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Stratos Boat Problems – Detailed Information

Most boat enthusiasts, with time, develop a newfound interest in fishing boats. However, if you’re one of them, try to consider a few factors before splurging on a fisher. Factors like rod holders, tackle boxes, casting decks, outriggers, etc.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ve most certainly heard of Stratos Boats. But you should be aware of some of the probable drawbacks of buying one.

So, what are some stratos boat problems you might face?

There are a few well-known issues. Such as transom difficulties, where transoms get rusty. Also cracking complications due to excessive weight load on the boat.

If your indicators are not working it means you have corroded wiring. Solidity can also be compromised if the weight limit is crossed.

If you need detailed information about these problems, don’t worry we got you covered. This article will give you comprehensive information on all the problems.

Keep reading for the details!

What Are Stratos Boats?

Stratos boats are well known for their reasonable price and durability. They are also known for their moderate performance, versatility, and affordability.

They provide anglers and boat enthusiasts with price value and appropriate performance.

Exceptional performance and fishing features are the main attraction to anglers.

That is why Stratos boats were still the go-to choice even with their list of drawbacks. But eventually, the shortcomings caught up with their luck.

Their distributor, OMC, invested poorly in the boat’s R&D ventures. And OMC’s poor choices led them to their own demise as well as the Stratos. OMC went bankrupt.

Javelin and Stratos boats came under the same parent company shortly after.

They became better focused on performance, handling, and a design update.

But there are still some drawbacks. These include their poor craftsmanship on seats and trim. But these don’t affect the performance of the boats.

The performance is still not the best in the business. There’s a list of issues still lingering with engines, framework, transmission, and overall durability.

Let’s look at some of the problems you run into with these boats in detail!

Problems You May Encounter with a Stratos Boat

Problems You May Encounter with a Stratos Boat

You may or may not face some issues with your Stratos boat. Below we are discussing some commonly faced issues with your boats!

1: Transom Difficulty

The issues mainly faced by the owner are associated with the rectitude of the transom. Complaints about rusting out of the transom are common.

The bolts become loose while using this system. If you are planning to buy this constituent then chances are high you face this problem.

2: Cracking Complications

You may face cracking complications similar to the rusting problems with the transom.

Oftentimes it ensues because of immoderate load on the unit. If you put extra consignment on your boat, you might see your boat cracking.

3: Corroded Wiring

Many reports were made about faulty gauges. It all goes back to the corrupted wiring in the boat.

If you face issues regarding boat indicators not functioning, chances are high that the wiring is damaged.

You will need to count on a multimeter to understand this issue better.

This way it’s easier to figure out the problem. It will help you to resolve the issue. You can then find a premade wire set for repair.

Corroded wires can become a huge issue if left unchecked. These require solutions as soon as you encounter them.

4: Solidity Issues

Last but not least, is the solidity issue. It’s a bit annoying since the overall performance of your boat is dependent on this unit.

Even though Stratos boats are known for their speed, you may scuffle with their stability.

This happens if you are crossing the weight limit. Crossing the weight limit will result in losing command over the boat.

These are the most commonly faced issues with Stratos boats. Keep reading to find out ways to resolve these problems!

Ways to Resolve Your Boat Issues

Ways to Resolve Your Boat Issues

If there is a problem, there is a solution. So, need not worry because we got you covered! Here are a few tips on solving your boat issues.

Ease your Transom Difficulty

All you have to do is a routine check-up and maintain a maintenance cycle. This will increase the longevity of your boat.

Limit your boat usage. This can have a constructive effect on water admittance.

Overuse of the boat may also result in gas buildup in the wrong places. Here’s an article on how to start an outboard motor that has been sitting.

Fix the Cracks

Minimize the weight load on your boat. Avoid putting excessive pressure on your boat. Gridlocking your system can help you experience a better fishing trip.

Now, keep in mind to moderate the load on your boat. Make sure to check the state of your boat every once in a while.

Repair Damaged Wiring

Isolating the corrupted wiring and situating new wires is the way to go. Seal the point where the connections are made durably.

The power circulation may get deranged from rust. So don’t forget to clean the wiring bunch. This will ease your struggles with indicator performance.

Make it More Stable

This problem is pretty easy to solve. Just stop putting excess load on your boat.

Carry only the necessary items and travel with fewer people. This will surely increase the solidity of your boat.

Some anglers have mentioned problems regarding motors as well. In this case, it’s best to reach out to the particular motor brands for help.

Oftentimes these problems arise from occluded tubes and old batteries. These problems are rather easy to fix by yourself. But if you are not an expert it’s best to reach out to an expert.

You might even run into the boat’s ignition switch issues at times. This is also caused by the external forces acting on the engine. It is a part of the stability issue.


When did Stratos stop making boats?

Stratos’s business went down after the bankruptcy of OMC in 2000. This situation is likely to improve soon. Because of the limited-run-high-end boat Stratos ASX, in march 2001.

Who makes Stratos boats?

Stratos Boats, Inc. is a fishing boat manufacturer company, located in Arkansas.

They were previously under the possession of Platinum Equity after OMC’s dissolution. Stratos was primarily owned by Bass Pro Group

What year did Stratos stop using wood?

They stopped using wood and went all synthetic in their 1998 models. Stratos is built of a gel coat and fiberglass, which is similar to Ranger boats. Stratos boats are also made with their own cast and framework. The choice to forego timber was to improve long-term durability.

Are Stratos boats fast?

The speed of a Stratos boat will depend on various factors, such as the boat’s size, weight, hull design, and engine size.

However, Stratos boats are known for their speed and handling capabilities and are often used for high-performance boating activities, such as fishing and water sports.

For example, the Stratos 293 VLO is a 29-foot high-performance bass boat that is capable of reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour or more with a suitable engine.

The Stratos 276 VLO is a 27-foot fishing boat that is known for its speed and handling and is capable of reaching speeds of around 50 miles per hour or more.

It’s important to keep in mind that maximum speed should not be the only consideration when operating a boat and that safe and responsible boating practices should always be followed.


We hope by now you have a better idea of some of Stratos’s boat problems.

There are a few drawbacks that come with an overall good fishing boat.

As all things do. But the ease of fixing these issues for the Stratos is what makes it better as a choice.

You can also customize the seating if you’re into aesthetics. All in all, take everything into consideration twice before purchasing this boat.

Thanks for reading and come back for more!

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