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Mercury Outboard Bad Stator Symptoms – 7 Points to Know


Mercury outboard stator is very much popular nowadays. But sometimes the Mercury outboard stator gets bad and becomes inefficient.

Many of us can’t get it because we don’t know the symptoms of a bad mercury outboard stator. That’s why it is important for us to know them.

What are Mercury outboard bad stator symptoms?

There are many symptoms of a mercury outboard bad stator. Most of the time you can find the symptoms in the engine and battery. Like, difficulties running the engine or starting the engine, and improper charging of the battery. Also, low voltage of the battery, misfiring, power shortage, stalling at Idle, etc.

That’s just a quick overview of the article. To know more about them, go through the article.

So, without any delay, let’s start our journey!

7 Symptoms of Mercury Outboard Bad Stator

Mercury 2 Stroke_Running Rough_Accessin Stator

Mercury outboard stator is the core of power, energy, and spark for the engine and other parts. If it is of no use or has got damaged, then a Mercury outboard stator replacement is a must for you.

Mercury Outboard Stator can also have some problems like the problems of Mercury outboard voltage regulator.

You can know the state of a stator by performing Mercury outboard stator tests like the ohm test, ground it out, etc. By testing Outboard Stator, you will get to know if you need to replace your stator or not. For this, you should also know the Mercury stator position.

There is another way to know the state of a stator. And that is through Outboard Stator failure symptoms. Through these symptoms, you will definitely get to know if your stator is good or not.

Here we have listed all the symptoms of a bad mercury outboard stator. If you find any similarities with any of those symptoms, then you should call a mechanic and check the stator.

So, let’s start learning about them!

1. Difficulties to Run the Engine

The most common symptom you would face is that it will be difficult for you to run the engine. Especially when you try to start the engine after when the engine has been sitting for a while from a run.

In a word, it will be hard for you to run the engine. Let us tell you why this happens.

If the Mercury stator gets damaged, then there will be no spark for the engine. As a result, without any spark, it will be very much difficult for you to run the engine. The difficulties will increase if the engine warms up.

That’s why it becomes more difficult for you to run the engine after sitting for a while from the run.

If you face any difficulties running the engine, then we would suggest you go to a mechanic and check your outboard stator.

2. Hard to Start the Engine

Mercury 2 Stroke_Running Stator

A bad Mercury outboard stator has many symptoms like the symptoms of a bad trigger outboard. Another symptom of a bad mercury outboard stator is that it will be hard for you to start the engine.

It’s also a common symptom whenever a stator gets damaged.

But why will you find it hard to start the engine if a stator gets damaged? Let us tell you why.

If the stator goes bad, then you will get a very weak spark. A weak spark means a weak start of the engine. As a result, you will find it hard to start the engine.

Hope now you know why this happens.

3. Shortage of Power

Have you ever felt that your engine is running on low power or it has a shortage of power? If yes, then probably you are facing problems because your mercury outboard stator has gone bad or damaged.

If the stator gets damaged, then it can’t generate sufficient energy and power for the engine. There will be a shortage of power and energy for the engine.

That’s why you will face a shortage of power while running the engine.

4. Stalling at Idle

Stator review

Stalling at Idle is also a symptom of a bad mercury outboard stator. Stalling at Idle means the engine stops while running at a low speed.

It can only happen if the engine is not getting sufficient power. The engine gets the power for running from a stator. The stator is the main source for which the engine runs fluently. If it can’t get enough power, then the engine can’t even run at a low speed.

So if you have noticed your vehicle stalling at Idle, then we would suggest you call a mechanic to check the stator.

5. Battery not Charging

Is your battery not charging properly? Then you have got to check your stator through a mechanic. Because if a mercury outboard stator gets damaged, then the battery will not be charged properly.

Let’s first understand the relationship between an outboard stator and a battery. As you know, a stator produces ac current and sparks. The rectifier converts ac current to dc current or voltage.

This DC current is responsible for charging the battery. The rectifier is a kind of charging coil which charges the battery.

If there is any problem with the stator, then it can’t produce enough AC current. As a result, the DC current will not be enough too. And the battery will be charged properly too.

That’s why if you notice that the battery is not charging properly, then you should think of checking the mercury outboard stator for once.

6. Low Voltage of Battery

The low Voltage of the battery is another symptom of a bad mercury outboard stator. If you are facing the low voltage of the battery, then your mercury outboard stator is not in a good state.

As we have mentioned before, the stator produces ac current. The rectifier converts it to the DC voltage of the battery. So if a mercury outboard stator becomes weak or bad, the battery will not get enough voltage. As a result, the battery will have low voltage.

You can check the voltage of the battery through a digital multimeter. If you find the results of low voltage, then you should call a mechanic to replace it.

7. Weak Spark and Misfiring

Another symptom of Mercury outboard bad stator is that you will get a lot of weak parks and misfire. Misfiring is here intermittent spark. If you get sparks continuously without any stop then that is an intermittent spark or misfiring.

If you have been facing this for a long time, then probably your stator has gone bad. Do you know that stator is one that creates a spark through spark plugs? Yes, a stator is very important for creating sparks.

If the stator has gone bad, then it can’t provide enough of a strong spark. As a result, you will get a very weak spark.

Sometimes you can also get a continuous spark without any stop. Misfiring is very common among them. You can also face this regularly or seldom.

That’s all. Now you know all the symptoms of a bad mercury outboard stator.

If you identify any of these symptoms, you should immediately call an expert or mechanic to replace the stator.

The cost to replace the stator on the outboard will be highest up to $500. It’s quite expensive like outboard motors.


mercury outboard engine failure faq

Can there be any engine failure if magneto fails?

No, the engine will not fail if magneto fails. That’s the specialty of a magneto. But if magneto fails, the engine will continue its work, and won’t stop running.

What is the job of a stator in a generator?

The main job of a stator is to generate electricity. In a generator, the stator converts the magnetic field, received from the rotating armature, to the current.

How can we know if the outboard rectifier has gone bad?

You’ll have to diagnose the charge of the battery through a voltmeter while producing voltage and running the engine. If it shows too much charge, the rectifier’s bad.

How do you know if your stator is going bad?

If your outboard motor is not starting, it may be because the stator is going bad. There are a few signs that you can look for to tell if the stator is failing:

– The engine will not turn over. This is the most common symptom of a bad stator.

– There may be a clicking sound coming from the engine when you try to start it.

– The engine may crank slowly or not at all.

– You may notice that the lights on your dash are dimming or flickering.

Will a bad stator still spark?

If your outboard motor has a bad stator, it may still spark. However, the spark may be weaker than usual, or it may only spark intermittently. If your outboard motor is not sparking at all, then the stator is definitely the problem.

How do you check a stator to see if it’s good?

To check whether or not a stator is good, you can do a simple continuity test. First, disconnect the stator from the power supply. Then, using a multimeter set to the ohms setting, touch one lead to each of the three stator terminals. If there is continuity between all three terminals, then the stator is good. If there is no continuity, or if two of the terminals show continuity but the third does not, then the stator is bad and needs to be replaced.


Hope you know now all the mercury outboard bad stator symptoms. Call a mechanic whenever you notice any of these symptoms.

It’s time to say goodbye to you. We would be happy if you share your experience with us.

Good Luck! Have a nice day!

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