence, you don’t have to fret over the fact that this will fit or not. Instead, you can buy this motor bracket blindfolded. Chances are it will fit. But then again make sure that your motor weighs less than 132 lbs.

Otherwise, the kicker motor bracket will not be able to hold onto the motor. Instead, it will sway away in the ocean or fall victim to continuous vibration and hit the land.

But the downside is that this motor can only tolerate 15 HP power. That’s not a lot. So, do check to see if your motor produces higher torque than this or not. Now, if it does then we will suggest you not to go with this engine.

However, it does come with twist-knob safety locks. This lock does ensure that the motor can be secured and put in its place. Thus due to this feature, the bracket can tolerate a bit of high torque.

But it’s not wise to cross the limit.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty stainless steel torsion springs of the brackets help to support the heavyweight of the motors. Because of this, they can support heavyweights. However, there is a limit to that as well.

Moreover, you can set the motor at any desired height that you want. This is because it has 5 different vertical positioning systems. So, you can place the motor at any point that you want for optimum positioning.

  • Works well with most kicker motors
  • Has safety locks for extra protection
  • It is not affected by water
  • Easy to clean
  • You can position it according to your will
  • It cannot support too heavy motors


2. Panther Marine 55-0410 Auxiliary Outboard Motor Bracket

Panther Marine 55-0410 Auxiliary Outboard Motor Bracket


Product Overview

Moving on, we have another Panther model and this is the Panther Marine 55-0410 Motor Bracket. This one might be second but it has the highest power and weight tolerance level.

But how else can you get from this?

Well, this motor bracket can tolerate 35 HP power and can handle kicker motors weighing up to 263 lbs. So, if you have a high-powered motor then you can rest assured that it won’t get dislocated because of the motor’s power.

Sometimes when the motor is too heavy or can accelerate at a high rate the brackets cannot hold the motor in its place. That’s where they lost their grip. But with this motor bracket, you can insert high-powered engines on your boat.

In fact, you can use it on 4 stroke engines. The Panther Marine55-0410 can tolerate those high-powered engines without any issue.

Plus, the bracket is made of anodized aluminum. This helps the bracket to hold on to the heavy-weighted and high-powered kicker motors.

Furthermore, this bracket has a universal fit so you can insert it on any boat that you want. They won’t cause any issues. As long as you install it properly it will be suitable for any place and will hold on to the kicker motor with ease.

But that’s not all, you can also change the bracket’s position. In fact, you have 5 different options. They are changed to suit the changing water or load conditions. Hence, you can maneuver the position of your motor to your will.


  • Supports high powered engines
  • It can handle the heavy weight of the motor
  • Provides 5 different locking positions
  • It can fit on all kinds of things
  • It is quite sturdy
  • It has to be mounted on a transom which is vertical


3. Garelick/Eez-In 71090:01 Aluminum Auxiliary Bracket

Garelick_Eez-In 71090_01 Aluminum Auxiliary Bracket

Product Overview

Next up, we have the Garelick/Eez-In 71090:01 Aluminum Auxiliary Bracket. Comparatively, this one has the second-highest torque and weight tolerance level. So, what do you get out of it?

Well, for starters, it can tolerate torque up to 30 HP and weight up to 169 lbs. Now, this is quite high if you compare it to the other brackets. Hence, it will go great with your high-powered kicker motors.

In fact, it works well with 4 stroke motos. On top of all these, this bracket can tolerate both long and short-shaft motors. So, it actually opens up a lot of options for you guys.

Moreover, the bracket itself is quite lightweight in nature. In fact, it is 10 pounds. That is comparatively lower than most of the motor brackets on our list. And due to this your boat won’t have extra weight added to it.

We all know how crucial the weight of the boat really is. So, to save ourselves from drowning in the sea we always have to ensure that the boat is lightweight. And this bracket can help with that.

Plus, this bracket has black poly mounting locking clamps. This is present for extra security of the kicker motor. In fact, this ensures that the kicker motor stays in its place.


  • It can tolerate high-powered motors
  • Won’t add extra weight to the boat
  • Has extra protection system for the motos
  • It is quite sturdy
  • It needs a 2 inches spacer between the mount


4. M-Arine Baby Outboard Motor Bracket Kicker

M-Arine Baby Outboard Motor Bracket Kicker

Product Overview

Proceeding with the list, the next bracket that we have for you today is the M-Arine Baby Outboard Motor Bracket Kicker. This one is unique for its lightweight.

In fact, it weighs the least out of all the products that we have on our list. To be exact, this one weighs 9.2 pounds. So, it won’t be adding excess weight to your boat. And the chances of the boat drowning will be minimum.

However, this motor bracket is designed for 2 stroke engines. So, if you have a 4 stroke engine then this bracket will not work for you. This is because the 4 stroke engines have a higher torque.

And this bracket can only tolerate 20 HP. So, if the motor goes to its maximum accretion rate the bracket will not function well. And the kicker motor will get dislocated and it might even fall in the water.

But this does work on 2 stroke engines. That is because they have a comparatively lower torque level. Plus, they also weigh less. But do make sure that your engine weighs less than 110 lbs.

Moreover, like most of the brackets on our list, this too has 5 different locking positions. So, you can place the motor at your desired place and it won’t be an issue.

Furthermore, this engine is made of stainless steel. Because of that, it is non-corrosive. So, even if you take your boat out for a ride in the salt water, the brackets will not be affected.


  • It is non-corrosive
  • Can be positioned at will
  • Helps to move the motor both up and down
  • It is easy to install
  • It doesn’t work on 4 stroke engines


5. X-Haibei Heavy Duty Kicker Motor Bracket

X-Haibei Heavy Duty Kicker Motor Bracket

Product Overview

Lastly, we have the X-Haibei Heavy Duty Kicker Motor Bracket. Now, we know that this is our last pick but hey this one sure has its perks. For instance, this one is the most budget-friendly product on our list.

Thus you won’t be digging a hole in your wallet when you go for this bracket. But you will get other features. For instance, this bracket is made of aluminum.

That makes the product quite lightweight. Hence, it won’t add extra weight to your boat.

Nevertheless, this one has a toque level of 20 HP. And it can tolerate motors that weigh up to 115 lbs. So, do ensure that your kicker motor falls within this limit.

But a little warning: this motor bracket only works on 2 stroke engines. We do not recommend it for 4 stroke engines.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is quite lightweight
  • Easy to lift and lower
  • Reinforced by welded frame and stainless components
  • It doesn’t work on 4 stroke engines
  • It is a bit shaky


Installation Guide

This installation guide for the Kicker motor bracket is intended for use with vehicles equipped with a factory-installed tow hitch. If your vehicle does not have a factory-installed tow hitch, or if you require a different installation method, consult the manufacturer of your vehicle for guidance.

The following steps must be followed in order to install the Kicker motor bracket:

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.

2. Remove the bumper cover and rear decklid panel(s). Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific removal instructions.

3. Remove the four screws that hold the kick panel in place (two on each side).

4. Loosen and remove the kick panel assembly from the vehicle. Be sure to retain all hardware that was attached to the kick panel, including screws and brackets.

5. Position the Kicker motor bracket onto the kick panel assembly so that it lines up with marked holes on both panels. Align bolts upward and tighten using a torque wrench to the specifications listed in your owner’s manual.

Torque values are listed in foot pounds (lbf) unless otherwise noted. Note: The Kicker motor bracket should only be tightened until snug; over-tightening may damage components on your vehicle.

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You can watch this video for additional tips that might help you:

Buying Guide

Let’s slow down a bit. We have been accelerating through all the features and benefits of each product but with all the fast movement you might be feeling a bit dizzy.

Hence, we have decided to step in and take charge of the matter. So, let’s go through some of the most crucial things that should be present in a kicker motor bracket.

Having a clear idea of the basics will help you pinpoint the right one for you. Who knows?

Maybe you will find out some things that you were not aware of. It might be a fun adventure.

Power Limitations

The kicker motorboats exhaust at different rates of power. In simple terms, each boat has a maximum capacity of its own.

A motor bracket’s job is to ensure that the motor stays in its place. So, it has to be able to withstand its high power. Otherwise, the bracket will fly off due to high power and cause the kicker motor to come off of its designated place.

That will be a whole disastrous case. This is because you won’t have any more motors to rely on as the kicker motors are reserved for the last moment.

Weight Handling Capabilities

Kicker Motor Bracket

Another pointer to add is the weight of the kicker motor itself. You see, the bracket will be responsible for holding the motor in its place, right?

Otherwise, the excess weight will pull the brackets off their place.

At that point, the bracket will be rendered useless. Hence, buying and not buying the bracket will be the same thing.

The Adjustability of the Bracket

Furthermore, check to see if the brackets can be adjusted at different vertical levels. For this, ensure that the brackets come with an adjustable vertical position locking system.

This useful feature allows you to place the bracket anywhere. But where do you place a kicker motor bracket?

Well, this depends on a load of your boat. For instance, if you have a light load, your bracket needs to be adjusted lower in the water. In the same way for a heavier load, your bracket needs to be adjusted higher than the water level.

Hence, do check out for such a feature. It’s handy to have them otherwise you will have problems placing the motor bracket.

Quality of The Material

Quality of The Material

One more thing to look into is the material of the bracket. You see, the kicker motor brackets are made up of different materials. Now, most of them are made of aluminum.

That makes the bracket lightweight. In fact, aluminum is 5 times lighter than steel. This lessens the overall weight added to the boat hence.

Plus aluminum is recyclable. So, you can reuse it for other purposes when it is no longer useful as a motor bracket.

Additional Features

After ensuring the main features you should also keep an eye for the extra benefits that you can get. For instance, some motor brackets offer anti-corrosive coatings or airplane-grade components.

These features ensure that the brackets last a long time and serve their purpose. Plus, try to buy the ones that are waterproof because that is a necessity.

And do ensure that the brackets are relatively easy to clean. You don’t want to be stuck with scrappy-looking brackets, do you?


If you’re looking to install a new kicker motor bracket on your car, make sure the bracket is compatible with your vehicle. Some brackets are designed to fit specific makes and models of cars, while others may be generic and work with many different vehicles.

If you’re not sure whether the bracket is compatible with your car, consult the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly. You should also check the installation instructions for your particular bracket to ensure a smooth installation.


1. Where is the kicker motor bracket usually placed?

The main place to put the kicker motor bracket is on the left side of the main outboard motor or transom-mounted sailboat rudder. That is because it locks the kicker motor in a stowed position. At that point, it can be put in the water for use.

2. Are kicker motor brackets waterproof?

Most of the time the brackets used for the kicker motor are waterproof. That is because they have to be submerged in water. Otherwise, they will rust with time if they are exposed to water for too long.

3. Do brackets meant for 2 stroke engines work on 4 stroke ones?

No, a bracket designed for 2 stroke engines will not be able to work on 4 stroke engines. That is because they do not have the capacity to support such a high torque at a low RPM.

4. Do you need a kicker motor to troll?

If your main motor trolls slowly enough you don’t need a kicker. But kickers do make it easier to make small adjustments in speed. And it provides a backup if the main motor fails.

Parting Words

Well, that’s a wrap-on best kicker motor bracket. Now, we know that we rumbled for quite a while but it was for your own good. It’s better to know about what you’re getting into.

Anyway, now that you have all the info we will leave you to decide on which one to get. But we do hope that you go with our top pick. Nevertheless, this is goodbye. Hopefully, we will be seeing you in another blog. Toodles!

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