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3 Steps On How To Remove Boat Steering Wheel? – Transform Your Boat

boat steering wheel removing

A boat steering wheel, also known as a ship’s wheel, is a device used to steer a boat or ship and control its course. It is usually connected to a mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic system, which then controls the boat’s rudder or other steering mechanism.

The boat steering wheel typically has four or six spokes and a center hub, and is often designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Many boat steering wheels also feature a knob or lever for controlling the speed of the boat.

When you are a boat enthusiast, you often want to upgrade the model of your boat. Changing the steering wheel is one of the most basic tasks that will transform the boat.

Don’t know how to change your steering wheel? That’s okay because we’ve brought you the perfect guide!

So, how to remove boat steering wheel?

To remove the boat steering wheel, you have to remove the center cap of the steering. Then crack the nut on the hub, and pull the steering wheel. And put the nut back on it. It’s not a complicated task. If the boat is old and the steering wheel is jammed, a gear puller tool can solve the problem.

This might not sufficient to be able to change your wheel on your own. We have a step-by-step process awaiting you!

Want to know the details of removing your boat steering wheel? Then hop on to our fun DIY guide!

Boat Steering Wheel Sizes and Styles

styles of wheel s

Boat steering wheel sizes and styles vary depending on the type of boat and the size of the wheel. Generally, boat steering wheels are between 12 and 16 inches in diameter, with larger boats typically using wheels that are 16 inches or more. There are a variety of styles available as well, ranging from classic wooden style wheels to modern stainless steel and aluminum designs. Additionally, boat steering wheels are often customized with special features like horns, compasses, and grips to make steering easier and more comfortable.

When it comes to choosing the right boat steering wheel for your vessel, there are many factors to consider. Not only do you need a wheel that’s comfortable and easy-to-use, but you also want one that complements the style of your boat. Different types of boats require different styles of wheels in order to maximize performance and safety on the water.

Boat Steering Wheel Styles Based on Boat Type


They typically use large wheels with several spokes radiating from a center hub in order to provide better leverage when turning or maneuvering the vessel. These larger wheels can be made from various materials such as stainless steel or aluminum and often feature intricate designs with decorative accents like rope wraps around each spoke for an added touch of elegance.

Fishing boats

Fishing boats may opt for smaller diameter steering wheels as they don’t require quite as much torque when turning compared to their sailboat counterparts—and they usually come equipped with additional features such as knobs or buttons which make controlling speed easier while out on open waters fishing expeditions! Fishing wheel styles tend towards more rugged looks featuring rubberized grips which allow users greater control over their vessels even during choppy waves or strong winds at sea.

Pontoon boats

Remove Boat Steering Wheel

Utilize similarly sized steering wheels but these are often designed differently than those used by fishing vessels; pontoon models typically have fewer spokes radiating outward so they can fit into narrower spaces within cabin interiors without sacrificing functionality—making them perfect if space is limited onboard! Many pontoon owners choose brightly colored plastic varieties since these offer excellent grip even when wet plus add some fun flair inside cabins too!

Luxury yachts

They employ unique designs based upon specific customer requests; modern day yacht captains have accessorized their helm stations using everything from classic wooden ship’s helms all the way up through ultra high tech digital displays complete with joystick controls – allowing them ultimate command over every aspect of navigation & operation onboard no matter where in world waters they find themselves sailing off towards next!.

No matter what type boat you own – whether it be a small fishing skiff all way up through massive luxury yacht – there’s sure be perfect style & size choice available help get safely wherever destination might take !

How To Remove Boat Steering Wheel?- 3 Simple Steps

Removing the boat steering wheel is a fairly easy task. We have broken down the process into 3 doable steps. You can quite easily do this on your own following our guide.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the process-

Step 1 of 3: Removing The Center Cap

First of all, you have to uncover the center of the steering wheel. Basically, the center cap only holds this bolt hub. After removing the cap, the nut on the hub will be visible. You have to pick your new steering model based on the bolt size.

That’s how you can figure out the accurate size of the ratchet for the bolt.

But if your boat is old or you don’t take proper care of it, it can get difficult. Sometimes, when your boat has been sitting for a long time, it faces some technical difficulties. Because there will be corrosion and other problems on the steering wheel and wires.

It makes the removing process a little more difficult. Though it is not impossible, since you can fix it by following the methods.

To save your steering wheel from corrosion and other problems, you can cover it with something. Such as having a bimini top can protect the center cap of your boat. Especially, when you don’t use it that much.

Bimini top is a roof for your boat and you can fold it as well. So try to cover it up with a bimini top and fold it when you don’t need it.

Step 2 of 3: Cracking The Nut

steering wheel underneath the nut 1

The second step is cracking the nut. When you remove the center cap, you will see the nut there. You just have to crack that nut.

You need to pull out the steering wheel underneath the nut. You can do it without a puller tool. Place your leg over the wheel and use one hand on the other side to apply pressure. Thus, the wheel will come out. You can use a hammer if needed.

If your boat is old, it will not be this simple to remove. It’s a very usual problem. Most of the boat owners don’t change their boats for 15-20 years. In that case, you can use a gear puller tool to pull the steering wheel out. It easily gets the job done.

You can apply some marine-grade corrosion inhibitors in the middle part of the wheel and stud as well.

Step 3 of 3: Putting Back The Nut

Finally, you have to put the nut back on the helm. After pulling out the wheel, put back the bolt on it as it protects the helm.

Sometimes corrosion creates a jam in the wheel. You can apply grease and lubricant to the steering cable and wheel. It will protect the parts from corrosion.

You will be able to remove your boat steering wheel by following these steps correctly.


tool and wheel

What is the best tool to remove a steering wheel?

The steering Wheel puller kit is the best tool that you will need while removing a boat wheel. The toolset includes 6 commonly used fasteners that attach pullers to the hub or steering wheel. It also helps to remove the compressed steering column lock plates.

How do you tighten the steering wheel on a boat?

First of all, you have to check the cable nut on the tilt tube of the outboard. You will be able to find out how loose or how tight it is. Then move the wheel while watching the tilt tube. Use an open-end wrench to tighten the cable nut when it moves. It will tighten the steering wheel of the boat.

How to remove a bass boat steering wheel?

If the steering wheel is old, look for the threaded holes on your steering wheel hub. It is used to remove the puller. Then use the appropriate bolts to attach the steering wheel puller. The steering wheels are designed in such a way that you can pull them out to remove the wheel.

What to do if the boat steering is too hard?

If the boat steering is too hard to move, first check if there is adequate grease on the motor. This lubricant helps the steering to move smoothly. If your boat steering is unusually hard, you can apply this grease to make it user-friendly.

Is a boat steering wheel the same as a car?

No, a boat steering wheel is not the same as a car. A car steering wheel is typically smaller in diameter and has a thicker rim. Boat steering wheels are usually larger in diameter and have a thinner rim. The shape of the boat steering wheel also differs from that of a car’s. Boat steering wheels are more oval-shaped, while car steering wheels are more circular.

Are all boat steering wheels the same size?

No, all boat steering wheels are not the same size. The size of a boat’s steering wheel is determined by the size of the boat. A small boat will have a smaller steering wheel than a large boat. The size of the steering wheel is also determined by the type of boat. Some boats have larger steering wheels than others.


These were the methods we had to share to help you with how to remove boat steering. We hope with these simple steps, you will be able to remove the steering wheel.

It may seem a little difficult. But once you get done with it, it will be quite easy next time.

Good luck with the task!

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