14 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $2000 2022 – Top Fishing Equipment

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $2,000

Get rid of hassle trawling with these best fishing kayaks under $2,000, which are affordable, swift, convenient, portable, and durable. Undoubtedly, trawling becomes more fruitful, optimistic, and adventurous with the best kayak but the thought of spending five thousand dollars or more ruins the spirit. After exploring the industry for years, I would sound lackadaisical … Read more

Kayak History – How Kayaks Evolved Since Ancient Times

Kayak History

You are about to enter the wonderful world of kayaks. No other type of watercraft has the versatility, efficiency, and quietness of a good kayak. Like a bicycle, kayaks are the most efficient way to convert human power to propulsion. No noisy polluting engines, no need to fool with a lot of technical equipment, minimal … Read more

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade – 2022 Complete Comparison Guide

Traditional Greenland Paddle vs Euro-Blade

Although traditional kayak paddle designs tend to differ slightly from region to region, most can be categorized as belonging to either the Greenland or Aleut paddle styles. However, while these two traditional kayak paddle styles served their users very well for thousands of years, it is important to keep in mind that indigenous peoples used … Read more