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14 Best Surf Fishing Reels 2024 – Professional Fishing Gear

Best Surf Fishing Reels

Given the fact, the anglers tend to stand by the side of the shoreline to do the surf fishing completed; only the dedicated and exclusively best surf fishing reels are the only answer to do it effectively.

Being to stand right on the shoreline, the fishing rods are often relatively more abundant in length, nearing 9 feet to 13, in most cases due to the fact the casting has to be somewhat longer than most water conditions.

With the surf fishing reels and to do it from the shoreline, the line capacity should be a minimum of 250 yards to be spooled. Generally, the saltwater catches are stronger than most fishing species, and they are to call upon the fight, making it ultimately harder to drag and retrieve.

Fast the beach with the long surfs producing to get your favorite catches that look dependently harsh to withstand by standing against them.

No exception you can make on the saltwater to miss catching the particular fish species, but anyone could grab onto the hook let it be shark or the sharpened teeth fishes to call your best catch of the day.

Comparison Table

Here we bring the top 10 and the best of the surf fishing reels to pick and choose from, varying by the price tag and the features to streamline and align according to your purchasing decision.

List of Top Surf Fishing Reels

1. KastKing Summer 3000 –  Editor’s Pick

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels


First is, we love the design. It got an awe-inspiring one in the icy-bluish theme giving everyone the perfect look of a professionally-sounding surf fishing reel, allowing you to gather the trust and confidence to do perfectly well by standing and facing the long surfs coming your way bashing you.

Valued for the greater, this too-lowest on the price that is more than affordable by many; this KastKing Summer 3000 ensures you act super professional to face the saltwater catches with the ultimate confidence by not feeling anything attached to your hand as it comes with the lightweight design made exclusively with the narrowed graphite frame and balanced through the system combining the ultimate performance by keeping everything compact.

Powered for the best, it comes with the super-classed drag system offering the highest and incredible stopping/drag power to over 17.5 lbs with the hardened metal-backed main shaft, and the meshed drive gear comes with the pinion gears based on the precision-machined standard to call off the fighting power to relieve vehemently.

Approved for the super smooth performance, loaded with over nine but quality-rich ball bearings and single instantly stopping and one-way anti-reverse bearing ensures you never feel the stoppage and anything ever prevents you from dragging your heavier catch seamlessly.

Anodized aluminum spool with dual-color and the highly-powerful launch lip allows for further casting and the strength to bear all the pressure without hitting a single issue. It takes to hold more of the line capacity than the most surf fishing reels available.

  • Highly affordable surf fishing reel
  • Super lightweight
  • Icy touch!
  • Corrodes over time

2. Okuma Avenger ABF 40 – Rigid Design Surf Fishing Reel

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel


The enduring design that comes to showcase using this Okuma Avenger ABF 40 is one of the solid pieces of surf fishing reel to last almost all sorts of drag power.

Comes loaded with over six ball bearings plus a single roller and main bearing to help to drag and retrieve the catch without turning hotter that ultimately misconfigured the whole of the fishing experience by malfunctioning the reel over time decreasing the expected performance.

A robust gearing ratio of 4.5:1 makes the whole of it as smooth as you could ever imagine despite the fact it winds up the line slower than the higher gearing ratios. However, it would still outperform many in the line due to its effectiveness and smoothness to count as the whole gearing system is made exclusively with the precision-machined cut brass.

And the line capacity of more than 10/290 with weighting 16.3 ounces ensures it is lightweight to handle all day long and hook even the heavier catches that take more time to call off the fight going in and out the water before calming down to get ready to be out in your grip.

Rigid with the die-cast aluminum handle and the knob along with a two-tone anodized and ported spool makes the perfect combination of dealing with all the drag power the fish is set to let you experience.

  • Brass-backed pinion gears
  • Graphite frame
  • Rigid design
  • Not that audible drag clicker

3. Penn Fierce II 6000 – Affordable Surf Fishing Reel

PENN Fierce Live Liner Spinning Fishing Reel


Attractive blackish color with the red lining adds to the design doubling the power of this already-powerful surf fishing reel from Penn Fierce II 6000 having the body made with the sturdy and full metal along with the side plates to keep the gearing performance to work precisely and keeping everything aligned no matter what sort of the load it is put up.

Enjoy the smooth retrieves using the well-balanced rotor, never making you feel any disturbance under the heavier loads. It has the catches never to take you to experience any ordeal over time.

Integrated with the stainless steel ball bearings to the count of four plus one which could make you to questions as to it would attract the rust by being used into the saltwater but rest assured, this exclusive Penn Fierce ii 6000 is designed the way it would catch up with the rust without needing to lubricate it every time.

Not only the sturdy ball bearings it got, but it also comes with instant anti-reverse bearing stopping the catch to not go back into the water even how hard it tries to.

Lastly, the heavy-duty aluminum ball wire that spools up the line as effectively without any hassle to ever face.

And the gearing ratio of above 5.6:1 would streamline the retrieval to wind up the whole line relatively faster than other fishing reels available in the market matching the same size as Penn Fierce li 6000.

  • Crafted for the heavier gamefish
  • Metal-made body
  • Aluminum bail wire
  • Narrow spool

4. Penn Squall 50VSW Surf Fishing Reel – Dura-Drag System

Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Trolling 50vsw


Believe it or not, but if the price were the factor to decide upon your purchasing power, we all would end up not owning anything out of the market just because compromising with the quality would not lag.

With Penn Squall 50VSW is an equal example of the quality that could never be justified against its overpriced price tag that seems to be going out of the grip and the reach of the conventional anglers looking for the trusted surf fishing reel.

Priced at a relatively higher slot, the dual-speed mechanism by switching from 2.9:1 to 1.5:1 gearing ratio enables you to select and change to your preferred gearing using Quick Shift from lower to higher within a second.

Equipped with the lightweight plus powerful lever drag made of the graphite frame as well as side plates turning it to be idealized to go for the bigger game to hook your best out of the saltwater.

The Dura-Drag system eliminates the snags, and the hesitation never to get to feel during the extreme drag settings with the double dog ratchet system stops the handle from getting reversed on the higher loads without compromising on the catch without needing to set it free.

All in all, this Penn Squall 50VSW goes to be your ultimate pick in search of outstanding surf fishing reels queued up into the line inciting you to own it the minute you see it.

  • Dura-Drag system
  • Made with graphite
  • Double dog ratchet system
  • A bit expensive in the price

5. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500 FB – Powerful Rated Drag Power

Shimano Stradic Ci4


Just do not love the performance BUT lover the outlook as well; with having Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500 FB, that means you know the real worth of this particular fishing reel to casting along the shoreline giving a proud look to the fellow anglers joined around mimicking to inquire how solid it looks by design.

And not only the design that adds the real value to be price-tagged at the relatively higher-end but the performance is also equally the unmatched for the most as it comes loaded with the finest and quick gear ratio from HAGANE concept bearing 5.0:1 along with the high line retriever rate of more than 2.70 inches or 73 centimeters as each full dial closes in the more significant gap to take out the catch faster than the most reels found from the same category.

Installed over six high-performing ball bearings plus one for the reversal to stop. The spare spool is the finest addition to start using it anytime when you feel like experiencing the bend or adding the brand new into the reel system after years of usage.

Goes to be working in reverse condition without needing to pull any sort of the anti-reverse switch to select. It is always ready to spool in front and the backward depending upon the heavier catch on the hook a little longer time to calm down.

Has the excellent drag power range from 7 lbs to 24 lbs, so make yourself prepared to face even the relatively heavier catch to get a hook on which seems impossible to retrieve using the different reel from the same class.

  • Front drag system
  • Powerful rated drag power
  • Balanced rotor
  • Spool drag does not click

6. Daiwa BG 8000 – Best DigiGear System Reel For Surf Fishing

Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel


Robust and dependable; that is how Daiwa BG 8000 sounds upon coming into the eye contact for many anglers who know to get to own different sorts of the fishing reels.

And when it comes to casting into the saltwater, you cannot trust any ordinary and lower-rated fishing reel that would only be able to destroy the whole fishing experience.

Comes made with the black anodized and machined aluminum housing, a.k.a., the body and the side cover that is nearly impossible to break and bend how roughly it has been used.

Not just the body, but the little oversized DigiGear system can take a lot of stress during the drag without compromising to ever cut the line due to overpressure. Every catch is out and in your basket, no matter how rough a fight they put up.

The main reason for NOT losing the fight is, it comes with the rated and maximum drag power of over 33 lbs seems a little too much for the fishing lines. You got no chance of letting go even the midsized of a shark to unhook off the line claiming it to be your heaviest and great catch of the day (and most probably of the season, too!)

Coupled with the outstanding gear ratio of over 5.6:1 alongside the ball bearings counting to six plus one completes and accredited to the claim of having to keep it as smooth at the time of drag and retrieve with all of your convenience. Check out even more top-quality saltwater reels reviews here.

  • Air rotor
  • Braided and line-ready spool
  • DigiGear system
  • No extra spool included

7. Penn 1403984 Slammer III – CNC Gearing Technology

Penn 1403984 Slammer III Spinning


Goldie touch with the black-finish is the ultimate design that you would have hardly seen elsewhere, and not with the fishing reel in the entire life.

The trustable gearing system was going to the gear ratio of more than 5.6:1 and made with the utter and reliable CNC material giving you the smooth operation to dial in the spool even with hooking the heavier catch at the disposable.

Having the sealed body wrapped with IP6 and the spool designed to withstand all the force and the impact without letting the water enter into the system to choke it up, leaving you from going maintenance-free fishing experience.

After the body, it comes with the sealed-based slammer drag system made with the Dura-Drag technology to call off the massive fight instantly without giving you much of the trouble to retrieve out of the water.

Loaded with a stainless steel bearing system to the count of six plus one making the whole operation super smooth to deal with the drag and the retrieval not getting it stuck in the middle of winding up the line.

Play your best game at the shoreline with this open fishing reel from Penn 1403984 Slammer III that is known to outperform even the top ones classed from the same scope.

  • CNC gearing technology
  • Sealed body backed by IP6
  • Slightly higher in the price

8. Penn Spinfisher VI 4500BLS – Carbon Fiber Saltwater Surf Fishing Reel

PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reels


Another in the list, the Penn Spinfisher VI 4500BLS inshore fishing reel comes into the renowned constructed material that holds all the drag the saltwater catches are meant to provide.

Make the body into the sealed form using IPX5, and the spool designed in a way that does not let it leak in the water even if you deliberately submerge it.

And made exclusively with the pure quality of CNC material, the gearing technology comes with the upright design enabling you to have the trust invested in to enjoy the best game every time you cast it in.

Having the full metal body and metal-made side plates ensures it does not get to bend and bear the total power at the time of dragging the catch to calm it down before starting to retrieve it out of the water.

It comes with the techno-balanced rotor to have you the seamless and smoothened retrieve done no matter how powerful the catch you get attached to the hook.

Seated along with five plus one stainless steel-made ball bearing system that would hardly attract any sort of the rust even though using it only into the saltwater without lubricating it after every use.

Having equipped with the instant anti-reverse, which comes with getting to reverse it the way you want in seconds to deal with the drag to converse the whole reel to stay in one piece.

  • IPX5 Sealed body along with the spool
  • Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Metal body
  • A bit high in the price

9. Penn CFTII5000LC Conflict II Surf Fishing Reel

Penn CFTII7000LC Conflict II Long Cast Spinning Reel


“What a reel!”; that is what you would generally get to hear from the people when they get to see this Penn CFTII5000LC Conflict II is the kind of the surf fishing reel that offers the performance that is never seen and never experienced.

Made the entire body and the rotor with the rigid type of the resin, namely RR30, that satisfies the claim of working exponentially exceeding beyond the expectations.

It comes with a robust and smooth bearing system loaded along with seven and one stainless steel made ball bearings that ensure you fight the drag and retrieve. Still, it would not get too sticky regardless of getting wet when proceeding with the retrieval without having to lube it often.

Having the line capacity of 200 yards @ 15 lbs that is more than enough to play the best game by standing at the beach’s shoreline and having the gearing ratio of around 5.6:1 takes the catch to winded up despite lowering in the full line into the water.

Labeled for 20 lbs of maximum drag power ensures you can hook many saltwater catches without bashing against a single problem.

  • Designed for the longer cast
  • Rigid resin body
  • Gear technology backed by CNC
  • Bail does not flip itself

10. SeaKnight Rapid 6000 – Aluminum Spool and the Rotor

SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel


Highly efficient at performance, this SeaKnight Rapid 6000 just does not come with a colorful design that is unique for the anglers. The performance features the best of the materials plus the types of equipment to complete this particular surf fishing reel.

Made with the anti-corrosive coating that makes it enable to outperform the classic reels working into salt and freshwater, it would not attract any rust even if you do not lubricate it every time you cast it in.

Crafted the central shaft with a thicker material. The stainless ball bearings to over ten with one backed by the shielded form showing the high-quality craftsmanship fitted with the standardized bearing system to enjoy dialing the smoothened reel.

Having the sealed aluminum spool with the rotor structure preventing the water and the sand from entering the gearing system protects it from malfunctioning.

The powerful drag system comes with the ultimate power of more than 33 lbs to count as the maximum drag power to get you to landing your heaviest, and the largest game fish of your entire life includes the gearing ratio of 4.7:1 adds to the performance to slowly but conveniently drag them out of the water.

  • Increased ball bearing counts
  • Powerful drag system
  • Aluminum spool and the rotor
  • Heavy in the weight

Buying Guide – Things to look for when buying a best surf fishing reel

best surf fishing reel

Surf fishing, in any form, presents problems that are unlike those encountered when fishing from a boat. To get around these issues, you will need a rod and reel explicitly made for surf fishing. Before you buy the best surf fishing reels, keep an eye out for the following essential features that will determine whether the fishing reel will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

1. Weight

When fishing from the beach, you’ll likely spend more time shooting than if you’re fishing from a boat. Since surf fishing rods are often longer than 10 feet, you’ll eventually start to feel the excess weight. That isn’t to say that you should always go for the most lightweight option, but your final decision should be leaning in that direction.

It would help if you considered purchasing a lightweight fishing reel while still having adequate line capacity and strength. If you choose a heavier choice, having a reel with a good center of gravity will help to balance the weight.

2. Line Capacity and Gear Ratio

Line Capacity and Gear Ratio

When buying the surf fishing reels, you must look over a few factors to decide your preferred line capacity and gear ratio. To decide the line capacity, you must know what type of fish you are targeting; then, you need to measure the distance and the fact that how strong a line is required to catch the fish you want.

On the other hand, the gear ratio depends on how quickly your line capacity gets whirled in. To choose the perfect gear ratio, one must consider two main factors: how often you need to reel a fish in and how many lines will be used once you get the fish on the hook. For more extended surf fishing, a higher gear ratio is good.

3. Drag Strength

Surf fishing puts a continuous burden on your reel’s drag strength. Not only must you contend with large surf fishing, but you must also always contend with tides and water flow. The water will not pull on your line as hard as a giant-sized fish, but it will exert a constant force on your line and reel. The drag strength helps to protect your reel’s more sensitive internal components and gear mechanisms.

A defective drag adjustment or a weak system will put extreme stress on your reel’s moving parts when a vast fish hits your lure. If you plan on doing more large-scale surf fishing, you’ll need an enormous reel with a more significant drag.

4. Tall Spools

Best Surf Fishing Reels Tall Spools

Surf fishing reels are famous for their tall spools. A tall spool so that the reel can hold more fishing lines. On the other hand, tall spools often hold lesser than the same reel with a wide, deep spool. The tall spool is used to ensure that the line leaves the reel with very little drag. As a result, there will be more playing.

The following spool designs impact the line friction of your fishing reel:

  • Firstly, the lip design of a reel with a tall spool helps to reduce pressure on the line.
  • Secondly, there is a blunt top spool lip design that can create undue line friction.
  • Lastly, the spool’s fluctuation can be set to two speeds to place the line in an overlapping pattern to reduce pressure on the reels line.

5. Durability

Surf fishing necessitates the use of powerful reels. With large fish, harsh surfing environments, and the destructive impact of seawater, your fishing rods design and durable build must be carefully considered. A durable and dependable fishing reel should be made of graphite or steel frame material since the metal frame of surf spinning reels provides a muscular strength that is easy to maintain.

A large and sturdy hook wire should be included with a large surf spinning reel. If your hook bends while you’re out fishing, your reel will be out of commission until you can get it repaired.

6. Ball Bearings

Best Surf Fishing Reels Ball Bearings

The ideal surf fishing reels should have enough ball bearings to quickly recover the long line lengths you will have to use during surf fishing. The systems that have a more significant number of ball bearings produce a more durable fishing reel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best type of reel for surf fishing?

Usually, a spinner reel will be your best choice. They have a smooth and powerful drag strength that helps you to reel in quickly. It has an external frame that dries quickly, can easily correct snags, and you can also apply a coating on it to prevent corrosion.

If you need a reel for casting far and often, it should have a high line capacity and a lightweight. You might also prefer something that has a relatively high drag weight to deal with larger fish, which are harder to drag to open water.

2. What is the ideal reel size for surf fishing?

The ideal reel size would weigh less than a pound and withstand at least 200 yards of line. However, a reel between 6000-8500 size is considered the best for surf fishing.  It should be more significant than what you use for regular fishing, but it should still feel lightweight since surf fishing can go on for long periods.

The main struggle when buying a fishing reel is its size. You want to buy a reel with the right profile and center of gravity so that the weight and prolonged surf fishing don’t become too much for you.

3. How far should you cast your line when surf fishing?

A surf fishing rod should be at least 12 to 15 feet long and have an extensive line extension. You can use it with a large seawater spinning reel and a 20 to 25-pound experimental line. This way, you’ll be able to see if you can cast a weighted bait up to 100 yards with the available gear or not.

4. What is the best gear to use while surf fishing?

For most surf fishing situations, a gearing ratio of at least 5:1 or 6:1 works well enough. Going slow with a high gear ratio reel is more suitable than going fast with a slow gear reel if you want to capture your fish slowly and calculatedly.


Not every single angler feels confident of staying and withstanding the power of waves coming their way, and only the experienced ones would be daring to do so.

And when you do, you should have to be equipped with the highly standardized and best surf fishing reels that we have collected exclusively for you!

Get to own one and face the shoreline to catch whatever you can!

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