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Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems: 4 Issues and Solutions!

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems whit this engine

Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke is a reliable outboard motor. However, it does face some problems which are frustrating.

So, how can you fix Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke problems?

Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke can face fuel problems. Using a high-quality 10-micron separator can solve the issue. Another problem it faces is carburetor buildup. You need to use a fuel stabilizer for the carburetor to diminish the issue. Also, the motor can get overheated. Cleaning the mud will solve it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. I will assist you in detail to find a suitable solution for each problem.

So, hop on the wagon and buckle up for an interesting article!

4 Common Issues with Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke

Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke

Mercury is one of the most popular manufacturers of outboard motors. But, still, the Mercury motors can face several issues. For instance, Mercury motor’s voltage regulator issues are common.

So, it’s quite common that Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor issues can arise.

You can also read about Mercury 90 HP stroke problems.

Before we dive into the problems you can encounter with your engine, if you need a new part to replace, you have one right here:

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Let’s see some common issues with it.

Problem 1: Fuel Issues

Mercury uses octane, which is ethanol-blended fuel. This fuel system can cause issues like losing power.

The issue can be severe in the middle of the cruise. However, the problem is very common in any ethanol-based fuel system.

Some common fuel problems include:

  1. Poor fuel economy: This can be caused by a variety of things, from the engine not getting the most out of its fuel, to clogged filters or injectors.
  2. Poor performance: Lowered performance can be a result of insufficient fuel or improper timing, which can also lead to inadequate air/fuel mixture and decreased power output.
  3. Inability to start the engine: Poor initial starting torque is often the result of low gas mileage combined with high oil consumption (a sign that there may be an issue with the engine’s timing).
  4. Widespread misfires and stalling: Faulty ignition systems can cause misfires and stalls throughout the engine, as well as reduced power and poor fuel economy.

Problem 2: Carburetor Issues

Carburetor Issues

The carburetor may not be able to handle the increased power and fuel mixture. This can cause problems with starting, running, and even emissions. Additionally, if the carburetor is not able to properly mix the air and fuel, it can result in poor combustion and potentially dangerous exhaust fumes.

The Carburetor is prone to build-up. As the gas burns, a build-up occurs inside the carburetor. As a result, the amount of fuel available to the motor gets restricted.

If the carburetor becomes clogged or fails altogether, it can cause reduced performance and possible engine failure.

Problem 3: Overheating Issue

Just like any outboard motor, Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor doesn’t have a radiator. It cools with the water the boat is on.

However, it sometimes causes it to overheat. If that happens, the engine will lose power or speed gets deteriorate.

Overheating is a common issue with mercury Hp stroker motors. This problem can occur due to a number of factors, including inadequate cooling and insufficient ventilation. If the motor overheats, it can cause damage to the engine and even personal injury.

To avoid overheating, it’s important to keep your motor cool and well-ventilated. Make sure there is plenty of airflow around the motor, and keep an eye on the temperatures inside and outside the engine compartment. If you notice any signs of overheating, such as smoke or flames coming from the engine, stop driving immediately and call for help.

Problem 4: Boat Becomes Slow But Consumes Excessive Fuel

Boat Becomes Slow But Consumes Excessive Fuel

Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor is reliable for fuel economy and speed. However, after a few whiles, you may notice the boat is consuming too much. But, it moves slowly on the water.

This problem is very irritating as you cannot enjoy a boat ride to the fullest. The issue also leads to excessive usage of fuel.

These are the Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke issues. Don’t worry because in the next section I will troubleshoot each problem.

So, let’s move on.

Troubleshooting Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Problems

This is the section where I will thoroughly guide you to solutions. Other Mercury motors like problems with Mercury 115 Pro XScan also occur. So, hold on there to solve every problem with Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke.

Troubleshooting 1: Fuel Issues

As mentioned before, Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke uses ethanol-based fuel. Fuel issues can lead to more severe problems.

The main reason why this happens is that fuel gets mixed with water. It makes the fuel go bad and causes the engine to lose power frequently.

Another reason is using the wrong fuel type.

Let’s see the possible fixes for the problem.

Fuel Issues


Firstly, check if the fuel and water separator is worn out or not. You need to use a high-quality 10-micron separator for better and long-lasting results. Hence, some of the best compatible Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke fuel separators are given below.

Secondly, always use octane, unleaded 91 RON. That’s the recommended Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke fuel consumption type by the manufacturer.

Lastly, use fuel stabilizers once a month for preventing such issues.

Troubleshooting 2: Carburetor Issues

Carburetor buildup is a very common issue. It can happen due to various reasons.

The first reason is not using the boat enough. It jams the carburetor or corrodes the inside.

Secondly, not using a fuel stabilizer can cause the issue.

Lastly, dirt and debris can cause the issue.

Carburetor Issues


First of all, you should use the boat once every week. At least start the motor and keep it running for about 5-10 minutes.

Secondly, you need to use a fuel stabilizer. It can remove any clog from the carburetor and avoids buildup.

Lastly, you must clean the carburetor if it has dirt. To clean the carburetor, mix the cleaner with a full tank of gasoline. Then, after a little period of operation, examine the outcome.

Troubleshooting 3: Overheating Issue

Motor getting overheated is a major issue. Your motor will run inefficiently due to it.

Usually, Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor overheating occurs when the intake is blocked. It happens due to mud or debris.


To avert the situation, you need to clean the mud and debris from the intake. It’s better to use a wired brush to clean it thoroughly.

Also, in winter if your motor isn’t winterized it will overheat. So, you need to winterize Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor.

Troubleshooting 4: Boat Becomes Slow but Consumes Excessive Fuel

If a boat moves slowly but consumes excessive fuel, it happens because of the propeller.

Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke propeller can either be broken or full of mud. Hence, the boat isn’t moving as fast as usual.


First, check the Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke’s shear pin. If that’s broken, you need to replace the pin.

Secondly, check the whole propeller. If the propeller is broken, you need to change the whole propeller.

Lastly, clean if there’s any mud or debris on the propeller. That way, you can fix the unwanted issue.

That’s all regarding troubleshooting  Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke’s problem. Hopefully, the guide will properly assist you in eliminating each problem.

Mercury 60 Hp 4 about


There’s a saying “prevention is better than treatment.” This is also applicable to your Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor. It’s important to keep your Mercury Hp stroke motor running smoothly by inspecting and maintaining the fuel line regularly. This will help avoid costly repairs down the road and ensure optimal performance.

Let’s see some of the tips.

Investigate the Fuel Line & Oil Monthly

You should check the fuel line monthly. Check out for cracks or worn-out parts. Also, replace any parts that are worn. A low oil level can lead to decreased performance and even eventual failure of the engine. Check the oil level frequently and add oil as needed.

If you’re not able to inspect the fuel line yourself, schedule an appointment with a mechanic who can perform this task for you. By doing this, you’ll be sure that your engine is running as smoothly as possible and preventing costly issues down the road.

Lubricate The Boat Steering Annually

Boat steering directly controls the propeller. So, you should lubricate it using grease. Otherwise, the in-take line can get broken.

To lubricate your Mercury Hp stroke motor:

  1. Open the access panel near the stern of the boat and remove the plug from the oil filler cap.
  2. Pour enough oil into the filler cap to cover the bottom of the piston.
  3. Replace the plug in the oil filler cap and close it securely.
  4. Reconnect all hoses and lines leading from the engine.
  5. Start your engine and run it until it reaches operating temperature.
  6. Check for leaks by sounding each hose with a light pressure blow. If there are any leaks, tighten them up using a wrench or pliers. Be sure to putty over any holes where hoses have been replaced or disconnected.

Check out The Propeller For Dents

If your propeller has dents, the boat won’t sail efficiently. So, check out for dents on the propeller and take immediate steps if it’s worn. Replace spark plugs

The spark plugs play an important role in igniting the air/fuel mixture inside the engine. If they’re not replaced regularly, deposits may form and block the spark plug openings, preventing proper combustion.

Change air filters

Like the spark plugs, air filters help clean the air/fuel mixture before it’s sent into the engine. Over time, the buildup of dirt and other materials can reduce airflow and cause problems like poor fuel economy and even Ruinous Engine Emissions (RE).


Top Speed of Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Motor

1. What’s The Top Speed of Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Motor?

The top speed of Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor is 22 mph. It reaches a high speed at an impressing 5900rpm.

2. What’s the Mileage of Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Motor?

The mileage of Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor is 18.9 l/h at 5500rpm. It’s known for its great fuel efficiency.

3. Can You Dry-Start Mercury 60 Hp 4 Stroke Motor?

No, dry-starting a Mercury 60 HP 4 stroke motor is not suggested. It has the capacity to dry the turbine of a water pump. You might get away with it once if you switch on the starting motor without turning on the engine. So, don’t try to dry-start Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke motor.

4. How fast is a 60hp Mercury 4-stroke?

The 60 hp Mercury 4-stroke engine is capable of reaching speeds of up to 55 mph.


That’s all about the Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke problems.

Here’s a tip, against the tide keep the boat at low speed. That way you can keep the boat stable.

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