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Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke Oil Capacity: Keeping Your Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke Running Smoothly

mercury 60 hp 4 stroke oil capacity

Oil is like oxygen to the engines. To run the motor or engine well, we must provide enough oil to it, not extra. Before providing we need to know the capacity of the engine. So, now the question arises about mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke oil capacity.

Mercury 60 HP 4-Strokes oil capacity is 3.17 quarts(106 oz). Mercury 4-stroke oil 10w-30 is recommended for Mercury 60 hp 4-stroke engine. The engine needs the exact quantity of oil to run well. Overfilling can ruin the system. We’ll not get the full efficiency if we don’t provide enough oil to it. Let’s know in detail about the oil capacity of mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke.

Mercury 60HP

Mercury 60 HP 4-stroke Oil Capacity: Refilling Facts

The Mercury 60 HP 4-stroke engine is well known from its very beginning. If your boat has this engine then hats off to you. Your boat has a reliable engine. But, we will get the engines 100% work after fulfilling the oil tank.

Before filling the empty tank, we need to know how much oil the engine holds. Also, pouring extra oil or overfilling the tank can ruin the system of 4 stroke engine. That’s why for the betterment we need to know its exact oil capacity of it.

Boating depends on the environment. And a good operating engine is most needed to cope with any environment. And oil works as oxygen to the engine. The engine needs enough oil to run well. By putting an exact amount of oil, we allow our engine to work efficiently. Another matter is that overfilling causes so many problems for 4 stroke engines.

So, without knowing the capacity it is hard to put the exact quantities of oil in. It is a must to know about engine capacity before refilling it. Know the Mercury 60 HP 4 stokes problems before that as well. Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke engine oil capacity is near 3.17 quarts. If we buy a gallon of 3 quarts, the engine will not be fulfilled. So, in that case, we may need to buy extra quarts of oil.

Let’s know some details like down fill the engine, overfilling issues, and others. Knowing these are mandatory. Because the capacity issues rely on these matters. Putting exact quarts of oil provides you with the most effective engines.

Overfilling the Engines: Results

Mercury 60hp outboard

Too many good things can lead to bad results. Exact quantities result in the best engines. So, the mercury 60 HP 4 stroke will work efficiently when it is not overfilled. Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke should not hold up to 3.17 quarts.

As the Mercury 60 HP 4 stroke is 4 stroke, overfilling can damage the engines. In the 4 stroke engines, there remains a separate reservoir. Overflowing this reservoir ends up getting into other parts of the motor. And these can damage the whole motor.

The overflowing oil also can get into the cylinder. And this can affect the boat badly. Pistons should only compress air. But when there is oil in the cylinder the piston compresses the oil. Also because of the overflowing oil from the reservoir, the moving parts splash it. And  whip the oil. And this changes the consistency of the oil. Makes the oil too thick.

So, the oil loses the ability to lubricate the moving parts of the engines. Altogether the engine leads to its damage. So, we should not put more than 3.17 quarts of oil in the Mercury 60 HP 4 stroke.

Down Filling the Engines: Results

Our body can’t run without oxygen. And engines can’t work without oil. For better results in the outboard motor, the right amount of oil is mandatory. The engine will not face much problem if it is slightly down filled.

But if we frequently try to run the engines with less oil then the engines will damage. Also, the moving parts will not work properly. Therefore the speed motors may face corrosion. Then the speedometer will face problems in showing the correct speed.  And the mercury 60 HP 4 stroke will be totally damaged. So, we must keep in mind the right amount of oil.

Right Oil type for the Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor

Mercury Oil Change

After knowing the capacity, the most important thing is knowing the best type of oil for the engine. The right type of oil lets the motor use most of its horsepower. Experts recommend using a synthetic type of oil. Because synthetic type oil is better to prevent corrosion.

The mostly Recommended Oil for the Mercury

60 HP 4 Stroke motor is the Mercury 4 Stroke oil 10W-30.It is a gallon of 3.17 quarts oil. Also, we can use quicksilver. Both are almost the same. But make sure to use a synthetic type oil.

Refilling Oil on the Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke Motor

While refilling oil on the mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke, we need to be careful. We already know overflowing can cause damage to the motor or engine.

Let’s know the refilling steps

  • First of all we need to tilt up the engine
  • Then we need to keep the drain hole in the downward position. And after removing the drain plug need to keep engine oil in a container.
  • After draining the oil we need to lubricate the seal and again re-install the oil
  • To absorb spilled oil, keep a towel below the oil filter
  • Then we need to remove the old filter. So unscrew them and keep them aside.
  • Then add some new oil to the filter gasket.
  • Now we need to screw the new filter on till it contacts the base.
  • Then removing the oil fill cap, refill the engine according to its capacity
  • Then check licks and supply an adequate amount of water. Turn off the engine and check the oil levels.
  • Dispose of the used oil and oil filter in an environmentally responsible manner.

How to Properly Dispose of Used Oil and Filters

Oil Change for 60 hp Mercury 4 Stroke

Properly disposing of used oil and filters is crucial for protecting the environment and preventing pollution. When changing the oil in your Mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke outboard motor, it’s important to follow proper disposal procedures to ensure that the used oil and filters do not contaminate water sources or harm the environment.

The first step in properly disposing of used oil and filters is to allow the oil to cool down before handling it. Once the oil has cooled, transfer it from the engine to a clean, leak-proof container with a tight-fitting lid. A plastic container with a screw-on cap works well for this purpose.

Next, place the used oil filter in a plastic bag to contain any residual oil. Used oil filters can be hazardous waste due to the residual oil they contain, and they must be disposed of properly.

The next step is to check with your local recycling center or waste disposal facility to determine if they accept used oil and filters. Many facilities have specific collection sites for used oil and filters, and they can provide guidance on how to properly dispose of them.

If the facility does not accept used oil and filters, you can look for a private waste oil collection company that can take them off your hands. These companies specialize in collecting and recycling used oil and filters, and they can provide a convenient and environmentally-friendly disposal solution.


oil changing

How Often Do You Change the Oil on A 4 Stroke Outboard?

You need to change the oil on a 4-stroke outboard every 1000 hours approximately. One of the pro tips is to avoid using old oil. Old oil can create problems in the internal mechanics of the engines. And also can create corrosion. So check the oil tank frequently and try to change the oil every 1000 hours of using the boat.

Is Quicksilver Oil the Same as Mercury?

Yes. The quicksilver and the mercury both are the same. Wallmarts and tackle stores are not a dealer of mercury brands. So they are the retailers of the quicksilver brand.

What Kind of Oil does a Mercury 4 Stroke Take?

Mercury 4 Stroke takes FC-W four strokes(25W-40).The oil type is synthetic. These oils are specialized for marine engines.

How much oil does a Mercury 4-stroke outboard take?

Replace the filler cap on the outboard after adding 3 quarts of Mercury 4-stroke marine engine oil and removing it from the back of the powerhead.

How many quarts of oil does a 60 HP Mercury 4-stroke?

The oil capacity of a 60 HP Mercury 4-stroke outboard motor can vary depending on the year and model of the engine. However, the most common oil capacity for this motor is approximately 3.5 quarts (3.3 liters) of oil.


Now, you know the mercury 60 HP 4 Stroke oil capacity. Also, you know which facts work on its capacity. Overfilling and down filling both can be problematic for the boat engines. So, it is mandatory to know the capacity of the engine we use. Now, you have known. So, use the right amount of oil on your mercury 60 HP 4 stroke. And the full efficiency while boating.

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