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Possible Rosborough Boats Problems – A Look at Potential Issues

boat problems

Looking for a pocket trawler to cruise overnight? Rosborough boats can be a fine choice for that purpose. You should know that Rosborough owners are thrilled with the purchase they’ve made. But, nothing is flawless and Rosborough boats are no exception either.

So, what are the common Rosborough boat problems people face usually?

There are 3 common Rosborough boat problems people face. The boat travels at a slow speed and is quite heavy. Owners often have a problem draining rainwater. There are also built-in traits that might seem problematic. For example, lack of fuel efficiency, low production rate, expenses, etc.

We’ve described all the problems you might face if you buy a Rosborough boat. Based on these, you’ll be able to make a purchase decision. So, let’s read along.

4 Common Rosborough Problems and Their Solutions

Boats Rosborough 246 Yarmouth

Rosborough boats are a top-notch choice. Does it mean the boats don’t have drawbacks? Yes, they do.

But we got the solutions so don’t worry. You should know them before you purchase one. So, let’s jump right into it-

Slow Speed

Got all the time in the world? No? Then we’re afraid we have bad news for you. Rosborough boats do not acquire more than 25 mph. So, you might want to rethink your purchase if you want a high-speed boat.

It’s not suitable for heavy swells. If you speed the boat up above 16-18 mph, it tends to pound a little.


You can try changing the carburetor as it affects speed as well. So make sure you choose a good carburetor for your boat. You can try changing the propeller and jacking the engine up. In this case, you should contact the manufacturers through their website. They’ll help you out.

Heavy Weight Problem

Another bad news for you is that Rosborough boats weigh 75000 lb. That means it might be a heavier model than competitor models.

A boats heavyweight means there’s not much risk involved. But it’s not easy to move the boat because of its weight.


The weight might depend on the hull. Moreover, it can affect the stability of a boat or ship. It varies from older to newer models. But overall, it’s heavier than other boats.

If you can reduce the boat’s weight, it’ll also increase the boat’s speed. To solve this problem, jack the engine up.

An additional keel built inside the v-hull can reduce the boat’s weight. In that case, look into the Rosborough website, and see if they can do anything about it.

You can also use a twin-axle trailer to move the boat without difficulty. It helps the boat to be more stable at a higher speed.

Scupper System Failure

Scupper System Failure

If you have a bilge pump in your deck, you might have a hard time scrubbing the rainwater. Some models of Rosborough do come with one. It’s also possible that your pump might be a victim of corrosion due to the weather.


In that case, choose a good color to paint the bilge so that you can prevent some damage.

Try setting a canvas to cover a deck or mount the area. That should solve your issue effectively.

The canvas will protect your boat from the sun. But it cannot protect the moving boat from rainwater.

Now, these are the solutions that might solve your problems regarding Rosborough boats. However, there are a few other complaints that owners have had over the years.

Hull Damage

Hull damage is a significant issue that Rosborough boat owners may face, and it can occur due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes of hull damage include collisions with objects in the water, groundings, and general wear and tear over time.

When hull damage occurs, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. Failure to do so can lead to further damage and potentially compromise the safety of the vessel. Here are some of the most common hull damage problems and their solutions:

  • Cracks and Chips One of the most common forms of hull damage is cracks and chips. These can occur due to collisions with objects in the water or general wear and tear over time.


To repair cracks and chips, you can start by cleaning the area around the damage thoroughly. Next, you can apply a high-quality marine-grade filler and sand it down to create a smooth surface. Finally, you can apply a gel coat or paint to match the color of the surrounding area.

  • Blistering is another common form of hull damage that can occur due to prolonged exposure to water. This can result in the formation of bubbles or blisters on the hull’s surface.


To fix blistering, you can start by removing any damaged areas with a scraper or sandpaper. Next, you can fill the area with an epoxy filler and sand it down to create a smooth surface. Finally, you can apply a gel coat or paint to match the color of the surrounding area.

  • Punctures can occur due to collisions with sharp objects or debris in the water.


To repair punctures, you can start by cleaning the area around the damage thoroughly. Next, you can apply marine-grade epoxy to the damaged area and let it dry completely. Finally, you can sand the area down to create a smooth surface and apply a gel coat or paint to match the color of the surrounding area.

  • A delamination is a severe form of hull damage that can occur due to prolonged exposure to water. This can result in the separation of layers within the hull, which can compromise the vessel’s structural integrity.


To fix delamination, you may need to remove the damaged area and replace it with a new fiberglass layer. This is a complex repair that should only be attempted by experienced boat repair professionals.

General Complaints Regarding Rosborough Boats

Eastern Boats Rosborough 246 Yarmouth

The problems we’re going to describe now are pretty much built-in with the boat. They’re the traits of the boats so there’s not much you can do about them.

But you should know them so It’ll help you decide. You’ll know whether the money you’ll chip in for the boats is worth buying the boat. Knowing about the models will also work in your favor.


New Rosborough boats are extremely expensive. However, the investment is worth the expense. The price ranges from 52000$ to 198000$. The price depends if the boat is used or new.

For this reason, Rosborough’s second-hand market is very popular. Because the second-hand models can be bought at a cheap price and they ride well. So, if you want one, this is a viable option.

Low Production Rate

To ensure good quality Rosborough family produces a few boats. So far, they have sold around 500 boats only. This is a huge problem.

Because oftentimes suppliers cannot meet users’ demands. As a result, users turn to other competitors. But this does guarantee that if you have one, you’re already standing out.

Less Fuel Efficiency

Because of the boat’s design, Rosborough has some fuel problems. It might take more fuel than you’d expect. On average a marine engine burns 3-8 gallons of fuel per hour for each unit of horsepower. Whereas the Rosborough engine uses 12 gallons of fuel per hour.

The fuel tank is 115-120 gallons. Again, the tank’s capacity might vary from model to model.

On that note, ensure that you have a good marine line too. A faulty fuel line might cause the fuel to leak out. That means a waste of fuel and you don’t want that.

Sinking Feeling

Rosborough boat sinking feeling

It’s been reported that the newly designed Rosborough boat can give you a sinking feeling. The new Halifax fireboat has a failed design causing it to be overly lightweight. It has fold-down doors on both sides. None of which are suitable for dealing with the weather or the sea state in Halifax Harbour.

They tried a California-type design to fight fires along with the waterfront. But it’s life-threatening for people and of course a financial loss.

So, even though Rosborough boats are usually heavyweight,  this model is an exception.

Rosborough boats usually have very good reviews. Boat owners rarely have objections to this boat. The features vary from model to model. So, the problems vary too.

Yet, if you’re aware of its issues, you can make an informed decision.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining a boat can be a time-consuming and expensive task, and some owners may complain about the maintenance requirements of their Rosborough boats.

This can include routine tasks such as cleaning, waxing, and oil changes, as well as more complex repairs and upgrades.

However, it is important to remember that regular maintenance is essential to keep a boat in good condition and ensure safe operation on the water.

Noise and Vibration

Some owners may also complain about the noise and vibration of their Rosborough boats.

This can be due to a variety of factors, including the boat’s engine, propeller, and hull design.

While some noise and vibration are to be expected in any boat, excessive levels can be annoying and potentially harmful to passengers’ health.


Eastern Boats Rosborough 246 Yarmouth Test Video 2022

Who makes the Rosborough Boats?

Rosborough Boats is now owned and run by Bob and Heaton Rosborough, James D Rosborough’s son and grandson, respectively.

Where are Rosborough Boats made?

James “Doug” Rosborough, a well-known boat designer and builder, founded Rosborough Boats, Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the mid-1950s. He designed and built hundreds of classic wooden schooners, brigantines, sloops, and ketches.

What is a pocket trawler?

A pocket trawler is a type of small recreational boat, typically between 25 and 40 feet in length, that is designed for extended cruising and fishing. These boats are usually equipped with a single diesel engine, and some can even be trailered behind a vehicle. These boats are typically equipped with navigation systems, living quarters, and other amenities that make them suitable for extended cruising, and they are often used to explore remote areas.

Can you trailer a trawler?

Yes, you can trailer a trawler. However, some trawlers may be too large or heavy to be safely loaded onto a trailer and transported. To ensure safe and successful trailer transport, it is important to check the size and weight of the boat before loading it onto the trailer. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the trailer is equipped with the necessary towing and safety components, such as lights, brakes, and secure tie-downs.

What is Rosborough boat’s feature?

Rosborough Boats is known for its high-quality construction and design. They are usually equipped with a single diesel engine and are designed for extended cruising and fishing. Typical features of a Rosborough boat include navigation systems, living quarters, and other amenities that make them suitable for extended cruising.

They also often come with an array of safety and towing components, such as lights, brakes, and secure tie-downs. Additionally, they are often equipped with amenities such as a full Wheelhouse for operating in rough water and jockey-style helm seats with shock mitigation, as well as ventilation features such as center-opening windows and side and aft windows.

How far can a trawler travel?

A trawler can travel up to thousands of miles without needing to be refueled. Depending on the size and type of trawler, the range can vary from 500 miles to around 4,000 miles. Most trawlers are equipped with navigation systems and living quarters, making them suitable for extended cruising and exploration of remote areas.


We hope you got an overall understanding of the Rosborough Boat Problems people face. For any other issues, contact Rosborough service through their website.

So, would you buy a Rosborough boat for cruising or trailing? It does have a big cockpit and it’s spacious. Let us know. Take care!

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