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Is Kayaking Good for Weight Loss? – Start With a New Physical Activity

Kayaking for Weight Loss

Deciding to start with a new physical activity is usually the result of people wanting to be healthier, look better, and do more exercise.

There are plenty of ways to do this and everyone is free to make up their own mind when it comes to working out and being more active.

What is universal is that all of us should make a conscious effort to use our body in challenging ways and to be physically exhausted from time to time as it improves not just the overall health but also makes us feel good in the long run.

Of course, it is also great for weight loss.

Most people pick one of the more common forms of exercising like going to the gym. They could also pick up a sport and play it a few times per week.

Going swimming as little as two times a week can have immense benefits for the boy while increasing the amount you spend walking and cycling per week can be enough for a healthier and more balanced life.

Anything that makes use of the muscles is better than sitting around all day and the steps people take to get there vary.

However, there are other fun and engaging activities one can do to get stronger, more durable, and lose weight.

Kayaking for a Healthier Body

Kayaking Good for Weight Loss

Have you ever thought of kayaking as a potential weight loss and exercise activity, something to do weekly and make better life choices?

Well, you will be happy to know that this seemingly simple and somewhat passive, relaxing activity does wonders for the body especially if you approach it as a legitimate exercise right from the start.

Paddling in a kayak is diverse and versatile in terms of using the body, enough to make it a challenging workout session.

If you need something new in life, an activity that will get you out of the house and surround you with nature, and on top of that allow a healthier existence, why not give it a shot?

With all that being said, is kayaking actually good for weight loss or is it just a physical activity that is considered an exercise?

Not all exercises are great for losing weight and some are particularly counterproductive if not done together with calorie-burning and weight-managing activities. Read on to learn more about what paddling in a kayak can do for you.

Great Cardio Potential

Great Cardio Potential

First and foremost, kayaking is a legitimate cardio workout.

Short for cardiovascular workouts, these activities are important for the body because they keep the heart healthy and in optimal working condition.

Keeping it busy is crucial to keep it strong and to be more capable as you age.

The heart weakens without cardio, which is why running, swimming, cycling, and even walking are so important.

The reason why cardio is so important is that it employs the entire body and promotes continuous breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Deep breaths as you keep doing it and sweating it out with repetitive movements. Well, kayaking falls right in this category as you paddle through the water.

While cardio exercises are often boring because they are so repetitive, kayaking is less so because of the surroundings.

The fact you are doing it in a river, lake, or ocean is enough to make it exciting with marvelous views. Your heart and lungs will thank you.

It Can Help With Losing Weight

Let us finally talk about the titular question of this article. There is a reason we mentioned cardio first as it is a very important part of losing weight.

Burning off extra fat and losing calories is done best with cardio and kayaking certainly qualifies. Therefore, it is a way to promote weight loss. However, it needs to be done right.

The thing about paddling in the water is it is easy to do it too nonchalantly. It does not take a lot of effort to move through the water, especially in a lake or when the sea is calm.

Going down the river in optimal conditions only takes light paddling strokes. None of this is enough to engage the body in a way for the whole kayaking experience to be enough for meaningful weight loss.

If you want to spend up to 1200 calories while kayaking, you need to spend around three hours of moderate to fast-paced paddling.

It sure is a top exercise to burn a lot of calories at once, much better and more interesting than jogging, and you need less of it.

However, it needs to be done right. Your strokes need to be strong and complete, your posture right, and your arms, shoulders, back, and legs need to work in unison for the core to also be engaged.

Only then will you be losing weight while paddling.

Stronger Muscles

Stronger Muscles

Last but not least, on the whole arms, shoulders, back, and core topic, kayaking does wonders for the upper body.

The lower back muscles, or lats, benefit the most since they are heavily at work with every stroke.

This is great for those who spend too much time sitting. Also, the lats are an area that is the most difficult and least fun to engage in at the gym, and otherwise.

If you want stronger, good-looking arms, look no further than kayaking. Regular kayaking sessions are enough to improve every muscle in your arm, from the biceps and triceps to the forearms.

Elbow and wrist joints will also be stronger and more mobile due to various paddling stroke positions.

Working your guns come with every single movement of the paddle as you navigate through the water. Just look at Olympic kayakers and their arms!

Rotational movements you have to make while paddling in a kayak are great for firmer abs and that elusive six-pack you have probably wanted your entire life.

The rotations you have to make to paddle from one side to the other are demanding to your core, and the core is often difficult and tiring to exercise anyway.

With kayaking, it comes naturally and the muscles get a proper workout, resulting in firmer abs and less stomach area fat.

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