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10 Best Prop for Mercury 150 4 Stroke 2024 – High-Quality Picks

mercury 140 prop 4 stroke

Propeller is a very important part of your boat. The speed and balance of the boat are highly dependent on the propeller. And when it comes to Mercury 150 4 strokes, the propeller must be of high quality.

But which is the best prop for mercury 150 4 strokes? Well, there are several popular options available in the market. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. So making a choice is very confusing. a

But don’t get worried! I am here to guide you. I have discussed the best propellers for you. From my discussion, you will get a very clear idea. Then make your choice.

Please keep reading to get rid of all of your doubts. I am sure you will be full of knowledge once you go through my discussion. Happy reading!

List of Top Prop for Mercury 150 – Review

1. Quicksilver Black Diamond

Quicksilver Black Diamond

Product Overview

The first product I am going to review is the Quicksilver Black Diamond Propeller. This is a very highly-rated propeller with many benefits. It is very popular among boat owners. Let’s check its specifications at a glance.

The propeller is made from Aluminium. Aluminum is a very powerful material. It is perfect for boat propellers. The weight of aluminum is very low. So the propeller made from it will be light. This is useful for the performance of the Mercury 150 engine.

Aluminum is also highly resistant to corrosion. This property gives a high advantage in the case of propellers. The propellers are used underwater. So they are very prone to corrosion. The use of aluminum will decrease the rate of rust formation.

As a result, the propeller will last long.  Moreover Aluminium is also a ductile material. Ductility decreases the brittleness of the material. This makes the propellers strong enough to survive light to medium blows. This is very advantageous for the boat.

The number of blades in the Quicksilver Black Diamond is 3. These blades are designed greatly.  They have a high level of efficiency. These blades also ensure a stable journey. The smaller blade ratio gives more speed to the boat.

However, you will have to sacrifice the fuel economy. The fuel consumption rate of 3-blade propellers is higher than others. The contact area between the blade and the water is also less due to the 3 blades. But this situation will not create much hassle.

The pitch of the Quicksilver Black Diamond Propeller is 19. This is a high-pitch ratio. The Pitch of the propeller indicates the distance the propeller will travel in one rotation. A higher pitch means more top speed.

So the Quicksilver propeller will increase your speed. But the acceleration is less in a higher pitch. So you will have to consider that. But overall, the Quicksilver Black Diamond Propeller is an excellent choice for your Mercury 150 engine.

  • The installation procedure is very easy.
  • The durability of the propeller is unmatchable.
  • The propeller is resistant to rusting.
  • Variable sizes are available.
  • The hub of the propeller does not come in the box.


2. Qiclear 148-832830A45 Moto Propeller

Qiclear 148-832830A45 Moto Propeller

Product Overview

Let’s move on to our second product now. The next product I have is the Qiclear 148-832830A45 Moto Propeller. This is also an excellent choice for Mercury 150 4-stroke engine. The propeller fits correctly with the engine. It also delivers a stable high speed.

This propeller is made of Aluminium. So it gets all the positive factors of the popular metal. The propeller is very lightweight. The reason behind this is the low density of Aluminium. The low weight is beneficial as it decreases fuel consumption.

Also, rust does not form easily on the Qiclear propeller. This is also the result of the manufacturing material, aluminum. Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. Since the propeller will run under the water, rust resistance will be very handy.

An ideal propeller is very tough to break and lasts for a long time. The manufacturer has also worked to increase the strength of the propeller. Heat treatment has been done on the propeller to ensure the toughness. So the propeller is not brittle.

The surface of the propeller is built with great care. The five-layer processing of the surface increases its longevity. The vacuum Casting process has been followed to achieve this property. All these processes and layers have increased the quality of the propeller.

The propeller comes with 3 blades. The performance of 3 blade propellers in increasing the velocity is excellent. But Qiclear 3 blade propellers are weak in increasing the acceleration. This case is smiling for all types of 3-blade propellers.

The installation process of the Qiclear propeller is quite easy. It comes with the required kits. That means you will get the hub with the propeller. As a result, the hassle of installation gets decreased by fold. This propeller is a very good choice for DIY guys.

The pitch of the Qiclear 148-832830A45 Moto Propeller is 19. That means the distance it covers in one rotation is 19 inches. This is a very high pitch when compared to other propellers. Because of this, the top speed of the propeller is very high.

  • The installation kit comes with the propeller.
  • High-quality built materials are used in the propeller.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1.5 years.
  • Sometimes the bolt of the propeller does not fit.


3. SOLAS 1513-145-17 Amita Propeller

SOLAS 1513-145-17 Amita Propeller

Product Overview

Now it is time to review our third product of the day. The next product that I have is the SOLAS 1513-145-17 Amita Propeller. This propeller with the right-hand rotation system is highly regarded. The performance of the propeller is appreciable.

SOLAS Science and engineering corporation made this propeller. They tried their best to make a highly functional product. And they are successful in achieving their aim. The propeller is made from Aluminium. So the built quality of the propeller is unquestionable.

There are four layers of paint on the surface of the propeller. This is extremely helpful in preventing corrosion due to water. The propeller was built in the squeeze-cast system. This casting system gives a good surface texture to the propeller.

The manufacturer of SOLAS Amita Propellers claims to be using high-quality materials. The blades are thin. Despite that, they are hard and tough to break. The propellers deliver smooth and efficient force to the boat. The blades are also balanced properly.

SOLAS 1513-145-17 comes with 4 blades. Propellers with 4 blades work well in increasing the acceleration. However, the rate of velocity is comparatively low in these propellers. The 4 blade design also increases the contact area of water and blades.

The pitch of SOLAS propellers is less than the other reviewed items. It has a pitch of 17 inches. That means in one rotation the blade will cover 17 inches. As the pitch is low, the top speed of the propeller will be less.

As a result, the engine will be safe from unnecessary stress. This is beneficial for engine health. Also, the fuel consumption rate will be low too. Thus the overall efficiency of the boat increases. Moreover, the hole-shot is better in low-pitched propellers.

The performance of the propeller is midrange. It has a great handling mechanism. The stern lift is also high quality. Overall the propeller is quite a good fit for the Mercury 4-stroke engine.

  • The rate of acceleration is very good.
  • You will the hub needed for installation with the propeller.
  • The low pitch is useful on many occasions.
  • The performance is midrange.


4. Turning Point Propeller 31502112

Turning Point Propeller 31502112

Product Overview

Let me discuss the second last product on the list. Now I have the Turning Point Propeller 31502112 in my hands. This propeller is more exceptional than the other products I have discussed. The reason behind this is the build material of the propeller.

The Turning Point Propeller is made from stainless steel. Whereas the previously discussed propellers were built of Aluminium. The stainless steel brings an aesthetic look to the propeller. The propeller looks more stylish and attractive.

This can be useful for many buyers. Besides that, stainless steel also has high resistance against corrosion. So the propellers made from stainless steel will be long-lasting. This corrosion resistive property is a must in water.

Or else the propeller will run out of its course in a short time. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintain. So the user can maintain the aesthetic appeal of the propeller easily. Even after a long period of use, the propellers can be made new by polish only.

The Turning Point propellers are also very durable. Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals available in the market. The propeller made from this can endure the high force of water. You don’t have to worry about powerful waves of water.

Turning Point Propellers have a high pitch of 19. This is the distance covered by the propeller in one rotation on a soft solid body. Because of this the engine and propeller can reach a high top speed. The manufacturers maintained balance with the speed.

So controlling the propellers is not very hard despite the high speed. This propeller comes with 3 stainless steel blades. 3-blade propellers are very efficient in increasing the velocity of the boat. But the increase of acceleration is less in this propeller.

The origin of the Turning Point Propeller is in Taiwan. It weighs only 12.75 pounds. So the load on the motor is not very high. This propeller can be a suitable match for your Mercury 150 4-stroke engine.

  • Hole shots of the propeller are very fast.
  • High-quality stainless steel is used as a manufacturing material.
  • Operational vibration is very less.
  • The rate of acceleration is low.


5. Turning Point Propellers 21431930

Turning Point Propellers 21431930

Product Overview

It is time to discuss the last product on my list. The last propeller also comes from Turning Point. However, the Turning Point Propellers 21431930 is very different than the previous model. These two propellers are completely dissimilar in every factor.

Unlike the previous model, this propeller is made from Aluminium. Aluminum is also a great choice for boat propellers. Aluminum is a very durable lightweight metal. So the propellers are also lightweight. This is necessary for the fluent operation of propellers.

Moreover, Aluminium works very well in preventing rust. So the propeller will function underwater without any risk of corrosion. Aluminum is also a capable metal for handling heavy loads. The lifetime of the propeller is very long for this reason.

The number of blades in this propeller is 4. This is greater than the previous version. The 4-bladed propeller is very functional in increasing the acceleration of the boat. But the velocity increment is less in this type of propeller. So you must keep that in mind.

The pitch of this propeller is 19. So the top speed is very high. The clever design of the propeller helps to maintain the balance. For water sports, Turning Point  21431930 is very suitable. So you can easily use this propeller with Mercury 150 engines.

  • The propeller is powerful.
  • High performance.
  • Sometimes the paint comes off.


Buying Guide

Mercury Prop Choices

I think now you can easily make your choice. To help you further, I will discuss the factors that you must check while buying.

Number of Blades

The number of blades is very important for propellers. This number plays a significant role in the velocity and acceleration of the boat. So choose the number of blades according to your priority.

Fewer blades may offer better fuel economy and top speed, while more blades will provide improved acceleration and more thrust for towing or carrying heavy loads. It’s important to consider how you’ll mostly be using your boat when deciding on the right number of blades for your propeller.

For example, if you typically fish in calm waters and don’t need to worry about towing or carrying heavy loads, a three-blade propeller may be the best choice. But if you frequently boat in rough waters or need extra power for waterskiing or wakeboarding, a four-blade propeller would be a better option.

Pitch Number

The pitch number is another important aspect of any propeller. The user can get ideas about the top speed and balance from pitch numbers. Be careful while selecting this number. Too high or too low pitch number is not helpful in boat riding.

Build Material


The material from which the propeller is made is very important. Because the durability and weight of the propeller depend on it. Also, high-quality materials protect against corrosion and longevity.

Aluminum propellers are the most common type of propeller on the market. They are less expensive than stainless steel props and offer good performance. However, aluminum props are not as durable as stainless steel and can be bent if you hit something in the water.

Stainless steel propellers are more expensive than aluminum, but they offer better performance and durability. If you are an avid fisherman or spend a lot of time on the water, stainless steel is the way to go.

Composite propellers are made from a variety of materials, including nylon and carbon fiber. These props offer good performance and are very durable. However, they can be more expensive than aluminum or stainless steel props.

When choosing a prop for your Mercury 150 4 Stroke outboard motor, consider the build material carefully. Aluminum props are less expensive but not as durable as stainless steel or composite props. Stainless steel props offer the best performance but are more expensive. Composite props offer good performance and durability but can be more costly.


The diameter of the propeller determines the overall speed of the boat. Usually, fast and small boats have propellers with a small diameter. And for big and heavy ships, a large diameter is needed. So be careful about this aspect.

Follow this buying guide to make the best decision for you. Be sure about your preferences and then go for a propeller for your Mercury 150 4-stroke engine.


FAQ Prop for Mercury 150 4 Stroke

Will a 3 blade prop make my boat faster?

Yes, a 3 blade prop will make your boat faster. 3-blade props are well known for their high-velocity production. They have a very high top speed but less acceleration.

Which prop is faster 19 pitch or 17?

The 19-pitch prop is faster than the 17. The higher pitch number of the props makes them faster. 19 pitch will deliver about a couple of MPH better than the 17 pitch.

What are the advantages of a stainless steel prop?

The main advantage of a stainless steel prop is its long lifetime. Stainless steel is a very durable material. Besides the aesthetic appearance, the propeller from this also runs for a long time.


This was all on the best prop for Mercury 150 4 strokes. I think I’ve made your work easier. Now it’s your work to choose one of these props.

All the best!

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