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Why Are Outboard Motors So Expensive? – High Quality and Service

Outboard Motor

tA lot of us feel at peace near the sea. Nature makes us feel alive. And the sea brings us very close to nature. So if you want your own outboard for enjoying peaceful holidays, we get it.

But you can be baffled upon hearing the outboard motor price. So, why are outboard motors so expensive?

The motors are costly because of their high quality and service. If maintained, these can sustain for decades. This is why it has low sales. Also, the manufacturing cost increases the sale price. To ensure quality and service, it invests in development.

To gain profit it sets the price accordingly. However, it is just a brief answer. It is not sufficient for your quest. To learn more, stick with us through the entire article!

What is an Outboard Motor?

Outboard Motors

Well, an outboard motor is a type of boat operating system. It is a package of a gearbox, engine, and jet drive. It is mounted on the transom of a boat. This is why it is called an outboard.

Although a rising number of outboard motors are four-stroke, many are still two-stroke engines. These engines use oil as lubrication in addition to gasoline. Direct-injection engines are used in new two-stroke outboards. It burns up to 75 percent cleaner than traditional two-stroke outboards.

Also, it has more power per pound weight than an inboard motor. You might get more ideas about this feature while comparing outboard and inboard motors.

What are the Uses of an Outboard Motor?

What are the Uses of an Outboard Motor

The main work of an outboard motor is to steer and power the boat. So that it can operate the boat properly. For steering, you have to move the motor. In this case, a hand tiller is commonly used on smaller boats. On the other hand, a steering wheel is used on larger boats to change direction.

In addition, it is spacious, low maintenance, has a shallow draft, and is quite fast. Wait up, if you are looking for outboard motors, we are here to help. These will stay new if maintained.

Besides, these will work great for you as it is one of the best. You can enjoy the sea to your fullest without tension. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Well, we have discussed the outboard motor and its use in these two segments. Now, the question comes to why is it so pricy.

Why are Outboard Motors Expensive?

Why are Outboard Motors Expensive

Outboard motors are way more expensive than any other motors. There are a few reasons. Those are given below,

Consists of Expensive Parts

These motor parts are costly because they must survive the sea life. There, they have to handle corrosion and operate continuously at maximum RPMs for a longer time. Furthermore, they have to use metals that will counter electrolysis due to calcium in the water.

As a result, these parts have to be made of materials that can resist rust. A spark can lead to a fire, hence fire-resistant electrical parts are needed. Also, it needs materials that can endure constant running with maximum RPM. So, the materials and technology used are quite expensive.

It Does Not Have Good Sales

As an outboard motor has a very long lifespan, boat owners don’t really buy it regularly. And, the population of boat owners is not much. The reason for this is that well-maintained outboards endure a long time. As a result, outboard motor sales are down.

As a result of lower sales, the price of an outboard has risen dramatically. Even if demand is lower, prices will rise in order to stay in business. Otherwise, sellers will have to go out of business. A maintained outboard motor can last for decades. However, frequent engine stalling is a sign of a bad stator.

The Motor Needs More Power

Well, the outboard motor needs more power as it has to run for a long time. That too with maximum RPM. Also, charging the batteries while the engine is running. Maintaining the motion of a boat demands a lot of constant power.

Comparing a car with an outboard motor, a car engine isn’t designed to provide it. In comparison to cars, the load current of marine engines is extremely high. Here, they use far more wide-open throttle than automobile engines.

An automobile requires very little horsepower to travel, while a boat needs more power. By this, we can say that it needs high power that comes with a higher cost.

outboard motors

The Manufacturing Needs More Labor

Here, the manufacturing of outboard motors is not as mechanized as cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It needs more man-hours than machines. Also, the motor is made up of numerous small and complicated pieces that must be built.

Hence, more human labor is necessary. It needs increased working hours per motor. But by increasing working hours and labor, the companies have to pay for overtime.

Which increases the wage rate of laborers. And all of it adds up to the manufacturing cost. We know that the selling price has to be higher if the manufacturing cost is high. This is why in order to earn a profit companies sets the selling price accordingly.

It Needs More Research

The motors are equipped with advanced parts to withstand corrosion and longer operation time. The company has to research continuously for finding better and more advanced parts.

It is a never-ending job to make their product better. The research team looks for a room for development. However, it takes both time and money. Upgrading the motor designs and finding all of the essential materials come under development.

Also, it works to find out and prevent the issues of voltage regulators. This is why the company needs to invest in the development and research sector. And cover the investment cost with sales.

So, these are the reasons why the outboard motor is so expensive. To cover up manufacturing costs and gain profit it needs a higher sale price. Also, to ensure good quality and service, it needs to invest in the development sector.

Clever Ways to Cut Down Your Boating Expenses

Boating can be an expensive hobby, but there are several clever ways to cut down your expenses without sacrificing the fun. Here are some tips:

  1. Do your own maintenance: Instead of paying a professional to maintain your boat, learn how to do it yourself. This can include basic tasks such as cleaning, oil changes, and minor repairs.
  2. Share your boat: Consider sharing your boat with a friend or family member. This can help you split the costs of ownership, including insurance, storage, and maintenance.
  3. Buy used: Purchasing a used boat can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new one. Just make sure to do your research and have the boat inspected before making a purchase.
  4. Shop around for insurance: Don’t settle for the first insurance quote you receive. Shop around and compare rates to find the best deal.
  5. Limit your fuel usage: Be mindful of your fuel usage by planning your trips and routes in advance. This can help you avoid wasting fuel and save money.
  6. Pack your own food and drinks: Instead of spending money on expensive food and drinks at marinas and restaurants, pack your own supplies for your boating trips.
  7. Use solar power: Consider installing solar panels on your boat to help reduce your energy costs. Solar power can be used to charge batteries and run appliances.
  8. DIY upgrades: Instead of paying for expensive upgrades, consider doing them yourself. This can include adding new electronics or improving the boat’s interior.

By following these tips, you can save money while still enjoying your boating adventures.


Outboard Motors Last for How Many Hours

Outboard Motors Last for How Many Hours?

An outboard engine can endure roughly 1,500 hours, according to industry estimates. If a boat is used for 200 hours per year, the motor lasts for 7-8 years. Oil changes per 50 hours of use can boost lifespan by 10 to 20 years. You can flush the engine daily for an extended lifespan of the motor.

How Often Should Your Outboard Motor be Started?

You should run the motor often. Rather than twice a week or three times a month to maintain it working properly. Furthermore, it will perform even better as it is used more frequently. The parts of a boat will damage faster if it stays idle on a dock. So you have to keep it running.

Does a Jack Plate Increase Speed?

Yes, a jack plate improves speed. In bass boats, jack plates boost performance. By lifting the prop to its height limit, reducing drag and fuel economy. In addition, a setback effectively extends a boat. In a chop approaching the bow, moving the motor further back should enhance the ride.

Are outboards more fuel efficient?

Outboard motors are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them more fuel efficient than other types of boat engines. They also tend to have a lower drag profile, which further increases their fuel efficiency. In addition, outboards typically have larger propellers than inboard/outboard motors, which helps them to move the boat more efficiently through the water.

Wrapping it Up

Finally, we have come to the end of the discussion. Here, boat motor companies invest in motors to supply the best service. Manufacturing cost includes labor, wage, development and research, and so on. This is the main reason why are outboard motors so expensive.

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