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Great Funny Kayaking & Canoeing Quotes

Laughter and humor are very important for us humans. Having fun with the people closest to you and enjoying the wacky and intricate ways of how language works come together with funny jokes.

Quotes that are meant to make even the most serious people softer are always welcome regardless of the situation, company, or topic.

Oftentimes, they arise from the spur of the moment while many of them are the results of careful and methodical thinking.

Whatever the history behind them, funny quotes are there for anyone to enjoy and make use of them when they are feeling down or just looking for some lighthearted laughter.

For example, activities like kayaking and canoeing have plenty of nuances to them and it is not often that people think of quotes while enjoying a kayak or canoe paddling.

Regardless, hundreds of funny quotes exist that take inspiration from kayaking and canoeing, celebrate them, or simply make fun of them in a way.

In the following sections, we talk more about these two water activities and bring to you over a hundred funny quotes to share with those that share in your passion.

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What is Funny about It?

Funny Kayaking & Canoeing Quotes

Before moving to the quotes themselves, we need to talk for a bit about what is it that makes kayaking and canoeing a perfect topic for funny quotes.

Well, language works in mysterious ways and so does the mind of humans. It does not take long for one to start thinking about stuff and make wacky and quirky statements.

Repeat them a few times, tell them to people you know, and soon they become quotes. Years and years go by and new generations hear them, further cementing their status as a classic quote.

The mind works best when having fun and when stimulated, and both of these paddling activities allow it these feelings.

While relaxing on the water, fishing, exploring, and taking in the outdoors, inspiration and imagination come pouring which is enough breeding ground for all sorts of conversations.

All it takes is a group of friends with a sense of humor and funny quotes will happen.

1. “When in doubt, take your kayak and paddle out.” – Unknown

2. “True paradise is but a few paddles away.” – Unknown

3. “Storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.” – George R. R. Martin

4. “Everyone believes in something. I, for example, believe I’ll seize the day and go kayaking.” – Unknown

5. “Writing to me is like kayaking in a river. You are paddling down, you come to a walled-off canyon, and you make a sharp turn, and you do not know what is around the corner. It could be a waterfall, or it could be a big pool. The narrative current carries you. You are surprised and you are thrilled, and sometimes you are terrified.” – Peter Heller

6. “Who needs therapy when you can go kayaking.” – Unknown

7. “Stress is caused by not kayaking enough.” – Unknown

8. “I don’t need much in life. A good kayak and a proper paddle are more than enough.” – Unknown

9. “What happens in a kayak stays in a kayak.” – Unknown

10. “Worry less, paddle more!” – Unknown

Canoeing Quotes

11. “One thing that you can always assume about me is that I would rather be kayaking.” – Unknown

12. “Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” – Emma Smith

13. “My retirement plan is rather simple: I plan to take out my kayak and paddle.” – Unknown

14. “I love to paddle in my kayak because it burns off the crazy.” – Unknown

15. “Money does not buy happiness. It can get you a good kayak though and it does not get much better than that.” – Unknown

16. “Sunsets and sunrises are enough reasons to buy a kayak.” – Unknown

17. “There is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” – Kenneth Grahame

18. “Kayaking is not simply a hobby, it is a post-apocalyptic survival skill too.” – Unknown

19. “Never mess with a kayak enthusiast. They know places where nobody can ever find you.” – Unknown

20. “Born to paddle, forced to work.” – Unknown

21. “Regardless of what the question is, kayaking is the answer.” – Unknown

22. “I don’t drink more when kayaking. I also do not drink less.” – Unknown

23. “Kayaks, beers, friends… what else do you need from life? – Unknown

24. “Life is short. Paddle quicker!” – Unknown

25. “If life is like a river, you will need a paddle to navigate it.” – Unknown

26. “I love her and yet she drifted away. She was not paddling hard enough.” – Unknown

27. “Having balance in life will prevent you from capsizing and sinking, just like in kayaking.” – Unknown

28. “Some waters you have to get lost in to truly explore them.” – Unknown

29. “Good things come to those who go kayaking.” – Unknown

30. “Some things are simply more beautiful from a kayak.” – Unknown

31. “Reality keeps calling. I keep hanging up and kayaking instead.” – Unknown

32. “Go kayaking? For shore!” – Unknown

33. “Future me is constantly complaining about not kayaking enough. Hate to keep disappointing him.” – Unknown

34. “Beaches be salty so it is river life for me!” – Unknown

35. “Never underestimate an old kayaker; they have been through it all.” – Unknown

36. “Beaches love kayakers!” – Unknown

37. “Rapids are white, rivers are blue, I want to paddle, but only with you.” – Unknown

38. “Forget the road and ride the river.” – Unknown

39. “There may be more important things than my kayak. I simply do not care.” – Unknown

40. “Every second spent paddling is time well spent.” – Unknown

41. “If water is life, kayaking is breathing.” – Unknown

42. “When life gets nerve-wracking, I go kayaking.” – Unknown

43. “She didn’t like kayaking so I sent her packing.” – Unknown

44. “Bears attacking? Not when you are kayaking!” – Unknown

45. “Nobody can ruin my kayak time.” – Unknown

46. “A day without paddling may not kill me, but will I risk it? Nah!” – Unknown

47. “I can’t hear you over the sound of how much I’m thinking of paddling.” – Unknown

48. “Want a home to yourself? Sent me kayaking for the weekend!” – Unknown

49. “Coffee and my kayak, all I need in the morning.” – Unknown

50. “No need to hit the gym, I hit the river in my paddle boat every day.” – Unknown

paddle kayak

51. “What do I like? Well, kayaking, and maybe two people.” – Unknown

52. “Couples that paddle together, stay together.” – Unknown

53. “My paddle makes a good defensive tool too so be careful!” – Unknown

54. “Missed calls, unanswered text? I was probably out kayaking!” – Unknown

55. “A kayaking grandparent is the most fun grandparent.” – Unknown

56. “I think I need a new truck, by kayak ain’t gonna transport itself to the river.” – Unknown

57. “I used to be a basic shore fisherman like you. Then I bought a kayak and leveled up.” – Unknown

58. “Adulting is hard. Try kayak paddling instead!” – Unknown

59. “If you want to keep up with me, you better be good at paddling a kayak.” – Unknown

60. “CAREFUL: Too much paddling makes you awesome!” – Unknown

61. “No need for therapy. Besides, kayaking is cheaper.” – Unknown

62. “She told me to choose: kayaking or her. I sure do miss her while paddling now.” – Unknown

63. “She told me, three words and I’m yours. Apparently, Let’s go kayaking was not it!” – Unknown

64. “Smooth waters make average kayakers. Get in those rapids!” – Unknown

65. “Let go of the shore. The waters await!” – Unknown

66. “If you wish to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.” – William H. McRaven

67. “Six days shalt thou paddle and pack, but on the seventh thou shall wash thy socks.” – Aldo Leopold

68. “To leave the stress of modern life, all you need is a kayak.” – Unknown

69. “ Life is like a kayak, the hard part comes when you know not which way to paddle.” – Unknown

70. “Going nowhere and still having fun has a whole new meaning in a kayak.” – Unknown

71. “I canoe believe this, I have to paddle again!” – Unknown

72. “This canoe is happening, oar is I just dreaming?” – Unknown

73. “About the best reason I can think of for owning a canoe is that it can take me into the wilderness, and what is so great about wilderness? The silence, for one thing.” – Robert Kimber

74. “It was good enough for Native Americans to tame a continent. It will be good enough for you too.” – Unknown

75. “Want to travel back in time? Hop in a canoe and paddle away.” – Unknown

76. “A canoe does not know who is king. When it turns over, everyone gets wet.” – Malagasy proverb

77. “I’ve always thought that you should concentrate on paddling your own canoe.” – John Dos Passos

78. “Whenever there is a channel for water, there is a road for a canoe.” – Henry David Thoreau

79. “First and only tule to canoeing: don’t lose your paddle.” – Unknown

80. “The goal of a wilderness canoe trip should be to collect enough of the wilderness experience to last the whole year.” – Gret Went

81. “There’s no mastery to be had. You love the attempt. You don’t master a story any more than you master a river. You feel lucky to canoe down it.” – Unknown

82. “Respect the river and you will be a better canoer.” – Unknown

83. “Originality is unexplored territory. And you do not get there in a taxi. You carry a canoe.” – Alan Alda

paddle kayak

84. “Being in love with canoeing is quite the oar-deal.” – Unknown

85. “You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe!” – Charles Poliquin

86. “Nobody can paddle two canoes at once.” – Bantu proverb

87. “If there is a palace, there is a way to canoe to it.” – Unknown

88. “Do not talk to me about the capabilities of canoes. The Polynesians would seriously disagree.” – Unknown

89. “When in doubt, canoe it out.” – Unknown

90. “This is how we oar, look at us row.” -Unknown

91. “Paddles up and canoe away.” – Unknown

92. “Never trust a canoe paddler whose feet are dry.” – Unknown

93. “Paddling a canoe is a source of enrichment and inner renewal.” – Pierre Trudeau

94. “Enough said, you had me at canoe.” – Unknown

95. “They see me rowin’ they hatin’!” – Unknown

96. “With one foot in a canoe and one on shore, you are sure to fall into the river.” – Unknown

97. “Beware, I might start talking canoes soon.” – Unknown

98. “That’s a nice conversation you got there, would be a shame if someone talked canoes instead.” – Unknown

99. “Paddle your own canoe and let others paddle theirs.” – Unknown

100. “As long as I can bring my canoe, we can go anywhere.” – Unknown

101. “Adventure is out there, waiting, so come on and bring your canoe!” – Unknown

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