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12 Best Conventional Reels for Bottom Fishing 2024 – Big Reels for Big Water

deep fishing reels

Fishing in any seawater source is a challenging task when it comes to trapping big-sized fish. It is essential to own a premium rod for trapping any aquatic creature. Any reel you select must work well in salty water and it should catch big fish.

The word ‘Bottom’ means exploring the sea deeply and using a reel to get the creature trapped. Sometimes, exploring and finding the best conventional reel for bottom fishing is confusing.

deep fishing reel

You must consider all the necessary features while purchasing any product. Anyone who is fond of running a small fish business requires high-quality equipment for bottom seawater fishing. This write-up discusses the buying guide and the best conventional reels for bottom fishing that are worth your investment. Ensure to check all the crucial features and purchase the correct item.

Top Picks on the Conventional Reels for Deep Fishing

  1. Best for the Versa Drag System – Penn Seawater Squall-II
  2. Top Best Anti-Reverse System – Daiwa SGT50H
  3. Best Carbon Fiber Type Drag System – KastKing Brass-made Reel
  4. Top Reel for Bottom Fishing – Piscifun Salis High-Speed Reel
  5. Best Conventional Reel – Sougayilang Baitcasting Reel

1. Penn Seawater Squall-II – Versa Drag System

Penn Seawater Squall-II - Versa Drag System


This incredible reel for seawater fishing is comparatively a lightweight, castable, and retrievable reel. This product is quite available in a spindle design with quick gear. This equipment is perfect for trapping massive-sized fish or aquatic creatures from the sea.

It is highly durable and can bear an aquatic creature’s weight. You can get this item in five sizes and use it accordingly. Let us explore more about its features and decide whether it is ideal for you.


  • The frame with side plates is manufactured with graphite.
  • Its primary gear is manufactured with strenuous bronze alloy.
  • It contains steel-made gear.
  • The design of the live spindle provides the feature of a floating spool.
  • The drag system of Versa includes washers of HT-100.
  • It involves a knob mag dial and upgraded spool type of bearings for casting.
  • It is available in five sizes, i.e., 12 to 40.

2. Daiwa SGT50H – Anti-Reverse System

Daiwa SGT50H - Anti-Reverse System


This reel is worth considering. Undoubtedly, its frame is resistant to rust and is pretty durable in trapping fish in salty water.

At a reasonable rate, one can get many features you never expected. You can control all your activities by operating this reel. Consider its impressive features and determine more information regarding this product.


  • This item offers an anti-reverse system.
  • The spool is properly aluminum-anodized.
  • This frame is quite resistant to rust due to its composite construction material.
  • One will get a drag of tournament carbon in this item.
  • It is available with many line capacities.
  • Three roller and CRBB-made ball types of bearings are quite resistant to rust.
  • All the available gears are manufactured with rugged helical-cut brass to give an amazing and smooth winding finish.
  • It involves a spool brake with a centrifugal feature.

3. KastKing Brass-made Reel – Carbon Fiber Type Drag System

KastKing Brass-made Reel


Anyone who is exploring an attractive-looking reel must consider purchasing this fancy one. This item not only looks impressive, but it also works great. It is manufactured with premium-quality aluminum with a brass shaft and steel manufactured components.

It is hard to rust even if you catch or pull fish from salty water. Due to its solid construction, it is a popular choice worldwide. But you should not miss out on its features before making any purchase.


  • It is a bullet-resistant rover with thick side plates. The spool is CNC-machined. All the available gears are manufactured with brass and steel.
  • This product is constructed amazingly, and therefore, it is robust and rust-resistant.
  • It is a powerful reel due to its fantastic carbon fiber type drag system. The Cymbal Washer System can easily drag 30 lbs.
  • Whenever you trap and pull big fish, it can roll smoothly due to the double-shield steel bearings.
  • This versatile reel is quite perfect for seawater fishing along with trolling. Due to its solid construction, it has become a common choice worldwide.
  • The grips are non-slip and oversized, which prevents slipping while catching a heavy fish.
  • There is an included line alarm to trap and catch the creature easily.
  • The spool comes in different sizes, i.e., 40 to 60.
  • All the fantastic features are available at an affordable price.

4. Piscifun Salis High-Speed Reel

Piscifun Salis High-Speed Reel


The unique thing is its winding system is made of steel. One can lay the available line over the spool evenly. Its graphite-made frame is quite sturdy, which includes oversized gears.

You can pair different spool types as per the output you desire. No requirement of tying a line knot is there to do fishing. Consider its other incredible product features that are worth knowing.


  • It is perfect for hunting big fish from salty water sources.
  • This item is quite lightweight and robust.
  • The equipment frame is manufactured with graphite along with steel-made side plates. No risk of rusting if you use it to trap fish from salty seawater.
  • It is a fantastic power machine with washers made of carbon fiber. One can drag 37 lbs.
  • The system of gearing provides consistency for better performance.
  • The spool is well-forged with aluminum for removing backing while spooling.
  • There is a 6.2:1 gear ratio to troll quickly compared to others. One can also control the battle of catching any size fish.

5. Sougayilang Baitcasting Reel

Sougayilang Baitcasting Reel


This standard baitcaster reel is available with all the necessary features. One can hunt big aquatic creatures by operating this reel in seawater and trapping the fish.

Compared to other products, it is a highly-durable product and is preferable because of its good price. Let us explore its impressive features and decide whether it is worth your money to buy or not.


  • It is an amazing reel to trap the catfish. Due to its high-performance and robust frame, many people prefer this device.
  • The reel frame is resistant to rust as it is perfectly coated. You can go fishing at the seaside without any worry about rust. But you must rinse it with water after every use.
  • There are six ball types and one roller type steel bearing. The available drag system is robust and offers a consistent and proper dragging facility.
  • It is a sturdy device that offers perfect performance with no risk of friction while catching giant aquatic creatures.
  • The bent-cranking extended handles and a power knob provide torque to pull the fish with no effort. The rocker’s arm is made with better-quality construction material for better strength.
  • It includes the centrifugal brake for applying consistent pressure.
  • The gears are significant, requiring proper configurations for improving the gear rotation resistance and its overall performance.
  • You can enhance the disc hardness and minimize the force of skewing parts.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide on the Best Conventional Reels for Bottom Fishing

Before you purchase any reel, you must check out all the necessary features. You must know about your requirements and compare them with the product list. You must go for the one that fulfills all your requirements.

In this purchasing guide, you must know all the crucial factors that you have to compare in every product you consider. As per your needs, you can finalize the perfect reel for fishing. The factors are:

1. Speed

Many experienced fishermen prefer fishing reels at two speeds. It offers versatility which is not possible to get in every model. Whenever you pick more than a single speed, you can easily trap different fish types. Two gear choices are there in such reels, i.e., high and low. one can go deep and take out the big seawater fish.

You can force the angler and offer power to the surface. But in a single gear, one cannot easily make it. The challenging thing is to manage the creature’s weight and fight with the struggle they make whenever you pull them.

One must also consider the ratio of gear as it determines the number of rotation times of the available spool in a single handle turn. This way, one can also consider the cranked line inches of a reel. Two gears in any reel provide enough flexibility offshore.

2. Drag

Buying Guide on the Best Conventional Reels for Bottom Fishing - Drag

For anyone who is boating offshore and doing fishing, you have to check the feature of level dragging. You must spend enough money on this feature because it is quite expensive. Many individuals prefer to own more anglers so that they can easily make any adjustments per your requirement.

It is necessary to understand the entire system of two drag before considering it. 3As compared to all the star-type drags, one must prefer the lever ones because of their durability, which are directly connected to the reel spool. More drugs are easily available in the lever one over the star one.

3. Quality Construction

By checking out its construction material, it is simple to determine how long your reel lasts. One should always check its longevity and weight. The preferable choices of materials for the frame are manufactured aluminum, graphite, or die-casted aluminum. It is quite better to prefer composite due to its lighter weight and resistance to rust.

It works brilliantly even while pulling heavy weight. No dissipation of heat is thereby graphite made frames like other metals. If any metal generates heat, it decreases the entire drag performance. All the available gearings and shafts are manufactured in steel to manage the excess pressure.

best performing reel for deep fishing

Final Thoughts

Many professional fishermen invest their money in purchasing a perfect-quality fish-trapping reel to do fishing. Many unique models by different brands are available, and it is challenging to make a perfect decision. Therefore, exploring several reels mentioned above is necessary and checking out all their features. Before you purchase, you must keep all the features in mind.

The purchasing guide lets you determine all the essential features you must consider in the item that one is thinking of purchasing. It is crucial to have patience while picking the appropriate reel as per your requirements. You must know what various things you require in the item. Whenever a person is in a hurry, it is challenging to purchase the exact things one desires in a reel to do fishing in deep salty seawater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Conventional Reels for Bottom Fishing - FAQs

1. What Needs to be the Necessary Reel Size?

If you desire to trap any fish weighing less than 50 pounds, you can prefer standard-sized reels. These devices are also appropriate for fishing, but one can select them only when boating offshore.

Ensure you do not need to explore deeper in the sea if you operate a standard-sized device. But if you desire to catch any fish that weighs more than 50-200 pounds, then you should prefer the medium type of version.

2. How One Can Select the Appropriate Reel?

Generally, the gear ratio of any common reel type is relatively low compared to the spinning ones and baitcasting. You can operate the spool to crank in slow motion.

But you can expect more torque to catch and pull any big fish. Whenever you operate any reel with low-level gears and better torque, you can expect better performance from the two-speed type of reels for faster line recovery.

3. Is It Simple to Cast by Operating a Reel?

Yes, it is simple to cast any reel. Initially, the reels were introduced to the public, and many individuals tried to cast them and develop a newer version.

4. How is Bait Caster Different from the Conventional Reel?

Many individuals are always confused when selecting any reel, but one must know one thing there is no such difference. The Bait cast involved a one-cast hand, preferred by the inshore folks.

5. Is It Possible to Do Fishing by a Spinning Reel?

Yes, one can operate the spinning type of reel to do fishing in seawater. Generally, many anglers consider reels over spinning ones for such things.

6. Is It Possible to Operate Baitcaster for Doing Fishing?

One can pick a better-quality reel only when you decide where you desire to do fishing. Anyone who prefers to do pier fishing must prefer operating the spinning type of reel. But if you require to create a precise and long-cast reel, it is pretty much better to select the Bait Caster.

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