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How To Change Power Trim & Tilt Fluid For Yamaha Boats

power trim i tilt fluid

Most Yamaha boats should be maintained at least once a year. When there’s little to no fluid, the outboard can get permanently damaged. So, you ought to change or refill the fluid as soon as you can.

So, how to change the power trim and tilt fluid on Yamaha boats?

First, you’ve to level the boat on the trailer. After that, unscrew the filler spout and refill the chamber. When that’s done, lower the outboard and lift it back up. Do the process multiple times. Now, close the chamber, then lower and lift the outboard again. Continue the process until the outboard doesn’t get stuck.

Anyways, that was only a short preview of the whole discussion. Read along if you wish to know more information regarding this matter.

So, shall we begin?

Importance of Power Trim and Tilt For an Outboard Motor

Power Trim and Tilt

Now, like other outboard motors, yamaha 4 stroke has a lot of problems. One such problem is caused by a lack of trim and tilt fluid. As a result, the outboard gets worn out.

Power trim and tilt are one of the most important components of a boat. But unfortunately, most people don’t realize that. Thus, they don’t maintain them.

As a result, the boat loses significant performance. The ride on the boat becomes super uncomfortable. And that’s the moment when people realize how important power trim and tilt are.

Simply put, power trim and tilt control how smooth a boat is going to be. Without this device, your boat is not going to cut through water properly.

For example-

If your tilt is downwards, you’re going to navigate through rough waves easily. Your boat won’t crash into waves as the bow is really close to the water. So, you end up with a smoother experience in the end.

Similarly, the ability to tilt upwards will let you navigate through shallow water. It also prevents overheating of the engine.

So, when your trim and tilt stop working, it simply won’t be a pleasant experience.

Thus, you’re more likely to crash if you’re in shallow water with a downward tilt. Also, you won’t be able to navigate easily in deep water with an upwards tilt.

On top of that, propellers synchronize with good trim and tilt. So, getting good propellers for a Yamaha boat is mandatory for boat lovers.

Since a lack of hydraulic fluid causes this problem, it can easily be fixed. All you have to do is to add new fluid. Then, your trim and tilt will begin operating right away.

How To Change Power Trim & Tilt Fluid By Yourself?

Fortunately, changing power trim and tilt fluid is super easy. It mostly takes 2-3 hours to do it. But most importantly, it doesn’t require any professionals. So, you can easily save some money.

But before you start, you’re going to need the following tools:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • A Trailer
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • A Level
  • Trim and Tilt Fluid

Manage these tools as soon as possible and we can get started!

Step 01: Position the Boat Properly On the Trailer

Before you start, you’ve to level the boat on the trailer. This is super important because if it’s not leveled; the fluid will leak.

Simply put, the boat can’t be raised or faced slightly downwards. So, it’s only going to be hard for you as you’ll fail to get accurate results.

Also, the boat has to be lower. So, lower the trailer first. After that, take some height measurements at the front and the back.

To adjust the height, you can use an adjustable hitch. You can even use a level to check the height easily.

Most levels have an indicator bubble. If the bubble is in the middle and inside the marker, your trailer is properly leveled.

When you’re done, lift the outboard all the way up and lock the safety clip.

Step 02: Refill the Fluid Chamber

Yamaha Boats Refill the Fluid Chamber

After leveling your boat, you can now begin the refilling process. If you notice carefully, you’ll see a moderately big screw behind the power trim.

This screw tends to be sensitive. So, gently unscrew it with a flathead screwdriver. You can also put something below to catch the fluid while you do this.

When that’s done, get the fluid tube and add some fluid into the chamber.

Keep adding the fluid until it starts to pour out. Again, you can keep a bowl to catch the extra fluid.

But hey! Don’t close the chamber yet. Because we have a lot to do.

By the way, you can also use alternatives for power trim and tilt fluid, if you want to. They give many options to explore and you can get the most suited one.

Step 03: Lower the Outboard & Lift It Back Up

Yamaha Boats Hydraulic Chamber

A hydraulic chamber has piston is inside. And the pistons can’t move properly if the whole chamber isn’t oiled.

So far we’ve only added the fluid but there is air inside the chamber. That’s why in this step, we’re going to bleed the air out while oiling the whole chamber.

Now, you’ve to lower the outboard all the way. It’ll bleed the air out in the process. A lot of fluid will also come out so don’t worry about that. Make sure to unlock the safety clip before you begin lowering it.

After that, lift the outboard back up. This part of the process will complete the lubrication.

Step 04: Repeat Step 2 & 3 At Least 3-4 Times

A hydraulic chamber requires a lot of lubrication. That’s why you’ve to refill the chamber a couple of times. You also have to lower and lift the outboard after each refill.

Re-apply the fluid after lifting the outboard. Lower and lift it each time you add the fluid.

When you’ve done it at least 4-5 times, close the chamber. Lower and lift the outboard again. Then check whether it gets stuck or not.

If it gets stuck, there’s still air inside the chamber. If that happens, unscrew and repeat the process.

Also, remember to always service your outboard motor from time to time. It’ll keep your outboard motor in top-notch condition. As a result,

Lastly, if this seems too hard, then just hire some professionals to do it for you. And with that, we’re done!


Yamaha Boats Refill faq

What kind of oil goes in tilt and trim?

Without any doubt, 10W-40 is the best oil for any outboard motor. However, you can use 10W-30 or 5W-40 as well. They are great for trim and tilting.

How do you bleed air from power tilt and trim?

To bleed air, you simply need to lower and lift the outboard motor. Since a hydraulic chamber uses a piston, it will push all the air out of the chamber. Also, the motor should be rested for 10-15 seconds when it’s fully lower or lifted.

Is power steering fluid the same as hydraulic fluid?

Power steering fluid is one kind of hydraulic fluid. However, it’s not necessarily used in hydraulics. Nowadays, most people like to use synthetic hydraulic fluids for better response and lubrication.

How do you check Yamaha trim fluid?

If you have a Yamaha outboard motor, it’s important to check the trim fluid level regularly. This is especially true if you use your boat in salt water, as the salty environment can cause corrosion and other problems.

To check the trim fluid level, first, make sure that the engine is turned off and the boat is at rest. Then, locate the trim fluid reservoir, which is usually located near the engine. Once you’ve found it, remove the cap and check the level of fluid inside. If it’s low, add more trim fluid until it reaches the full line on the reservoir.

Wrapping Up

With that, we’re at the end of our little journey. That was everything we could provide on how to change power trim and tilt fluid for Yamaha boats.

Last but not least, good luck with your boat!

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