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Sylvan Pontoon Boat Problems: 4 Common Issues Solved!

Sylvan Pontoon Boat Issues

For cruising, fishing, and even water sports, the Sylvan pontoon boat is reliable. But, the Sylvan pontoon boat has various problems that are frustrating.

So, how to fix Sylvan pontoon boat problems?

Your sylvan pontoon boat may have leaky tubes. You need to use tenacious tape to punch the holes. Your boat’s battery can also be corroded. You need to clean up the corrosion with a wire brush. If the engine performances drop, keep the engine temperature at the optimum level.

The above-mentioned factors are just a drop in the ocean. I will guide you to the possible solutions.

So, let’s begin!

4 Common Issues with Sylvan Pontoon Boat

Sylvan pontoon reviews tell how reliable the boat is. But, the boat isn’t irresistible to the problems.

Similarly, Stratos’s boat faces problems too. However, Sylvan pontoon boat issues are pretty common and can easily be fixed.

So, let’s see 4 common problems with the Sylvan pontoon boat.

Sylvan Pontoon Boat

Issue 1 of 4: Tube Problems

The tube of the Sylvan pontoon boat is made out of aluminum. Then they are filled with air. It is the heart of any Sylvan pontoon boat. These tubes make the boat float.

However, the Sylvan pontoon boat’s tube can face issues. The worst of all is leaky toons. Another case is discoloration.

Issue 2 of 4: Electronic Problem

Sylvan Pontoon boat electronic parts are essential. Radio, speedometer, depth finder, and even fish finder are included.

However, your Sylvan pontoon boat can face electronic issues. For example, the radio can go dark, inaccurate speedometer, depth finder, etc. can arise.

Issue 3 of 4: Engine Performance Dropping

Everyone wants a high-quality engine for the Sylvan Pontoon boat. Nevertheless, just like other vehicles, your pontoon boat can have issues with the engine.

You may face slow acceleration or inadequate engine power. Let’s face it no one will be satisfied with engine performance dropping.

Issue 4 of 4: Faulty Equipment

A Sylvan pontoon boat is a complex vehicle. So, you won’t just face problems with the engine.

Faulty pieces of equipment can cause different problems. For example, your boat may vibrate, won’t shift correctly, or inaccurate steer.

Don’t get worried seeing all the problems. Each problem can be dealt with easily. Just like the problem with the boat’s ignition switch.

Let’s hop on to the next section.

Troubleshooting Issues with Sylvan Pontoon Boat

Boat Buyers Guide_ Sylvan

You might be wondering, is Sylvan pontoon any good? Well, it is one of the most reliable boats on the market. Still, problems can arise and these are common ones.

You can easily deal with the problems. So, without waiting anymore let’s troubleshoot each problem and fix those.

Troubleshooting 1 of 4: Tube Problems

As we have mentioned before, Sylvan pontoon boat tube problems are common. Various factors can cause the tube problem.

The common issue is a leaky tube. If your boat gets hit by a foreign object it can occur. Also, manufacturing issues can cause such problems.

Lastly, your tube can get discolored. As you already know, Sylvan pontoon boat tubes are made of aluminum. And, aluminum can get oxidized due to water. This issue is normal but sadly unavoidable


First, let’s see the solution for leaky tubes. You need to patch the holes to fix the issue.

Firstly, locate the leak. Afterward, measure the leak.

Secondly, take a piece of tenacious tape according to the leak/hole. Now, apply the tape while the surface is dry.

Lastly, check if the leak has been properly covered. Apply water on top of the tape. If it bubbles up, then you have to redo it again.

Now, let’s see the solution for discoloration. You cannot prevent the issue. However, you can prolong the aluminum getting oxidized. Here are some products to use for it.

3M Marine Restorer & Wax
Chemical Guys, Heavy Metal Polish Restorer, and Protectant
Meguiar’s Marine One-Step Compound

Troubleshooting 2 of 4: Electronic Problem

Having electronic gadgets in a pontoon boat is very useful. But, the Sylvan pontoon boat can face problems with it as mentioned before.

The issues can appear for the battery issue. Your battery may be corroded or loosely wires are connected.

Lastly, water can cause electronic problems.


First, check the battery of your boat. You need to clean the battery if it is corroded. Use a wire brush to do so and avoid using any liquid. Also, you should follow the proper steps to prevent battery corrosion.

Lastly, check if the cables are properly connected and protected. You should check always to ensure proper protection of electronic gadgets from water.

Troubleshooting 3 of 4: Engine Performance Dropping

The engine performance of the Sylvan pontoon boat is crucial. The pontoon boat itself is slow compared to other motorboats. And if its engine performance drops, you will have a very bad experience with it.

Firstly, overheating can cause such issues. Engine getting overheated is a common issue.

Secondly, your engine may get inadequate power. Hence, the performance is dropping significantly.

Lastly, your engine may be dead or won’t start. The issue is very rare however, it can occur.


Firstly, if you detect a rise in temperature, look for an obstruction near the engine. You should always refill the cooling loop with water.

Secondly, if your engine loses power, clean the in-line fuel filter from any debris. After 6-8months, change the in-line fuel filter.

Lastly, check for the fuel in case of a dead engine. If fuel is full, then it can be a wiring issue. Properly inspect and do the wiring perfectly.

Troubleshooting 4 of 4: Faulty Equipment

sylvan equipmen

A Sylvan pontoon boat is very steady on the water. But, due to faulty equipment, your boat can become unsteady.

Firstly,  a gash in the blade might create an imbalance, resulting in vibrations.

Secondly, it’s possible that your shifter isn’t engaging your transmission. Hence, you cannot speed up past an idle speed.

Lastly, an issue with the hydraulic steer can cause inaccurate steering. Hydraulic steering problems of Sea Star are also common.


Firstly, check for any damage to the Sylvan pontoon boat’s blade. If the blade is damaged badly, you need to change it. You should use the damaged blade as little as possible.

Secondly, inspect the gearbox. Most probably a detached cable can cause the shifter not to engage. Other than that, check the transmission fluid level. You should always keep above the minimum level.

Lastly, check for any leaks of hydraulic fluid. If that’s the case, then you need to change the cable. Apart from this, keep the hydraulic fluid at the required level always.

That’s all regarding the troubleshooting. Hopefully, your Sylvan pontoon boat issues are all well addressed with a proper solution.


Boat Buyers Guide_ Sylvan L-3 RLZ

Is Sylvan a good brand?

Sylvan is a good brand for pontoon boats. They have been in business for over 50 years and have a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Their boats are made with aluminum hulls and plenty of storage space, making them ideal for days spent on the water with family and friends.

Who owns Sylvan pontoon boats?

Sylvan pontoon boats are manufactured by Smoker Craft Inc., a leading boat builder headquartered in New Paris, Indiana. Founded in 1921, Smoker Craft has a rich history of building high-quality boats that are known for their durability, performance and style.

Is It Possible to Spend a Night on Sylvan Pontoon Boat?

Yes, it is possible to spend a night on a Sylvan pontoon boat. However, you should consider upgrading to a canvas canopy enclosure. It will act as a tent.

Do Sylvan Pontoon Boats Have Drain Plugs?

Yes, Sylvan pontoon boats have drain plugs. You can find the drain plug welded to the back of the Sylvan pontoon boat.

How Fast is Sylvan Pontoon Boats?

Sylvan Pontoon Boats can go more than 30 mph. The Sylvan Mirage 8522 has a top speed of 34.9 mph.

Sylvan Mirage 8522

How long do aluminum pontoons last?

The lifespan of aluminum pontoons depends on a few factors. These include how often they are used, whether they are kept in salt water or fresh water, and if they are properly maintained. Generally speaking, aluminum pontoons can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.


That’s all regarding Sylvan pontoon boat problems. And I have also added the solutions for every problem.

Here’s a tip, use two hulls to make any pontoon boat more stable.

Take care!

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