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11 Best Prop For 40 HP Mercury 4 Stroke 2024: Top Propellers in Town

Propeller For 40 HP Mercury 4 Stroke

Out on a boat ride but it doesn’t really feel like an adventure? That can happen if your propeller isn’t in its top game. And when this does happen you might want to get a new one.

But hey, before you make a quick decision take a moment to think. Think about what will make the best prop for 40hp mercury 4 stroke.

Only if you have the elite ones you will be able to enjoy that fast and furious boat ride. But if you don’t know what to go for then it might become a hassle for you.

So, we decided to make things easier for you. You see, we have tested over 50 probs to select the right ones for 40hp mercury 4 strokes. Plus, we even added a buying guide for further help.

Now, if you are ready we can start the quest of finding the best prop:

Comparison Table

Review of the Top Picks

1. Quicksilver Nemesis Propeller

Quicksilver Nemesis Propeller

Product Overview

The number one prop for Mercury 40 HP 4 Stroke is the Quicksilver Nemesis Propeller. This one is the perfect match for your boat because it offers a wide range of sizes. What’s more, it even has the biggest diameter of the prop.

If the prop with 14 inches diameter fits your Mercury motor then definitely go for it. You see, the bigger the diameter of the prop the more power the prop can generate for the motor. Hence, you will be able to travel faster.

Moreover, the prop will allow you to travel at a 16 to 25% higher speed. This is mainly because with the help of this prop you can attain higher acceleration in no time.

What’s more, is that the prop comes with its own hub. Thus, you won’t have to take the extra burden of buying another hub for the propeller itself.

Plus, the weight of this propeller is also the lowest. Now, the motor will be light. But the main advantage is that the prop will let you accelerate even more efficiently. It is when you travel at high speed.

Additionally, the 4 blades make this propeller quite the catch. You see, as the number of blades is higher you will get a faster speed. And if speed is what you desire then this prop will be the perfect match for your engine.

However, we do have other props so if you feel like speed isn’t your top priority.

  • Help attain high speed.
  • Comes with hubs.
  • Diameter is bigger.
  • Comes with 4 blades.
  • Paint comes off easily.


2. Young Marine Outboard Propeller

Young Marine Outboard Propeller

Product Overview

The second product on the list is the Young Marine Outboard Propeller. What distinguishes this from the earlier product is it comes with 3 blades that have 13 spline teeth.

Because of this spline tooth the prop has a high radial and axial load capacity. Thus, the propeller will be able to take on a heavy load pretty easily. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the boat not being able to carry a lot of people on it.

Plus, the prop is made of aluminum. And the aluminum used is of top quality hence the prop will be able to provide premium service.

What’s more, is that if the prop does get damaged after years of usage you can easily repair it. This is something you cannot achieve for a propeller made out of stainless steel.

Also, the OEM number on this prop will match the OEM number, Mainly for the 40, HP Mercury, 4 strokes. Hence, you will be able to get the right size. You won’t even have to worry about the prop not being the perfect match for the motor.

  • Can handle heavy weight.
  • Can be repaired easily.
  • Perfect match for Mercury.
  • Made out of premium material.
  • Not well balanced.


3. Mercury Spitfire Propeller

Mercury Spitfire Propeller

Product Overview

Third on the list is the Mercury Spitfire Propeller. The Mercury company itself produces this prop for its 40 HP Mercury 4 stroke motor. Hence, you know that this will be the right one for you. But its specialty is the ease of installment.

In fact, it will take you only 15 minutes to get it all set up. And all you will need is a torque wrench to get the job done. Plus, the manual needed to install the propeller comes with it. So, you can do it all by yourself.

What’s more, is that this one has 4 blades. So, you can rely on this one for a top speed of over 350 mph. In fact, when used it actually goes beyond the website-mentioned speed. Thus, it’s a great investment if you are into speed.

Moreover, the aluminum material is quite premium quality. Thus, the propeller won’t disappoint you with its quality. What’s more, is that the blade isn’t quite stiff so the blade can be fixed if damaged.

  • Easy to install.
  • Material is of premium quality.
  • Offers high-speed.
  • You lose speed at top speed.


4. Young Marine Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Young Marine Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Product Overview

Moving on, we have another one of Young Marine’s propellers and this one is the Young Marine Aluminum Outboard Propeller. What’s different from the previous one is that this prop actually has 4 blades.

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Thus, you will be able to get a higher speed with this propeller compared to the previous one. And this is because with a higher number of blades the prop will be able to propel even more water to attain top speed.

Apart from the differences, there are quite a few similarities as well between the two Young Marine props. For instance, both of them have 13 spline teeth. This increases their radial and axial load capacity.

Plus, the prop is made to combat the heat. Hence, it won’t get hot from all the friction created by water.

Hence, they can carry the extra load without any issues. Meaning if a few people get on your boat the prop can support them well.

Also, the high-quality aluminum coverage creates a good shield for the prop. However, its durability might not be as high as that of stainless steel. So, it might get damaged too quickly.

However, if it does get damaged the aluminum material makes it easy to fix the prop in no time. That’s something you won’t get from a stainless steel prop.

  • Help attain high-speed
  • Can handle high weight capacity
  • It can handle the heat
  • Get damaged quickly.



5. VIF Jason Marine Upgrade Outboard Propeller

VIF Jason Marine Upgrade Outboard Propeller

Product Overview

The very last product on our list is the VIF Jason Marine Upgrade Outboard Propeller. Now, this is another propeller that comes with 3 blades. So, if you are looking for a 3-bladed prop this one is a good one to consider.

Plus, it is also one of the light-weight props on the list. Thus, you can count on it for helping you to achieve that extra speed. It is when you are running the 40 HP Mercury Stroke.

Plus, the price value for this prop is really good. You won’t get a more budget-friendly product other than this. In fact, because of the awesome quality it provides, we think that the price is super reasonable.

  • Quite budget-friendly.
  • Come with a hub.
  • High speed can be attained.
  • Hub can be a bit displaced from the propeller.


Buying Guide


Propeller is one thing where you don’t want to invest without research. This hefty thing might not work correctly if you get the wrong one. So, in this case, what do you do?

You look into the necessary stuff first and then go fishing for enhanced features. Now, this leaves people wondering what are the main features of the Mercury 4 stroke propeller.

Well, here’s the list.

OEM Number

What makes it easiest to buy a propeller for the 40 HP Mercury 4 stroke is if you know the OEM number. Hold on, what is an OEM number?

You see, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically, it is a number that tells you whether the propeller is genuine or not.

Moreover, based on the OEM number you can determine easily which propeller will work on your boat motor. So, that’s one way to go for the propeller. However, there are other factors to consider too.


Yes, the material of the propeller matters too. Like any other equipment, even the propeller has to be made out of premium materials. Otherwise, it won’t be able to serve its purpose.

In general, propellers are made of 2 things. Aluminum and stainless steel. Now, both of them have their own special features.

For instance, aluminum is comparatively cheaper but it’s less durable than stainless steel. However, the blades aren’t that stiff and you can repair the aluminum propeller quite easily.

Whereas on the other hand, while stainless steel might be a bit more pricey it sure is durable. So, stainless steel is a good investment in the long run. But you should be aware that they are harder to fix if damaged.


When talking about propellers we mainly address two numbers. One is the diameter and the other one is the pitch.

Now, diameter is the distance from the center to the tip of the blade. Whereas, the pitch is the circumference of the path that the propeller spins in one round.

Propellers with smaller diameters are meant for smaller motors whereas the bigger ones are for bigger motors.

Coming to 40 HP Mercury 4 Stroke you will need the right size. However, there are a few sizes of propellers that will suit the motor that you have. So, before buying make sure that the sizes are compatible.

Number Of Blades

One more aspect that you should keep in mind is that propellers have different numbers of blades. The most common number is 3 or 4. Meaning that the propeller may have 3 or 4 blades.

So, is more blades better?

In general, the propellers with 4 blades are faster. However, propellers with 3 blades tend to be available more in the market. Plus 3 bladed propellers come in multiple sizes. So, you can get the right size without much of a hassle.


change propellers

When to change propellers?

It is a wise idea to change propellers when they tend to slow down. You can also change if you want to go tubing, skiing, or wakeboarding. In general switch the propellers when you are not meeting the top speed you want.

How do I choose a Mercury propeller?

To select the right Mercury propeller for your boat, start by measuring its displacement (length x width x height). This will give you an idea of the propeller’s size required. You can also use our propeller selection tool to get an idea of which propellers are compatible with your boat.

Once you have selected a propeller, it is important to verify that it meets your specific needs. Make sure that the blade is properly balanced and that the hub is properly sealed. Also, make sure that the prop shaft is sturdy enough to support your weight and the demands of cruising or racing.

How long does a 40hp Mercury 4 stroke typically last?

They typically last between 10,000 and 12,000 hours. That means you can expect them to run for about four years on average.

What is the best material for propellers?

best material for propellers

If you want something a bit sustainable then go for propellers made of stainless steel. They are more durable in nature, thus they can serve for a long period of time.

How do I know my prop size?

When looking for the right prop size check the numbers stamped on your original propeller of yours. There will be two numbers. The first one will be the diameter and the second one will be the pitch. Buy the props with that number.

What prop makes a boat go faster?

4 blades props make the boat go faster because of the higher number of blades. Plus, the props that are made of stainless steel also help in making the boat go faster.

To Sum Up

Well, that was surely a lot of “prop” talk. But we hope we helped you in figuring out the best prop for 40hp mercury 4 stroke on this journey. Now you know what to go for and what to avoid.

So, you can make a sound decision now. And because of that, we can finally conclude our work. Hope you find a good catch though. Best of luck. Adios!

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