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5 Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump Problems + Solutions

johnson fuel pump problem

Outboard Fuel Pump is an important part of every vehicle. That’s why it should be best too. But still, Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump is not without faults too.

If you are using Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump, you may face many problems. Sometimes you may not even get the actual reasons for those problems.

So, what are the johnson outboard fuel pump problems?

You can face different kinds of problems. You need to identify the reasons for those problems. Like, such as problems with the battery, and fuel pump leaking issues. Also, problems in the diaphragm or in the engine, fuel running out very soon, inconsistent flow, etc.

That’s just a summary of the article. We have got more to share with you. To know more, go through the article.

So, let’s begin!

How to Diagnose a Bad Fuel Pump

There are several symptoms of a bad fuel pump, and if you notice any of them, it’s important to diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Engine sputtering or stalling: If your engine starts to sputter or stall, it could be a sign that the fuel pump is not delivering enough fuel to the engine.
  • Difficulty starting the engine: If you have difficulty starting the engine, it could be because the fuel pump is not providing enough pressure to the fuel injectors.
  • Poor mileage: If you notice that your mileage has decreased significantly, it could be because the fuel pump is not operating efficiently.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to take your vehicle to a mechanic and have them diagnose the problem.

Troubleshooting of Johnson Outboard  Fuel Pump Problems

Johnson’s outboard fuel pump is the favorite among all the outboard fuel pumps. You can find this available in all shapes and budgets. Also, they suit us so well our vehicles too.

But as you know, nothing is perfect in this world. Johnson outboard fuel pump has also some problems that many of us can face while using this.

Sometimes we don’t even get to know the exact problem and the location and reasons for the problems. Don’t worry! You can easily solve this problem with our help.

Here we have mentioned all the problems and Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump symptoms so that you can easily identify them and solve them accordingly.

Go through the problems one by one and try to match the symptoms with your case.

So, without any kind of delay, let’s start to know about them!

Problem 1: Battery Problems

Battery boat

Among many problems with the johnson outboard, battery problems are very much common. You can find this problem very much.

But the most painstaking part of this is you can’t even realize that the problem is in the battery.

Thankfully now we know the symptoms of this problem. Whenever we start our motor or engine, we can hear some sound or noise from there. The sound comes from the fuel pump.

If you can’t hear this sound when you start the car, then there are some problems with the battery. Thus you can realize if there is any problem or not in the battery.


The solution to this problem depends on the state of the battery. You should call a mechanic and check the battery. If he can solve the problem, then it’s okay. If he can’t, then replace the battery.

But there is something you should know. You should never use a battery for more than three years.

You should replace it after this time. And you should also check if the battery is okay or not after two or three months.

It’s a part of Johnson outboard fuel pump maintenance.

Problem 2: Leaking Issues

Leaking from the fuel pump is another big problem for the johnson outboard fuel pump. See if there is any kind of leak from the fuel pump. If so then it can damage the whole system.

First, check if there is any leak or not from the outboard fuel pump. If there is any leak, then the problem may be in the diaphragm.

If you don’t solve this problem rapidly, then the leaked fuel will damage the engine and eventually more fuel will be wasted. And it can damage the outboard motor too.

So be careful as outboard motors are costly.


Call a mechanic and check the diaphragm. You can also check if the diaphragm is okay or not through the johnson outboard fuel pump test.

Repair the diaphragm. You can also try to repair it Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump repair kit is available on the market.

But you should check the diaphragm sometimes without any leaking problems for the maintenance of the outboard fuel pump.

Problem 3: Problematic Diaphragm

If the diaphragm of the outboard fuel gets damaged and it’s of no use, then the problem is in the entire engine.

Because the diaphragm is a sensitive part of the engine. Which receives signals from the cylinder to send enough amount of fuel to the engine. That’s how a diaphragm works. It’s an important part of the outboard fuel pump.

That’s why if a diaphragm gets damaged, then the whole engine will be useless too.


You can solve this problem by calling a mechanic. He will be able to tell you more in a specific way what the problem is and why it has got damaged. You will have to spend a good amount of money to repair a diaphragm. It’s quite costly.

So to avoid this problem in the future try to have a schedule of regular maintenance.

Problem 4: Inconsistent Flow

fuel leak on boat

Is your outboard not getting fuel fluently? Are there any leakages or clogs in the fuel? In that case, your engine will not get enough supply of fuel.

You can know easily if there is any leak not from the outboard fuel pump symptoms. Like, for if your ride is bumpy or if you’re feeling that you are losing the speed of the vehicle too.

Then there is a chance of clogs in the fuel filter. It can also happen if your fuel pump is misfiring or sputtering.

Are you facing all these above incidents? Then it’s highly possible that there are leaks or clogs in the fuel pump.


You can solve this problem by cleaning out all those clogs or by repairing all those leaks. For this, you will need to know the Johnson outboard fuel filter location.

By knowing this you can easily solve this problem. It would be better if check the entire fuel system.

Because there is a system for everything in Johnson Outboard like the charging system. For safety take help from an expert.

Problem 5: Running Out of Fuel Soon

Is your outboard not getting fuel? Do you run out of fuel soon? Is your tank not long-lasting enough as it should be?

Then you are going through a serious problem. Because it is harmful to both engine and you. Because you will have to buy that extra fuel again to run your vehicle. It will cost you extra money too.

You will have to solve this problem whenever you are facing any kind of rapid fuel usage issues.


For solving this problem, you will have to call a mechanic. It would be much better if you go to an expert to solve this problem. He will catch the location of your problem immediately and solve it in a good way.

To prevent this problem, you can also take one more step. If you install a fuel stabilizer, then you might not face this problem again.

That’s why it would be better if you use a fuel stabilizer.

Here we have recommended some top fuel stabilizers for you in the table below:

Product 1 STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer – Keeps Fuel Fresh
Product 2 Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz. , white

That’s all. Now you know all the problems with Johnson’s outboard fuel pump.

Solve those problems according to the symptoms we have mentioned. It would be better if you solve these problems through an expert or a mechanic.


how to Change a Fuel Pump on a Johnson

Can a fuel pump go out?

Yes, a fuel pump can go out. If a fuel pump transfers gas to the engine to start the car. So, if a fuel pump goes out, you can’t start your vehicle.

Can I replace a fuel pump by myself?

Yes, you can replace a fuel pump by yourself. You will need the owner’s manual or the right guide and follow the steps accordingly. Thus you can replace it.

What should be the time to replace a fuel pump?

The main part of replacing the fuel pump is removing the fuel tank from the vehicle. It will take about 2 hours for you to replace it by yourself.

Final Words

Hoping that you know now all the johnson outboard fuel pump problems and their solutions. Try to solve those problems according to the symptoms.

It’s time to say goodbye to you. Hope you have enjoyed our article.

Have a Good Day!

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