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12 Best Hypalon Glue 2024: For Durable and Heavy-Duty Bonding

Hypalon Glue for boat

As a professional sailor and fishing enthusiast, answer this question.

Which adhesive comes to your mind when you think about emergency repairs of inflatable boats?

The Hypalon glue, right? Yeah, we can understand where you’re coming from. Hypalon glue is the best adhesive someone can use to repair and bond dinghies and inflatable boats.

It can also ensure high strength and durability of bonding. Therefore, the search for the best hypalon glue is continuously going on among sailors. We know you’re no different.

With the purpose to ease your tension, we analyzed the Hypalon glue market for you. Researching through around 50 products for more than a week helps us to grow a strong insight into this.

Hence, we handpicked some of the best products for you. The buying factors for this utterly important product have also been added here. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into it:

Top Recommendations and Products Overview

1. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant

3M Marine Adhesive Sealant

Product Overview

Let us introduce our favorite Hypalon glue which is from the brand 3M. This one is the best one in our lens. Hence, it is obvious that you would want to know why.

Don’t worry we’ve got our reasons to crown it on the top. Let us just get into there. The first thing is its superior bonding and water resistivity.

It’s absolutely perfect for bonding the interior and exterior of boats and RVs.

As the exterior side is shielded from the sun and exposed mostly to the water. Hence the importance of adhesiveness is beyond explanation.

It can bond for a long time even under the waterline, hence the durability is top-notch.

Let’s move on to the adhesion property. Trust us on this, we’re being completely neutral and this is the most hassle-free adhesive for you.

Because it won’t require any pre-steps or mixing.

Besides, it heals within 48 hours and becomes ready for water travel. Very fast and efficient, right? That’s not all.

It has a long-lasting characteristic due to its tough polyurethane formula. So it’s saltwater resistant and makes your boat capable of floating on the seawater.

Another very important thing, where this product will get a solid 10/10 is flexibility.

As its tensile strength is 600 PSI, it doesn’t crack or peel structural shock, movement, or vibration. The strong retaining formulation makes it very efficient.

Lastly, it has a moisture resistance formula that bonds perfectly with aluminum, wood, gel coat, and fiberglass. You can even sand it after it’s completely cured for outlook purposes.

Therefore, this product can be your good Hypalon glue choice under budget. You can choose it if you’re looking for an adhesive that will be good for both repairing and bonding.

But consider the safety issues before picking as well. Like it can be very harmful to your eyes. So wearing a google can make you safe.

  • Works fast and no preparation needed
  • Adhesive quality is praiseworthy
  • Top-notch durability that lasts long under the waterline
  • Tough polyurethane formula makes it saltwater resistant
  • Retains shock, vibration and movement effectively
  • Might contain harmful chemicals that harm the eyes


2. RH Adhesives Vinyl Cement Glue

RH Adhesives Vinyl Cement Glue

Product Overview

Time to say hello to RH Adhesives Vinyl Cement Glue which is our second pick. This is a super strong canned clean vinyl cement glue.

Even though it comes with a brush, you can use a roller for applying it. So, we’ve got information about the application process. But will using it be worth the investment?

Let’s be honest, if your main priority is adhesion, then this should be your pick. This is one of the most effective PVC vinyl adhesives which sets fast. It’s extremely suitable for underwater applications.

And wanna know the most unique feature about this? It holds fast in higher temperatures. It’s extremely temperature resistant and suits different weather conditions very well.

Also, it bonds very nicely with just one application. So, this is trusted by experts and works just fine for bonding purposes.

But there are things that you must know before picking it. Wanna know what are they?

Well, hold your coffee, we’re going to spill those facts now. Firstly, you need some preparations and to ensure some conditions before using it.

You need to clean the surface and some sanding might also be needed at times.

But on the bright side, its temperature resistivity will allow you to work in any temperature condition. But its flush point is 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, don’t forget that the base of this product is a thermoplastic elastomer and has 15% solid materials. The solvent material is MEK-Toluene-Acetone Blend.

Hence, at times you need to use thinner before applying.

So to conclude, you can use this product to bond vinyl-coated and vinyl-laminated objects. But mostly it’s ideal for general patching use. Therefore, cross-check if it is suitable for you or not and then pick.

  • Sets very fast hence save time
  • The glue is very strong so fulfills the purpose
  • Temperature resistivity helps to work under any condition
  • Works great for patching related use
  • Preparations might seem hectic for some people

3. GEAR AID Flexible Repair Adhesive

GEAR AID Flexible Repair Adhesive

Product Overview

We are almost halfway through our product list. At the third position, we have an adhesive from the Gear Aid. This one can stand out from others for its characteristics of fixing tears.

It’s even good for repairing gear failures as well. This clear-looking adhesive that is made of waterproof urethane is very easy to apply.

But why? Because of its tubelike shape, it’s very user-friendly and has an even easier application.

Another thing to mention, it has excellent abrasion resistance. Hence the flexibility gets increased logically.

On top of that, the water sealing formula retains it from cracking over time. Really impressive, huh?

But it doesn’t end here. It has other advantages to offer. As it has the flexibility and endurance to peel off over time, it’s extremely durable.

So, you can understand it bonds pretty tightly.

  • Great at fixing rips and tears permanently
  • Easy to apply
  • Water sealing increases longevity
  • Abrasion resistance boosts flexibility
  • The bonding is impressive
  • The stuff is sticky so, it can make a mess
  • Packaging needs improvement



Product Overview

Yes, we have come a long way together. Already got ideas about more than half of the products on our list. So, what’s the next product?

Well, the fourth one on our list is the Sea Dog water sports PVC glue. This is a 3.9 x 3.9 inches patch that contains select quality Hypalon adhesive.

So what’s so special about this product that we handpicked it on our top favorite list? What made us choose it from more than 50 products?

Okay, so the main feature that attracted us is its repairing ability. It’s quite good for fixing inflatable boats or dinghies. But that’s not all. This one can be used for water toys as well.

Remember those small boats we used to float on our lawn pool? Yeah, those are stuck with this glue. Feeling nostalgic, right? Well, this just proves the versatility of this product.

From toys to inflatable boats, this glue can be used everywhere. So check this product and pick this if it suits you.

  • Great for inflatable boat repairing
  • Tube system makes the application easier
  • Takes lesser time to cure than most other marine adhesives
  • The adhesive might seem hard
  • Contains poisonous materials that can harm the eyes


5. Seamax Marine Grade Glue

Seamax Marine Grade Glue

Product Overview

So, we’re near the end. It’s our last product’s turn to prove that it’s worth your investment as well just like the others. This product is from the brand Seamax.

As the name says this is a marine grade glue, hence to justify the name it’s waterproof.

To be more precise, it has the capability to seal water. Hence it’s durable. Because it doesn’t get affected by the water.

This is how a marine grade glue should be, right?

So, moving on, the using process must be known before you choose it for your purpose.

Because it needs to add a minimum of 5% hardener to 10% hardener depending on temperature.

It’s even thinner and keeping the consistency and everything is kind of a hassle.

This is exactly why we would suggest you give it a proper thought.

Besides, the hardener might turn into a crystal at times. Hence a lot of mess will take place.

So, decide very carefully. There are different recipes for different purposes, so lack of knowledge can lead to severe trouble.

Also, for various purposes, the number of layers differs. So, before choosing this you need to give your needs a thorough check.

Another thing, even though it’s named Hypalon glue. But you can also use it to stick the fabric of the Hypalon boat.

We are almost done but there are two things I would like to suggest to you.

First, take safety measures to safeguard yourself. Secondly, it’s flammable so be very aware of fire or flammable things.

  • Good for patchworks
  • Overall quality is pretty good
  • Ensures longevity
  • Dangerous chemicals can harm your health
  • Flammability leads to mishaps due to slight mistakes


Buying Guide

Yeah, we are done with the product part. But obviously, we’re not done yet. So what’s still left to know?

Well, the buying factors are still left to be known. Before you buy your product it’s utterly important that you have got a clear idea about the factors.

Not knowing what to consider and which things types must be avoided will cost you a lot in the future.

Hence, this buying guide sector is filled with the factors and information that you must know. It’ll assist you to pick your product wisely. So let’s dive into it-

Consider the Adhesion Quality

This is literally the first and foremost thing to consider before you buy your Hypalon glue. The adhesion quality will determine the durability of your inflatable boat.

If your adhesive is superior in quality, that’ll last long. This is also very economical because it makes your purchase worthwhile.

Therefore, choose a glue that can stick to the Hypalon surface well and cures perfectly.

Also, gather the necessary pieces of information and make sure you create the optimum condition. Otherwise, the adhesion might not work properly.

Water Resistance Is Very Important

The Hypalon glues are mainly used for bonding or repairing Hypalon boats. As we know boats will run on water.

So if your glue isn’t good at water resistance, how’ll it provide you good service?

That’s the thing actually. You have to find a Hypalon glue that has good water tolerability or water sealing formula. This will lock the moisture and keep the boat’s life better.

Be Careful about the Flexibility

Hypalon glue for boat

Time to flex about how important flexibility is for your Hypalon glue. Trust me this one thing is indeed one of the most important factors. If your glue isn’t flexible enough it can’t resist abrasion, thrust, or vibration.

Whereas these are the most common things about a boat and as a sailor you know it the best. So, you must have to choose one that can make pace with these types of shocks and movements.

Also, without flexibility, your glue will eventually break or peel off. This is another huge issue. So, it’s important that you choose one that has good flexibility.

Chemical Factor: Is it Harmful?

This is probably one of those major things that often go unnoticed. But if we think rationally, this is the utmost important thing. If your glue can harm your body then you should just ignore it.

Well, that might not be a viable option always. Then what to do?

Knowing about the harms of the product will give you a chance to take some safety measures. You can prepare yourself to face the issue accordingly so the damage can be controlled.

For instance, if a certain glue is toxic to your respiratory system you can use a mask. This will help you to avoid harm to an extent.

The same goes for glues that contain harmful materials for your eyes. You can use goggles to save your precious eyes. So basically, not all Hypalon glues are toxic or harmful. But knowing about the harm will help you to keep safe.

Therefore, it’s really important you know about the buying factors so that you can choose the best. Otherwise, investing money in a loss project can make you suffer in the future.

Safety Precautions

Hypalon glue

When working with Hypalon glue, it is important to take safety precautions to avoid exposure to fumes and skin contact with the glue.

When using Hypalon glue, always work in a well-ventilated area. If possible, work outdoors or in a room with an open window.

If you must work indoors, make sure the room is well-ventilated by opening doors and windows or using a fan.

Wear gloves when handling the glue. If you accidentally get the glue on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water.

Avoid inhaling the fumes from the glue. If you can smell the glue, you are exposed to its fumes. Use a respirator or mask if possible.

If you don’t have a respirator or mask, leave the area immediately and get some fresh air.


Hypalon glue faqs

What is Hypalon made of?

Hypalon is a polymer known as chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber. It’s highly popular for its resistance to extreme temperature, chemicals, and their reactions, and UV lights.

It’s largely used for making inflatable boats.

Can you use PVC glue on Hypalon?

Yes, you can. PVC glue will work fine on Hypalon boats. They won’t even react adversely. But you won’t get the best result. The bond will be less strong than Hypalon glue.

How do you remove old Hypalon glue?

One of the best ways to remove glue from any surface is by using a non-contact heat source. A hairdryer or heat gun can be a good source of applying heat.

Apply the heat slowly and use a spatula or such thing to lose the gum. Be more cautious while tearing on Hypalon from polyester fabric.

Can you paint Hypalon?

Yes, you can paint Hypalon. But the paint has to be compatible with Hypalon. Normally, there are fully flexible paints formulated for Hypalon PU. It doesn’t crack or flake off.  Gives a satin-smooth finish and is able to touch dry within 30 minutes.

What replaced Hypalon?

The manufacturers stopped making Hypalon. But now they are producing CSM or Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber. This is manufactured in a slightly different formula.

Replaced Hypalon Glue

To Sum Up

After a long informative read, it’s time to part ways. We tried to provide you with everything from our side.

Hope our insights and analyses will help you to choose the best hypalon glue.

Obviously, you’ll need Hypalon glue for your inflatable boat. Therefore, as a sailor, this is a crucial decision for you.

So, take your time, consider everything and come to your conclusion. Hope you’ll be able to find the best one for you.

Until next time, have a safe and exciting fishing trip. Our best wishes to you.

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