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How to Change Fuel Filter On Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard? – 6 Easy Steps

how to change fuel filter on mercury 2 stroke outboard

It can be very confusing to decide whether you are supposed to change the fuel filter or not. On top of that, you don’t know how.

So, how to change fuel filter on mercury 2 stroke outboard?

Well, changing the fuel filter on Mercury 2-stroke can be a pretty easy task for you. You just have to use a filtration spanner and drain to fuel out. Then you need to open the engine and find the fuel filter. And all you need to do then replace it and deeply clean the motor with dry engine shampoo.

You must be still very confused about that matter. Don’t worry this whole article is just to make you understand. Let’s jump to the details discussion.

How to Change Fuel Filter On Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard – 6 Easy Steps

Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard - Change Fuel Filter

The above-limited fuel filtration should be changed in accordance with the Mercury work plan. Which are every 100 hours. However, if you powder coat your ship or put something up for long-term stockpiling.

If you don’t change the fuel filtration. Your outboard will be showcasing some bad trigger symptoms.

It’s a great idea to change it towards the end of the year. The tube’s yellow grip makes it simple to locate and remove from the lesser pan. It’s a great idea to occasionally check the filter.

It is intended to keep pollutants from entering your propeller. So if it appears dark, it may be trying to fill with pollutants. Think about keeping an additional fuel filtration system on board.

In case the existing one needs to be replaced right away. Because it is feasible for gasoline filtration. To unexpectedly become blocked up in certain circumstances.

Gratitude to the fast fasteners. Substituting the Hustle fuel injector on several Mercury outboard engines is a simple task. This filtration really is present on delayed 2-stroke Mercury trolling motors.

From 75 power and torque to Verado designs. Can be easily changed without the use of any tools.

You might have a gas trying to separate the filtration system on the deck of your ship. We guess it depends on your implementation. And the design of your craft.

Obey the gas house’s path from the motor trying to rig the tube home through the ship. If you haven’t already seen someone.

Again for a perfect match. Make sure to purchase the exact replacement size since these differ in form and producer.

Because the Optimax motor has a water divider under the engine cover. Shareholders might not have an inline filter.

As we already noted, so do not be concerned. For the substitute of one’s fuel injector. You are not required to purchase any techniques. And you will undoubtedly need to have some techniques.

Let’s proceed to some detailed instructions for changing the fuel injector on a mercury 2 stroke.

Step 1: Using A Filtration Spanner

Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard - Using A Filtration Spanner

You have to unload the fuel from the filtration. and make the fuel chamber empty. Like you do reduce gas from the fuel tank.

Using a filtration spanner to soften the current chamber. Take care not to spill any gasoline while trying to remove it. To unload the filtration system and look inside.

Use a straightforward plastic or glass carton. After the gasoline has settled. While a tiny amount of water and debris are typical. More major water quantities would call for additional research.

Which was before the substitute filter with some fuel to start making re-priming the fuel pump simpler, if your tube’s rising location permits it.

Step 02: Adding Little Water In O-Ring

Before setup, it’s also a good idea to moisten the o-ring with a little bit of oily or motor oil. Rotation on and palm stiffen only a little bit to achieve snugness.

Step 03: Find The Filtration System

Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard - Find The Filtration System

Find the filtration system factor on the motor by returning to the motor. Only the higher fuel filtration and fuel moisture delimiter. As relevant by model, are included in the purview of this provider.

Step 04: Removing The Water Filter

Owners are advised by Mercury to not repair their increased fuel filters. To use a wrench, common tools, and a bit of cautiousness. You might be able to remove the water spacer filter.

Also known as the palace filter depending on the make of your motor. Remove the cap from the accommodation and, if necessary, unplug the liquid detector. Freshen the chamber, lubricants, or oil the o-ring, and then cautiously reinstall this same cap.

Step 05: Replacing The Fuel Filter

Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard - Replacing The Fuel Filter

The limited fuel filter is located in which the fuel delivery line runs. Along the edge of the engine cover on the majority of other models. Find the Supinated valve just on the fuel line of the relevant models.

Before performing any maintenance. Cover the nozzle with a cloth or towel. And negatively affect the valve stem to release the game’s pressure.

Pinpoint the fasteners or zip ties holding the tubing to the filter. Then delete it and replace it with a brand-new one after the pressure has been released into the atmosphere.

Find the base coat bulb for your engine, if one exists. And utilize the layer to prime the gas tank.

Diesel fuel should be audible and felt as it fills the filtration cup. Look for leaks. Then prime the lamp until it becomes firm.

Use any additional nozzle in the connection to assist in tilting the lamp to an upright direction. Because primer bulbs function best with the arrow pointing up. You should be aware that not every setup will use a primer bulb.

Step 06: Using Engine Fuel cleaner

The 100-hour provider increment is a great time for a “shock treatment”. If Mercury Quickare and/or Quickleen are not currently being used regularly. In order to remove deposit accounts from the water reservoir, lines, fuel injection, fuel injector, and pumping systems.

Use an engine fuel cleaner and top lube. It dislodges engine fuel nail polish and will aid in avoiding gumminess.

An engine fuel dry shampoo also aids in removing carbon buildup. If you are not using the product frequently. You can increase the recommended dose of one equal amount per ten liters of water for greater cleaning effectiveness.

Fill the fuel tank with the products, then start the boat. Nothing more needs to be done. Once you add fuel or additives.

It is a good idea to check the o-ring in your gas tank for harm. Because a broken o-ring could allow liquid from the rain or ship trying to wash into one’s fuel line.


Mercury 2 Stroke Outboard - Change Fuel Filter - FAQs

How frequently must a Mercury outboard’s fuel filtration be changed?

This limited fuel filtration should be changed according to the Mercury work plan every 100 hours, but if you powder coat your boat or put it up for long-term storage, it’s a great idea to change it towards the end of the year.

When can you replace the fuel filter in your boat?

The fuel filter in your boat should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, which can vary depending on the make and model of your boat and engine. As a general rule, it’s recommended to replace the fuel filter at least once a year or every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first.

If you notice any signs of a clogged or dirty fuel filter, such as engine hesitation, decreased performance, or difficulty starting, you should replace the filter immediately.

It’s also important to regularly inspect the filter for signs of wear or damage, and to replace it if necessary to prevent any potential damage to your engine. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual or a professional boat mechanic for specific guidance on when to replace your fuel filter.

Would I need a fuel injector for my outboard motor?

It depends on the specific outboard motor and its fuel system. Some outboard motors use a carburetor to mix fuel and air, while others use a fuel injection system to deliver fuel directly to the engine. If your outboard motor has a fuel injection system, it will likely have fuel injectors that deliver precise amounts of fuel to the engine for optimal performance and efficiency.

However, if your outboard motor uses a carburetor, it will not have fuel injectors.

It’s important to consult your owner’s manual or a professional boat mechanic to determine what type of fuel system your outboard motor has and whether it requires fuel injectors.

Does a dirty fuel filter affect performance?

Yes, a dirty fuel filter can significantly affect the performance of your engine. A fuel filter is responsible for filtering out dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can clog the fuel system and damage the engine.

Over time, the filter can become clogged with these contaminants, which can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine and cause a range of performance problems.

Can a clogged fuel filter unclog itself?

No, a clogged fuel filter cannot unclog itself. Once a fuel filter becomes clogged with dirt, debris, or other contaminants, it will continue to restrict the flow of fuel to the engine until it is replaced or cleaned.

In some cases, a clogged fuel filter may temporarily improve or unclog itself due to the changes in fuel pressure or the shifting of debris within the filter. However, this is a temporary fix and the filter will eventually become clogged again, causing the same problems with engine performance.

Bottom Line

Thanks a lot for tagging with us till the end. Hope now you are clear about the matter of how to change fuel filter on mercury 2 stroke outboard.

If you find any trouble getting the job done. It’s best to console a professional.

Best of luck.

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