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How to Launch a Kayak Effectively – Kayaking Basics

How to Launch a Kayak Effectively

Kayaking is one of the most exciting activities to do. May it be for fun or sports. There are a vast majority of aspects when it comes to kayaking. Today we will try to analyze some of the most key aspects of kayaking i.e. how to launch a kayak and we will also be covering some other aspects related to it. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

First of all, it is of utmost importance for the individual to fulfill the minimally required kayaking training. It may seem but it is not so simple. Paddling the kayak requires certain skills and information to save yourself from falling into the water unexpectedly. We will educate you so that you don’t get into trouble whilst enjoying the kayaking experience. These tips and tricks are as below :

  • Choosing a safe spot for launch: It is necessary that you launch your kayak into the water from a very safe and cautious spot. Make sure that you are in a preferred spot so that you do not get into any sort of unease while maneuvering the launch. The recommended spots for launching the kayak include the beach, a dock, or an uneven shore. Having stability and ease of mind is very important while launching the kayak. This will enable you to make fewer mistakes. Furthermore, having a strong knowledge of the shore or the beach where you do kayaking also is a plus point in launching.
  • Be prepared before the launch: It will only help make your experience comfortable and time worthy. Once you have entered the kayak you would not appreciate toggling back on the shore to pick up something you forgot. So do make sure that you have your life vest on and that is not too tight. Buckle it up comfortably. You should also check all the accessories and tools related to both the kayak and the commute so that you do not have to redo anything once you’ve launched the kayak.
  • Launching the kayak: Below is the steps that need to be followed while launching your kayak.
  • Let in a few inches of the kayak into the water first. Not more than knee-deep into the water.
  • Place both of your legs on one side of the kayak and the kayak should be touching the back of your legs or knee in a gentle manner.
  • Grab the cockpit of the kayak firmly and enter into the kayak firmly but in a very composed manner.
  • Place one foot inside the kayak at the time comfortably without any imbalance.
  • While entering you shall be putting your body weight or pressure on your ankle or feet.
  • Landing the kayak: Below is the steps that are to be followed while landing the kayak.
  • Get one foot out of the kayak at a time. Place that foot firmly on the sand before getting the second foot out of the kayak.
  • Slowly and gradually put your second foot onto the sand and on the same of the kayak.
  • Grab onto your kayak firmly and then you need to put it in its safe place.
  • Drag the kayak to its relevant storage space.

These are the major steps that are to be followed whilst launching the kayak. If you will follow my instructions step by step I am sure that you will easily maneuver the kayak into the water in reality. Small mistakes can happen and gradually you will get better at it. It is a fun activity and when has there ever been a fun activity without a little hassle.

In addition to all of this I will b sharing with you some of the kayaking skills that will be of great help to you whilst paddling the kayak:

  • Forward stroke: It is as simple as it gets. It involves three key movements. Firstly wind up and balance the paddle. Then put the paddle in the water at one side and unwind for the next stroke i.e. putting the paddle back into the water on the opposite side. You should keep your torse aligned for a leveled movement. In terms of arm position, Push the paddle with the upper hand and pull the paddle with the lower hand. This type of kayaking skill is very basic and the kayak will essentially float in a very stable manner without any repercussions.
  • Turning stroke: This skill will enable the kayak to turn in the direction in which the paddle is placed. This will simply require inserting the paddle into the water and then paddling from one side to the other. Whatever side the blade is in the water. Kayak moves in that direction. The problem with this skill is that the kayak will lose the already build up forward momentum. This skill will add some added fun to paddling the kayak.
  • Sweep stroke: Sweep stroke will solve the problem of losing the forward momentum while changing the direction of the kayak. It beings far from in front of the kayak sweep way wide and continues until the paddle reaches the stern of the back of the kayak. This will enable us to turn the direction of our kayak without losing any of the forward momenta. You will require a little practice whilst fully adapting to this kayaking skill.

Launch a Kayak Effectively

It is to be pointed out here that with gradual attempts and time you will get better at launching and landing the kayak. At first, there may be difficulties but do not get overwhelmed. Just stick to the basics and you will be good to go.

Let us hope that my two bits of information will help kayaks with regards to launching and landing a kayak. and further, add to their journeys and adventures. Kayaking is all about fun and excitement, always keep it simple. This is one of those activities that is associated with nature. It will only add positives to the life of the kayaker. Happy Kayaking!

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