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15 Best Spinning Reel Under $100 2024 – Budget Fishing Equipment

Best Spinning Reel Under $100

Do NOT underestimate your fishing skill if you aim to hunt for the best spinning reel under $100 as it does not question your ability and experience of angling for fishing.

The mark of US$ 100 is the adequate budget range to arrive with the multiple options to pick the top spinning reel to fall under your possession.

For the glance over history, the spinning reels are reportedly in use since the 1870s helping the fishermen to fish many fishes depending on the weight as the low-end spinning reel can still catch a variety of fishes without running into much effort.

Labeled as the simpler of the fish-catching reel loaded on the fishing rod, the spinning reels are popular amongst the professional and beginner fishermen, let them be adults, kids, or the older folks who love catching the fishes.

 Best Spinning Reel Under $100

Even though this particular type of reel goes to be called out as the simple fishing gear, they are most performance-rich for you to enjoy spending the day on the shores. Let them be a lake or a full-blown seashore with the high waves bashing, and you would never get disappointed with using the spinning reel to call it one heck of a day spent well with the greater enjoyment recorded than ever!

Comparison Table

So, here we come with ONLY the best spinning reel under $100 as this budget barrier would be quite a mark to make you the owner of indeed one of the outstanding spinning reels ready to hit the salt or freshwater this fishing season.

List of the Best Spinning Reel Under 100 Dollars

1. KastKing Centron 500 – Best cheap spinning reel

KastKing Centron 500


And we initiate with our hunt to catch the best spinning reel that cost less than $100 for grabbing the fish out of the water, this KastKing Centron 500 is probably and extensively lower in price but ensures unmatched performance without the doubt of breaking the line on the go.

The ultra-lightweight is made with the narrower graphite-made frame and balanced by the computer system to increase the performance while keeping the spinning reel as compact as possible.

With the superior drag system backed by the incredible stopping power to up to 17.5 lbs (or 7.93 KGs) with no chance of breakage while keeping the fish at a full halt. And the main shaft is constructed with hardened metal along with perfect meshed driver gear and the machined pinion gear for the precise power to fight against the fish and make it exhausted before taking out of the water.

Lastly, the anodized aluminum spool combined with the powerful launch lip goes for making the longer casts and holding the line more than the competitors offering their models that are extensively high-priced than this KastKing Centron 500 spinning reel.

Still, its low-priced tag should not dwindle your purchasing sense because it is combined with the competitive features you can hardly experience even with the high-end spinning reel offered in the fishing gear market.

  • Impressive design
  • Extremely ultralight fishing
  • Stopping power of 17.5lbs
  • May get damaged when used in saltwater

2. Pflueger President – Best Freshwater Spinning Reel


Pflueger President - Best Freshwater Spinning Reel


Something smoother to dial while catching the heavyweight fish out of the water, this Pflueger President spinning reel that is ensured to deliver you the performance against the value.

While the spinning reel has to be relatively lightweight and sturdy to deal with the overweight fishes, this one does the same within the expected scope doubling the worth to have the excellent performance.

With the reel size of up to 20 and backed by the bearing system to ten counts that brings the corrosion-resistant and stainless steel ball bearings to increase the reliability never to fail while fighting with the fish to turn exhausted.

Made with all graphite body and the rotor comes with the braid-ready spool, which ties it directly to the spool with minimizing the chance of getting tangled and mixed at the time of unwinding the line.

Improvised line laying and minimizing the line twisting as it is backed by the slow oscillation gearing system with the sealed drag system with the washers that are keep always lubricated to retain the smoothness with the relatively larger arbor for the adequate performance to maintain the proper tension on the line while the fish is hooked.

Backed by the braid capacity of 275/6; 190/8; 160/10 and mono capacity of 255/4; 145/6; 130/8 measured by YD (yards) to LB (pounds), so you should never experience the underperforming result when fishing with having this Pflueger President loaded on the rod.

  • Made the body and rotor all graphite
  • Sealed and lubricated drag system
  • Braid-ready spool
  • Smaller in the size

3. Okuma Ceymar C-30 Spinning Reel – Elliptical Gearing System


Okuma Ceymar C-30 Spinning Reel


Designed and constructed for the enhanced freshwater performance, the anglers who love this versatile Okuma Ceymar C-30, who expect to catch bass or the catfish along with many other freshwater fishes with hitting no issue.

It comes with the multi-disc and oiled-felt drag system to increase its dragging power to take out even the more massive fishes with precision, and machined-cut brass-made pinion gear wrapped into the corrosion-resistant blade body design ensures you are going to use this Okuma Ceymar C-30 spinning reel for many seasons.

Aluminum spools with the anti-reverse roller bearing would not run backward when the fish takes the tool making every single effort to get loose so that you enjoy experiencing the fight in your hands, and it would not let you break the distance when the bearing would not reverse.

The mono capacity of 145YD-8LB while the monoline assists in fighting with the fish turn tired with giving some time by retaining the power without increasing the chance of cutting the line.

The 8-bearing system ensures the gearing does not get stuck anytime when winding and unwinding the line, which is the certain functionality that solely depends on the overall performance this spinning reel system claims to bring.

  • Comes with an elliptical gearing system
  • Oiled-felt drag system
  • Best freshwater spinning reel
  • Relatively small-sized

4. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel – Carbon-Fiber Material

KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel - Carbon-Fiber Material


Out of the entire inventory that floods the fishing gear market, finding the right spinning reel in the $100 dollar range is not just a tedious task but makes it difficult to decide which one to pick out of hundreds. And choosing to make up the mind to own one over the internet without the proper information, we do not want you to experience the same anymore.

Brining the top-class information available to genuinely open up KastKing Sharky III 3000 spinning reel that is contrived for the next generation used to bag the trophy in competing and making even the seasoned anglers to lose also you have less grip on this particular water sport, no matter it is salt or freshwater.

Owns super lightweight as it is built with a higher percentage of fiber contributed by the reinforced graphite body and the roto to just perform at its best having you catch the fish for hours.

Able to stop the power of up to 39.5lbs or well over 18KGs through the triple-disc composited with the carbon-fiber drag and the stainless-steel main shaft along with mesh manganese brass pinion gears would never disappoint you from performing to its maximum and delivering the high-end results with netting even the heavyweight fishes.

Being braid-ready and Shark fin-style aluminum spool keeps the line unwinding without ever entangling. For the added durability to never let you run into the issues when the game is on, wrapped by the KastKing Intrusion Shield System and in the simpler words, K.I.S.S. ensures the maximum protection by keeping the design water-resistant for spool, body, and rotor to let the water and dirt at bay from getting inside.

It is loaded with the stainless steel ball bearings that count to 10 + 1 that is rated for the saltwater with the anti-reverse lock and aluminum handle and even broader line capacity to keep a good hold of massive fishes turning them exhausted while absorbing all the impact that would never let you down.

  • Made with carbon-fiber material
  • Drags up to 18KGs of power
  • Anti-reverse mechanism
  • Switches the reel from left to right without many tweakings
  • Saltwater may damage the reel, so it is advised to rinse it entirely with the freshwater

5. Daiwa BG 1500 – Best Daiwa Spinning Reel for the Money

Daiwa BG 1500


Simple at work, this Daiwa Bg 1500 does perform way beyond the expectation to prove it never disappoints you catching the fishes that you love for the sports.

Leaner and the meaner, this exclusive spinning reel priced well under $100, is the ultimate solution to keep it super ultralight to win the bigger games in the saltwater topping the list and beating the competition.

The machined aluminum housing in black-anodized color covering the body and the side with having even over-sized digigear system, the exclusive and latest drive system, engineered to enjoy the smooth and enduring performance that results in delivering the full power from the handle and directly goes to the rotor with minimizing the impact on unwinding the line after getting caught the oversized fish writhing on the net.

Make the handle to complete a single cycle of turn as it wraps around 28.3 inches of line ensuring the total line capacity is packed to the aluminum ABS spool designed for the braided-ready range and the waterproof drag system, so the whole line is winded in no time conversing your time in taking the fish out of the water surface.

Also, it comes with the dual and anti-reverse system, which never lets the line get reversed when the fish is hooked and hard locking so that you do not have to repeat the effort of unwinding the line again. For more compact saltwater options, check our list of best saltwater spinning reel here.

  • Best saltwater spinning reel
  • Aluminum housing
  • ABS spool with braided-line ready
  • Best for catching bigger fishes
  • Does not spin as smooth

6. KastKing Sharky III 5000 Spinning Reel – Stainless Steel

KastKing Sharky III 5000 Spinning Reel


We are compelled again to list another spinning reel from the same brand, and this KastKing Sharky III 5000 is no different than the previous one recorded earlier.

Designed for winning the fishing trophy games, you should never doubt the performance this exclusive spinning reel will bring you to beat down every single contender running to top the list in competition.

Thicker and up to 10 percent of the primary and oversize shaft made with stainless steel and the zinc-based alloy drive gear and the pinion gear made with brass adds to the performance that is never experienced and never matched bringing you the ultimate professional fishing even on the salt and fresh water and in the open sea over the moving boat tackling down the winner’s board.

Brings you the triple-disc carbon-fiber drag with the stopping power of well over 39.5lbs to keep the fish twisting when hooked, and it would let it stick out despite the continuous effort it makes.

The shark fins braid-ready aluminum spool effectively winds up the line with not entangling as it closes in. And the ultimate K.I.S.S. features add more power to this compact and high-performing KastKing Sharky III 5000 spinning reel to always give you outstanding results grabbing even the more massive fishes.

And the water-resistant frame doubles the durability, ensuring it would never get out of order after the years of use because the water is the enemy of such equipment, especially when it takes a dip into the saltwater.

  • 5lbs of maximum drag
  • Stainless steel-made main shaft
  • 10 + 1 stainless steel bearings
  • Not as huge reel

7. Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel – Anti-Reverse System

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel


Sometimes the spinning reels are purchased upon the countless availability of the features that top anything over everything, but this time, we are more inclined to like and make the purchasing power developed just by looking at the color it got.

Of course, this Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder spinning reel has this unique gold color wrapped around the spool area coupled with the high-grade quality materials to correctly utilize the spinning reel for the freshwater fish hunting experience.

Having on and off auto-tripping bait to load up the feeding system is trusted for the added reliability and the quality to look and act professionally.

The bearing drive system from 6BB plus 1RB made with stainless steel never gets to stick the drive train while operational. Hook a bait to invite the fish keeping the hold of it in its mouth, and this would not let the fish feel the resistance of the line and the rod ever.

Just wait for the fish to get hooked, and the primary drag system that requires only a bit of turn and you would feel the fish has caught in the hook and then comes the turn of dragging it out of the water with using the multi-disc and oiled drag system in no time.

And the anti-reverse and quick roller bearings with the brass pinion gear would help in sticking out the fish with the proper lock, which would not let the reel go back even though it experiences a significant impact and withering by the fish jumping and twisting on the hook.

  • Oiled-felt drag system
  • On/off auto-tripping bait
  • Anti-reverse system
  • Reel goest for lesser to mono than advertised

8. Magreel CS2000 Spinning Reel – Affordable


Magreel CS2000 Spinning Reel


We love this design this Magreel CS2000 got, truly feels like the modern look it got coupled with the robust quality materials used to put up this spinning reel to perform way beyond the expectation winning you the fishing sports with higher margins.

Integrated up to nine high-quality ball bearings along with one-way bearings would never have you to experience the sticking and not degrading performance for the added reliability to go long for years.

And the precision zinc alloy gear ensures the increased performance to drag out the fish, never hitting the stoppage quickly.

They were made with the full hollow graphite body and the spool constructed for the lightweight to go on for all-day casting the line in the water hooking many types of the fishes.

The triple drag washers bring a highly-braking force power of up to 17.62lbs. This Magreel CS2000 is designed to keep the massive fishes shivering in the water, trying everything to get loose.

Having made the spool braid-ready and constructed with CNC aluminum, which would not ever slip out of the spool and the EVA knob for the smoothened handle to drive the fish out of the water and the impact would not get felt by your hand.

  • Pretty affordable
  • Triple-drag washers for extended brake force
  • CNC aluminum braid-ready spool
  • Suitable for low-profile hunting only

9. Daiwa BG8000 Spinning Reel – Air Rotator

Daiwa BG8000 Spinning Reel


Wanting something too-performing on the water, the look of this Daiwa BG8000 spinning reel says it all.

As for the features list, you should never fall into the trap the overly-beautiful designs would end up compromising on the quality and the features to question about its make.

Daiwa BG8000 comes with the sturdy aluminum-made housing in black anodized color along with the gearing system from Digi gear for the smooth operation.

The screwed handle with air rotor and the cast aluminum ABS spool increases its power to perform way beyond the expectations, which generally is not imagined for such a unit that will never get to underperform even after years of use.

Along with the braided-line ready spool and the waterproof drag system with the bigger spool size that allows the line to take a turn with the handle for 53.3” that is a heck of more significant than most spinning reels we experienced so far and makes it reliable even it meets with the water or submerges entirely into it.

All in all, this Daiwa BG8000 is the right type of inshore spinning reel that would never regret you ever purchasing.

  • Max drag of 33lbs
  • Extended retriever rate
  • Anti-reverse system
  • Air rotator
  • Good for average-sized fishing

10. PENN Pursuit III 2500 – Best Penn Spinning Reel

PENN Pursuit III 2500


Simple, powerful, and robust, these three words are more than enough to label PENN Pursuit III 2500 takes all the tools to justify the whole essence of what we claimed it to be. And not just us but many anglers.

The high-quality HT 100 drag washers made with sturdy material from carbon fiber ensures longevity and durability to keep going for an extended period without needing to worry about replacing them.

Keeping the lightweight body as it is constructed with the graphite body along with having over 4 plus 1 stainless steel bearing system for the smoothed dragging and running the drive train to take full control of the line.

As for the line, it comes with different capacities as per need as the spool is marked at 1/3rd, 2/3rd, and up to the full ability to open up the line per demand.

Now comes the turn of the last feature, and that is more than a required element of the anti-reversal locking because if that is not in place, you would be losing all of the achieved distance after a lot of time which would make the fish drag out of the water difficult for you.

  • Carbon-fiber backed drag washers
  • 4 plus 1 bearing system
  • Handle comes off unscrewed often


Catching the fish in salt or freshwater, the experience in both places is different for everyone. But, they require the right type of fishing gear to enjoy the most.

Even though people would spend a little over to own the finishing gears without understanding what kind of hunting they would be engaged with.

For many, these best spinning reel under 100 is quite an excellent budget range to own still the outstanding and the latest spinning reels for your use.

Best designed for everyone regardless of their age factor, these 10 spinning reels would never disappoint your fishing experience.

I would recommend you to look over how to put the line on a spinning reel, once you have chosen a fishing gear. In addition, check out our review of the best baitcasting reel for the $100 price range.

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