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Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems: Solved!

How to Fix Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal

Motorguide has been providing excellent service for a long time now. However, their products can go out of service or be bad for several reasons. You notice your foot pedal is not working well.

Wondering what could be the cause? And how to get rid of this problem? We have got you covered. So, what to do when faced with a Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problem?

Motorguide trolling motor foot can be caused due to multiple reasons. Starting with faulty wiring, false load-in, and one-directional steering. There are also, defective switches, jammed buttons, unresponsive motors, etc. All these are mainly the most common ones.

However, this is just the gist. You will have to dive in to know more about the problem and its solutions.

So, keep reading for a better understanding.

Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal: 6 Major Problems

Motor Guide pedal

Before stating the problems, let’s know what is motor guide trolling motor foot pedal does? The motor guide trolling motor can be both for hand and foot.

It is a wireless motor that helps to control the electric trolling from anywhere on the boat. For more details about the foot pedal, you can always check the motor guide foot pedal instructions.

Motorguide provides easy service for motors. You should always keep the motors in service and check up for long time performance.

However, there might be visible problems with your foot pedal motor. You can notice that your motor guide trolling motor is not turning. Make sure the electric line is correctly generated. Otherwise, the power will not reach the motor.

This is a basic problem. There are several other problems. And you must be wondering how to fix the motor guide foot pedal?

Well, nothing to worry about. We have covered the perfect solutions for each of the problems.

Let’s get into that.

Problem 1: Faulty Wiring

Motor Guide Pedal Faulty Wiring

One of the primary reasons behind your foot pedal not working is flawed wiring.

This problem is easily detectable. The wires in your boat could be twisted too much or damaged. As a result, this will create a barrier in reaching the power to the motor. So first, check the wiring of your boat.

However, If they are not damaged or corroded. Then your pedal might not work for the other reasons.


Your wiring must be perfect so that the power can reach the motor.

In order to ensure that, you just need a multimeter. Firstly, check the joining of the wires if the pedal is not working. Often, only cleaning the connected points will solve this problem.

Make sure you are doing this using safety equipment and while the power is turned off. Otherwise, you can get electrocuted.

However, if the wires are totally damaged. Then you need to replace them and install new wirings.

Problem 2: False Load In

Motorguide Switches

Often due to false input, the motor can create issues.

You can identify this if your motor is acting abnormally. The switches of the motor are very sensitive.

As a result, often due to minimal pressure, the motor intakes wrong input through the controller.  So, what to do in this situation?


As the switches are pretty sensitive, you must be careful in using them. However, if you still feel that your motor is taking false input.

Then, all you need to do is adjust the controller and use it carefully. This will eliminate the problem.

Problem 3: One Directional Steering

Some issues can be seen with the foot pedal that it is steering in one direction.

It indicates that you may have some problems with the voltage. This problem isn’t common to new motors. So, if you are using one for a long time, you might face this.


For this problem, first, check the connectivity of the battery of the motor. The terminal outputs or the voltage must be optimal. To do this, you can use any voltage-measuring equipment.

However, if it is not. Then you might need to change the battery. And this will solve the problem.

Motor Guide Defective Switches

Problem 4: Defective Switches

Many times, it can happen that the switch has gone out of service.

If you think that they are cleaned and there is no dust that can malfunction them. Then surely, the foot pedal switches have gone out of service.


You should first try checking the wiring of the switches. Often due to clogged wiring, the switches might not work. So, unclogging them might solve the problem.

If that’s not the situation, then you need to replace the switches. You can also try contacting the customer care service for the warranty.

Don’t mix up switches with the boat ignition switch problems.

Problem 5: Jammed Button

Motor Guide Pedal Jammed Button

The buttons aren’t something you clean every day. So sometimes, waste and dust can gather there. And it makes the button jammed. As a result, they do not respond correctly.

So, if the buttons are unresponsive, that might be the result of not servicing for long.


This is a very easy problem to solve. Only cleaning the buttons and their surroundings will solve this problem.

You don’t need to replace anything here. So, to avoid this problem, make sure you are keeping the buttons clean.

Problem 6: Unresponsive

Sometimes, your Motorguide foot pedal might not respond at all. Or the Motorguide trolling not turning on.

This could be the reason behind a faulty connection. If the controller and receive connection are not proper, the foot pedal might not respond.


As the problem is connected to the controller and receiver. So firstly, try adjusting the controller and receiver. Also, check the wiring behind them.

You might need to pair the controller and this will solve the problem.

You can always avoid all of these problems by just regularly servicing and maintaining the Motorguide trolling parts. Apart from this, you can also check Motorguide xi5 troubleshooting.

Problem 7: Abnormal Sensitivity

Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal

If you are experiencing abnormal sensitivity when operating your Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal, there is a good chance that you have a Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problem.

The Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal is an important part of your trolling Motor System and should be handled with care. If you experience excessive sensitivity when using the Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal, it may be indicative of a problem with the unit itself.


If you are experiencing excessive sensitivity, first try to correct the issue by adjusting the settings on the unit.

In some cases, this can be corrected by replacing the foot pedal. If the sensitivity persists even after replacement, it may be indicative of a more serious issue and may require professional assistance.

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foot pedal batteries

1. Are trolling foot pedal batteries waterproof?

No. Even though the batteries are used for marine or waterway use, they aren’t fully waterproof. They can however take some splash of water.

2. How do you adjust a trolling motor pedal?

If you find that your trolling motor is not providing the desired results, it may be time to adjust the pedal. To do this, first make sure that both your battery and your motor are fully charged. Next, loosen the knob on the pedal and turn it anticlockwise until it comes off completely. After that, turn it clockwise until it’s tight again.

3. How to control a Motorguide trolling foot pedal?

The motor guide trolling foot pedal is wireless. To control, turn the foot pedal toe down for steering right and heel down for steering left. You can do this from anywhere on the boat.

4. Why is there no signal in the receiver after pressing the button of the foot pedal?

This is probably because the electronic ID number of the foot pedal is not yet programmed with the receiver.

5. How do you reset a MotorGuide foot pedal?

To reset a MotorGuide foot pedal, first disconnect the power cord from the pedal. Next, remove the screws that hold the pedal in place. Finally, gently pull out the pedal and replace it with a new one.


Well, that’s all regarding Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problems. Hope this article has helped you to solve the problems.

You can always go to customer care service if you are still unable to solve any of the mentioned problems. The best way to avoid all these problems is regular maintenance of the motor.

So don’t forget to check up on your motor as you do for the boat.

That’s all for today!

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