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13 Best Hook Sharpener: 2024 A Must-Have Tool

Hook Sharpener

Getting into the fishing hobby? Or, you might be a professional fisherman.

Whatever the scenario is- you can never deny the importance of a fishing hook sharpener.

Fishing hooks are the smallest part of a fisherman’s setup. Yet, sharpening them is the most important aspect, really.

Then again, hooks are really sharp right out of the factory. But they do get dull over time getting knocked out in your fly box.

For a fisherman like you, it’s really tough to use hooks one time. But, it’s easier to sharpen them right away. This is why you must be looking for the best hook sharpener for your fishing hooks.

But, the task isn’t easy. There are lots of products on the market. So, our researchers have picked the 13 greatest ones that you can buy right now.

And, today we will be going through all of them. Oh and we also added a buying guide. That will help you take the right one of your needs.

13 Greats Products List

1. Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

Product Overview

Moving on to the next, we have Smith’s DRET Diamond Sharpener. Unlike the first product, this is not specially made for just hook sharpening.

In fact, this is a pen-type sharpening kit you can use for any type of knife also. Let’s go see how it performs for a fishing hook-

As we said, this is a diamond retractable sharpening kit you can use for any kind of knife and also a fishing hook.

So, it adds an extra plus here. The sharpener features a diamond-coated rod made out of aluminum too.

Therefore, the rod is specially designed to sharpen every type of knife. It’s pretty tough and unbreakable if you ask me.

On one end of the rod, it is rounded and the other end comes with a flat design. Also, the flat portion has multiple layers of medium grit which is used for hook sharpening.

We’ve mentioned this before but this particular product is a pen-style kit. The sharpener comes in gold color. In addition, it has a shirt slip so it’s really easy to store.

Yes, the build quality is sturdy and durable. We think it’s a solid choice as the sharpener of your fish hooks.

  • Made of a heavily built quality
  • It can be used for hooks as well as knives
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Can be used as medium grit only.


2. Lansky LFISH Hook Sharpener

Lansky LFISH Hook Sharpener

Product Overview

Let’s jump-start with our favorite product on the list. And, that is the Lansky LFISH Hook Sharpener. Don’t worry, we won’t be biased. In fact, we’ll go through all the reasons why it’s great-

Because of how versatile it is, this product stands out in the first place. This fish hook sharpener makes sure that your hooks get sharp the most. Also, it makes the hook efficient so it can be set deeper in the fish mouth.

Now, coming to its material it’s made out of marine-grade plastic. So you won’t have to worry about discoloration issues in saltwater applications.

Inside the product, there are multi-lines of specially grooved sharpening grits. In contrast, you don’t have to worry about your hooks to manually sharpen.

Because from 6-10mm whatever sized hook you might need to sharpen, it will do the job easily. A few strokes with this sharpener and your fish hooks will be razor-like sharp. That’s what we agree on based on the testing.

Therefore, this sharpener is only made for fish hook sharpening purposes. In addition, it easily gets attached to your fishing vest or your key ring.

However, it does its job as no other product can. In our opinion, this is a must-buy for fishermen like you out there. Who really needs the best hook sharpener for their fishing hook.

  • Easy to follow
  • Plastic build quality is durable enough
  • Comes with a marine-grade
  • You can attach it to your fishing vest.
  • Not ideal as a small treble hook.


3. Jag Fishing Hook Sharpening Kit

Jag Fishing Hook Sharpening Kit


Product Overview

The third product on our list is Jag Fishing Hook Sharpening Kit. It’s versatile, alright! Because this comes with a kit full of unique tools to sharpen your hook most efficiently.

Let’s go see what it has in the kit-

The Jag sharpening kit has all the essentials that you might need to have the best possible hook conditions. Inside the kit, it comes with 1 jag hook sharpening stone, 1 jag vice, and 1 jag ultra eye giving 20x magnification.

Here, the ultra eye comes really handy in terms of making the best sharp endpoint on your hooks. Besides, a solution pen and many more tools are given which are useful too in different scenarios.

Coming to the product’s grit type, The box includes two grit options, one is the fine side and another comes with the medium side. So, no matter what hook size you might use there won’t be a problem.

This product is versatile and offers a ton of sharpening tools. No matter how dull condition your hook must be in. However, this kit will make sure to make it razer-like sharp.

Added to that, a beautiful camouflage-designed pouch is also given to store all these tools in one place. That surely gives it a bonus from our side.

  • Provides different sharpening tools in the box
  • Comes with a pouch for storage help
  • Comes with both fine and medium grit type
  • Takes space to carry.


4. ETRE Sports Fish Hook Sharpener

ETRE Sports Fish Hook Sharpener

Product Overview

Moving forward to the fourth product on our list. The place is taken by the “ETRE Sports Fish Hook Sharpener”. This is a product made specifically for fishing hook sharpening purposes.

Let’s see if this product is gonna meet your requirements or not-

The Etre sharpener is a sharpening tool that is really easy to use and carry. For those of you looking for a small pocket-type sharpener, this is just for you.

Here, the Sharpener has a rubber-type handle. And, it has a non-slip texture in it. So even though your hands are wet, it’s not gonna slip. Despite having a rubber grip and the product is so small, it offers this protection from slips. And, the visibility is quite good when you work with your hands on it.

Apart from that, the product has Double-sided Diamond grit for sharpening hooks. One side is a fine side that comes with 800 grit. And, another one has a medium side of 600 grit. So, this product ensures sharpening on thin to thick hooks perfectly.

In contrast, this sharpener has remarkable sharpening capabilities despite having a small form factor. In our opinion, this product is a really good choice for you guys.

  • Easy to use and carry
  • Has both fine and medium sides
  • Has a nonslip rubber grip
  • Users with big hands might find it relatively smaller in size.


5. EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpener

EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpener

Product Overview

The last but not the least product that stands in fifth place is the EZE-LAP Diamond Sharpener. Although it is the last product, it doesn’t mean it is bad, in any sense.

Keep it in mind, it beat out the rest of the items available out there in the market and took its place. Maybe this can become the best sharpening product for you. Let’s check it out-

This is a pen-type sharpening product. It’s similar to the first product we reviewed. Although it is not specifically made for fishing hooks, it can do the job perfectly.

Coming to the dimensions of the product, we’d say it isn’t too big! It is really handy in size. And, it even comes in a pen-type structure with a beautiful grey color. Besides, it’s crafted from the highest quality materials.

If we talk about the grit type, it only comes in a single fine side grit. The sharpening Groove is made out of synthetic. In addition, the end tip has both oval and flat type designs.

You can even sharpen your hooks without facing any problem like the rest of the four products.

Lastly, the EZE sharpener is made for durability and performance. The pen-type grip lets you do the sharpening job quite well due to you having a sturdy grip on it.

So this is all about the product. Hope it will be your pick as the best hook sharpening tool. Also, find best backpacking fishing rods.

  • Eye-catchy pen-type design
  • Has both oval and flat end
  • Build quality is sturdy and durable
  • Doesn’t have medium-side grit.


How to Sharpen Fish Hooks

If you’re looking to cleanly and quickly sharpen your fishing hooks, a hook sharpener is certainly the tool for the job. Here are four tips for using one:

  1. Hold the hook at a right angle to the sharpening surface.
  2. Place the point of the hook against the grater wheel and use your left hand to hold on to the shank of the hook while turning the wheel with your right hand.
  3. Keep a firm grip on both ends of the hook while turning, so you don’t lose any of it in between turns.
  4. Be careful not to over-sharpen your hooks – they can easily be damaged if too much metal is removed from them.

Buying Guide

Best Hook Sharpener

Things did get a bit too confusing, didn’t they? You had so much info to go through! But if you are still having trouble picking the right one for yourself then we have a bit of a surprise for you all.

And you guessed it, this is a buyer’s guide that will help you sort out the fundamental qualities you need for a hook sharpener. So, if you are ready let’s get on with the info segment-

Grit Type

The number one thing that should be one of your primary concerns is the fishing hook sharpener Grit type. Because grit is the lines crafted on the sharpener which are made as hook sizes.

So, if your hook size is below 6mm you’ll need the fine side. And, if you use above 6mm, the medium size will be ideal for sharpening your hook. Besides, there are a lot of sharpeners that don’t come with a grit side.

Hence, it will be more of a struggle to sharpen and the result will not be satisfying. You need to make the preference here on what you actually need.

Hook Sharpener Type

Another thing to look for is the type of sharpener. As you saw in the review there are a lot of sharpeners out there in the market. Some of them have modular options that come in kits.

And, some of them look like pens. Also, some sharpeners are just pocket-friendly, easy to carry, and relatively small. Those of you who have bigger hands might find the small ones hard to use. So choose the type that you will find comfortable using.

Number of Grooves

Number of Grooves

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to sharpen your knives, a manual sharpener might be the best option for you.

However, if you plan on using your knife often, it is important to invest in a good hook sharpener. A manual sharpener will take more time to use than a electric one, but the number of grooves on the blade can affect how quickly it sharpens your knife.

The number of grooves on a blade affects how quickly it sharpens. The more grooves there are, the finer the edge will be.

However, too many grooves can lead to scratches on the blade and increase wear and tear. When choosing a hook sharpener, consider how often you will use it and what type of knife you will be using it on. If you only plan on using your knife


Are fishing hooks worth sharpening?

Yes, a sharpened hook makes it a lot harder for fish blow out the rig. Sharpening them means the hooks have an extended lifespan too.

How can I tell if a hook is sharp?

Use your fingernails to draw the hook. If it leaves any mark then you’ll know it’s sharp enough.

Should I sharpen my hooks regularly?

Yes. Sharpening your hook should be a regular task.

Is there an alternative to the hook sharpener?

There are a few different ways to sharpen hooks without a hook sharpener. One is to use a honing rod and diamond sharpener. Another is to use a whetstone or Arkansas stone. A final option is to use an angle grinder with a sharpening wheel.

Can the hook sharpener be used for any fish hook?

Yes, the hook sharpener can be used for any fishhook. Just make sure to adjust the blade to the correct size for your hook.

Final Words

Well, that’s all for the best hook sharpener. Don’t forget to study the things discussed in the buying guide.

The more you will know about the hook sharpener, the more you will be clear about the buying decision.

Also, you can find more products in our Amazon list:

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