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Can You Kayak While Pregnant? – Staying Active During Pregnancy

Challenging and difficult as it may be, pregnancy is always looked at as a blessing and the most blissful state in which a woman can be.

Not everyone wants children, it is scary, and the most responsible thing that a person will ever do, but being a parent is very rewarding.

Being pregnant is easier in modern times, much more so than it used to be.

We now know more about what the woman needs and what she should stay away from.

Some activities are restricted, others are encouraged, while there are some that are outright forbidden.

But what about kayaking? When a female kayaker gets pregnant, should she take a break from it? If so, for how long?

What could happen if she continues kayaking and can it hurt her or the baby?

If you are passionate about kayaking and have just found out you are pregnant, or if you have a pregnant kayaker in your life, make sure to keep reading the article.

Not only will you help them, but perhaps even advise them on how to protect themselves and their baby. That is after all the most important thing for the next 9 months.

Is It Safe?

Kayak While Pregnant

In general, there are no rules or recommendations that suggest pregnant women should not kayak. On the contrary, kayaking is perfectly safe for the mother and the baby.

However, just like with everything else in these crucial nine months, the women should do what is right for them and what their own pregnancies allow.

Simply feeling like doing it can be enough to take out your kayak paddle for hours.

As you can guess, every pregnancy is different because every mom and baby is different.

For some, it is a lot of pain, kicking, and mood swings combined with exhaustion and tiredness.

For others, it is a breeze without much effort or pain. One can never know until they become pregnant and start to listen to their body, as well as the experts.

There are things that future mothers can do when paddling while pregnant is concerned.

Tips for Pregnant Kayaking

Tips for Pregnant Kayaking

First and foremost, every pregnant woman who wonders whether or not she should go kayaking should listen to her body.

Some ladies keep on kayaking without any issues, at least while they are still comfortable in the kayak before the last pregnancy stretch hits.

Some even compete in kayaking races or hit the whitewater rapids regularly.

If you are confident, experienced, feel like you can do it, and want to do it, there should be nobody preventing you from paddling while pregnant.

Another thing to keep in mind is to know your limits and do it within reason.

Overall, you should not be too hard on yourself, definitely not as hard as before pregnancy.

Knowing your limits means staying in your comfort zone while pregnant and not trying any new tricks until you give birth.

For example, if you never went kayak fishing before, do not do it now.

If you are inexperienced in whitewater, do not attempt to master it while pregnant.

There was a reason why you never did it before so wait a few months and then give it a shot.

Most pregnant ladies only think about the physical toll an activity takes on their bodies while they are pregnant.

The same goes for those wanting to paddle during pregnancy. Think about the wider picture and how it can affect you otherwise.

For example, is the water getting colder, is the weather turning, are you able to do it on your own, and do you have all the gear you need?

It is definitely not just about being physically capable but also mentally prepared and strong.

Does your kayaking ensemble still fit, can the belly fit comfortably inside the spray skirt? Think about this and then decide if you still want to do it.

Speaking of the body changing during pregnancy, a lot of things may no longer feel comfortable and certain skills may leave you for a while.

The baby bump makes your center of gravity lower and it makes you more stable. That is a good thing for kayaking, but it takes some getting used to as it changes the way you paddle.

The bump may also restrict your movement, crucial for paddling. It is also more difficult to lean to the sides and forward, and too much movement could make you unwell, especially during morning kayak sessions.

Activities and Pregnancy

Activities and Pregnancy

There are certain activities that favor pregnancy, like walking for example. Pregnant women should regularly walk to keep moving, to get some exercise, and to get the blood flowing throughout the body.

After all, staying active during pregnancy for as long and as much as possible is very beneficial for the mother and the baby.

It reduced backaches, swellings, and overall discomfort or pregnancy. The activity also promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance and keeps the woman more able and capable after the baby comes.

Energy levels and mood are boosted with activity while pregnant too, another reason why kayaking is good.

The mood is also improved by just being outside on the water, surrounded by nature, and removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The outdoors are therapeutic in many ways, especially as antistress, antianxiety, and anti-depression solutions.

Stamina will be increased for the eventual labor and delivery if the woman stays active, too.

However, some activities are not that great when pregnant.

Some of these include basketball, hot yoga, skiing, and riding horses. Scuba diving is also not advised and some even claim that cycling is not ideal for pregnant women.

These activities have aspects that can hurt the mother and/or the baby and disrupt the whole pregnancy up to that point, so it is better to avoid them.

Kayaking is definitely not among these and the fact that you are sitting comfortably in a stable kayak only confirms it more.

If you miss the water and want to do some light paddling, it could be all the exercise you need while pregnant.

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