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13 Best Prop For 50 HP Mercury 2 Stroke 2024: Ensure Smooth Sailing

Prop For 50 HP Mercury 2 Stroke

A lot of people never really understand that prop is extremely important for smooth sailing. But if you’re an expert in this field, then you’re not those people obviously.

So, you must know that your Mercury motor needs a suitable prop to provide its best performance. It’ll ensure better quality speed and acceleration. Which sailor doesn’t want all these, right?

Therefore, it’s a common question for all sailors which is the best prop for 50 HP Mercury 2 Stroke. To answer this question, we dived deep into this market and analyzed more than 50 products.

Also, we spent more than a week on this research. Wanna know what we found? Our research even says, there is not only one best prop for this purpose.

Hence, we listed some of our favorite products here. Stick with us till the end to get more insights about these. We can vouch that you won’t regret your time.

Our Top Picks

1. Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Product Overview

Time to introduce our favorite pick which is the Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Propeller. As you can understand from its name, it’s an aluminum-made 4 blade prop.

So, what’s so fascinating about this product that it topped our list?

Well, if we become honest, the improved performance and the speed quality made it to the first position on our list.

But a question remains: is it compatible with all types of outboards?

Basically, this particular prop goes nicely with mid-range outboards. So, you can definitely pick it for your 50 HP Mercury 2 Stroke. It’ll provide you with satisfactory performance.

As a result, your overall sailing experience will be enhanced, we can say. Moreover, the design is very thoughtful and smart. This will certainly ensure the highest quality of your sailing.

Now is the time to talk about the design and its advantages in detail. First comes the blades. As we know the 3 blades of this prop are made of superior-quality aluminum.

These are mechanized in a way that can assure faster acceleration. It can even give 16 to 25% faster expeditions than usual. Certainly, this adds some extra points to the prop.

Besides the high rake blade design also supplements this speed enhancement. Sounds wonderful, right?

But that’s not all. We’ve more to add. This prop has an added cup with it. They are designed to provide superior holding and acceleration. So, as a whole, this prop is top-notch at providing the best quality service.

And you can clearly see that we are not exaggerating a bit. It has got a lot to offer to its users. Lastly, one thing that makes this product certainly one of the bests of best is its Flo-Torq Reflex Hub System.

So, what’s this?

Well, this is a technique that has been used in designing this prop. This system cushions and shields the engine drivetrain from damage-causing impacts.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a good quality prop with reliable performance, you can certainly go for this. But check if the top-end speed suits you before finalizing.

  • Performance in mid-range outboard is tremendously good
  • Good at protecting the engine drivetrain from damages
  • Good at superior holding and acceleration
  • Can enhance the speed performance
  • Excellent cup and rake designing
  • The top-end speed might fail to satisfy some users

2. VIF Jason Marine Aluminum Propeller

VIF Jason Marine Aluminum Propeller

Product Overview

In the second position, we have a propeller from the VIF Store. Its name is VIF Jason Marine Aluminum Propeller. The name speaks for its material quality. It has high-quality marine-grade aluminum in it.

So the prop is made using OEM Geometry which makes it perfect for your 50 HP Mercury. Moreover, it has good-quality paint on top of the aluminum structure.

It makes the product long-lasting and prevents it from direct water contact. The well-quality painting also ensures a better look, obviously.

Besides, this product goes through a serious quality inspection. Hope you can understand by now that this prop is going to give you a better performance.

Jason marine prop has extreme durability to offer you. On top of that, they’re pretty good at balancing the overall top-end speed and acceleration. The cherry on top is its fuel efficiency.

So, this prop is perfect for anyone looking for an economic product. This is gonna save your money and provide you an overall good sailing experience. Sounds like a good deal, huh?

Also, did we just forget to mention its damage resistance?

Well, we were about to miss out on one of the nicest features. So, this product is good at cutting wear and tear on your engine. Therefore, it’s really good at keeping your engine life healthy.

Oh, one last thing that still left to let you know. What’s that?

This product is extremely handy to use. You can install it very easily even without prior experience. This feature really makes it a good pick for anyone from newbies to experts.

  • Superior quality material & painting
  • Fuel efficiency makes it an economic product
  • Good at cutting wear and tear of the engine
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a satisfying performance
  • Some people might face problems with its rubber spun

3. ARKDOZA Stainless Steel Propeller

ARKDOZA Stainless Steel Propeller

Product Overview

Our third product is the only stainless steel prop on our list. Therefore, it’s kind of different from the others. Arguably, it’s more strong and more durable. But there are other things about it that we have discussed in the latter portion.

As we already mentioned this is made of stainless steel which gives it immense strength. It is extremely resistant to corrosion. On top of this, it has an excellent design and a high-quality finish.

So, yeah, this is a complete package of what an expert sailor coil asks for. So, what does an expert expect from a quality prop that this product checks?

Firstly, the superior quality material makes it durable. This makes your investment a wise one. Moreover, Its design is perfect for the particular outboard motor we’re talking about here.

It has 3 blades and 13 spline teeth. You can easily install it on your 50 HP Mercury. Besides, the maintenance isn’t much of a hassle.

So, we’ve gotten enough insights about the outlook and product quality. Now, let’s focus on its performance quality. This is made under a thru hub exhaust and the finishing is good in quality.

Definitely, this is gonna give you a better quality service. Also, its strict quality control assures good top speed and acceleration. So, definitely, you’re gonna have some good quality service from it.

Lastly, it’s very good at fuel efficiency. So as a whole this product can really be a good pick. So just check your needs and then finalize it if it suits you.

  • Strong and durable
  • Good quality finishing
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Provides good service
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Some people might find its acceleration a bit too high

4. Quicksilver Black Diamond Aluminum Propeller

Quicksilver Black Diamond Aluminum Propeller

Product Overview

Yes, we are done with most of our products. Time to introduce the third product on our list. Excited to know what its name is?

Well, the product name is Quicksilver Black Diamond Aluminum Propeller. People who’re familiar with this field know that Quicksilver is known as one of the best prop makers.

This is a very good quality product which is a combination of quality and durability. If you’re interested in knowing more about this product, then stick with us. We’ve got much more information to spill about it.

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The first thing that comes in is its design and material quality. Moreover, it perfectly suits your 50 HP Mercury which is definitely a plus point.

Besides, it has a top-notch design that makes it capable of performing nicely. It has a rubber hub included with it. This makes the prop more vibration-absorbent.

Obviously, a good pick as you can see.

  • Good material quality
  • Efficient design
  • Has an attached rubber hub to absorb vibrations
  • Better performance
  • The manufacturer’s guideline might seem puzzling to some people

5. YOUNG MARINE OEM Grade Aluminum Propeller

YOUNG MARINE OEM Grade Aluminum Propeller

Product Overview

We are about to spill facts about the last product on our list. The product name is YOUNG MARINE OEM Grade Propeller. Even though it’s our last pick, we absolutely love this prop as well.

Firstly, this product suits perfectly with the 50 HP Mercury outboard. This feature added some bonus points for this product. Because this compatibility between the outboard and prop is extremely important.

Moreover, the product is made of good-quality aluminum. The blades are improved in quality and design both. They are good at providing a satisfying sailing experience.

You can even use it on other outboards as well. So it gives you the option to use it for multiple motors.

Lastly, their performance is quite praise-worthy considering their price. So, you can pick it for your 50 HP outboard without worrying.

  • Satisfying performance
  • Good quality material
  • Improved blade design provides better service
  • Compatible with multiple outboards including 50 HP Mercury
  • The overall product quality needs improvement

Buying Guide

After getting a detailed idea about our hand-picked products, it’s time to move forward. So, what’s next that you must know before starting your prop-finding mission?

Well, we believe that every sailor must have some basic ideas about the buying factors of propellers. But, why?

Because this helps them to choose the right product for themselves. The best product mightn’t suit you always. Therefore, this part is really important for anyone.

So, without delay, let’s have a look into the buying factor:

Prop Material

There are plenty of props made with different materials available. Hence, the question arises of which material is the best.

The answer is very simple. It’s relative and depends on the user’s perspective. So, you must choose the material considering your needs.

For smaller or medium-sized boats aluminum props work just fine. Whereas a bit tougher and stronger stainless steel props are needed in larger boats. But durability is also important here.

Stainless steel props are more durable than aluminum ones. But there are other costly materials like Nibral as well. They are made of 2-3 types of metals which make them very tough in nature.

So, you must check which product is ticking most of your checkboxes and then finalize your one.

Number of Blades

Number of Blades

Another important thing to consider is the number of blades of the propeller. It might seem not so important in general. But it controls the rate at which your prop is going to perform.

For medium-sized boats, 3 blades are just fine. They work fine with larger boats as well. But at times users find 4 bladed props much more suitable for their larger boat engines.

There are 5 or 6 board propellers available as well. Even though it is said that the fewer the blades the more efficient the prop is. But more blades decrease the vibration rate.

This enhances the overall boat performance. Moreover, checking the top speed and acceleration of the blade is also necessary to consider.

The Pitch

Propellers with a higher pitch spin more easily, which means they generate more power.

However, they also require more wind to turn them and can be less efficient in low wind conditions.

Consider also the size and type of propeller you need. A small, lightweight propeller will work well on a light boat, while a larger, heavier propeller will work better on a heavy boat.

Compatibility With Your Boat

This is the most important thing to consider when you’re picking a prop. Your prop has to match your boat. So, you must have to know which type or design goes well with it and then finalize.

Obviously, you’re wondering how you can measure this compatibility.

So, you must check the material that goes best with your boat and boat size. Then consider the most suitable design. What’s that?

It means deciding how many blades will keep your sailing smooth and choosing accordingly. If you’re a thrill-seeking sailor who sails through rough water bodies, you must choose a tough prop.

Moreover, the direction of your prop rotation, pitch size, types, etc can be considerable features as well. These have to suit your boat and the outboard. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sail evenly.

So, be very careful about this. Sort all your priorities and consider them before jumping to a conclusion. This might take some time but it’ll certainly make the hassle worthwhile.


What pitch prop will make my boat faster

What pitch prop will make my boat faster?

It depends on which speed you’re prioritizing the most. If you use a lower-pitch prop it’ll increase the acceleration. But at the same time, it’ll minimize the top speed. On the flip side, higher-pitch props can deliver good top speed. But your acceleration will suffer in this scenario.

Will a 5 blade prop make my boat faster?

3 blades props are widely used and much popular among sailors. But in recent times, 4 and 5-blade props have become familiar as well. The reason behind it is the enhancement of the quality in these products. They’re much more capable of suppressing vibration and improving acceleration.

Is it bad to idle a 2 stroke outboard?

Not exactly because 2 strokes outboard are mechanized to even run at idle without any problem. This same thing goes for 4 stroke outboard as well.

How much does a 50hp Mercury 2 stroke weigh?

The total weight of 50hp Mercury 2 stroke weighs around 255 lbs. It’s capable of producing around 5500 to 6000 RPM.

How much does prop diameter change RPM?

Obviously, a prop’s diameter has some effect on performance. So, the change in prop diameter changes the RPM by about 500. Eventually, this affects the other aspects of your prop.

Final Words

So, it’s time to say goodbye, buddy. Really hope this post helps you to find the best prop for 50 HP Mercury 2 stroke.

Finding the perfect product that suits you will enhance your sailing experience. It’ll make your Mercury outboard faster and more efficient. Therefore, your risks will eventually decrease.

So, have a nice trip, my friend. Wishing you a thrilling sailing and fishing experience. Until next time, stay safe and happy fishing.

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