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Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak 2024 – Sti-On-Top Kayak Review

Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak

The Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak is a versatile watercraft for the part-time kayaker or the novice. It is stable and built of UV-protected polyethylene and has chine rails to prevent tipping.

The hull is flat and has plenty of room for fishing and camping equipment. It also features a paddle and carries up to ten pounds. It is a good choice for families or people on a budget.

About Sit-On-Top Kayaks

These kayaks have similar hull shapes and hulls to their counterparts in the traditional style (sit-in-kayaks), but instead of sitting in the kayak, you’re in a molded-in depression on top.

One of the benefits of this design is its comfort. Paddlers who have large bodies and legs that are long or who have limited mobility may find it easier to paddle on a top-sitting.

Sit-on-tops are among the most user-friendly. They’re very sturdy, simple to enter and exit from, and have no sense of being in a confined space. They’re also self-bailing. That means that they’ve got small openings called scupper holes, that allow water to flow right through them.

So with all that these are ideal for those just starting their kayak adventures and who want something straightforward and simple. So with all that let’s start our review of the Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak.

Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak

Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak

Due to their high center of gravity, the sit-on-top kayaks tend to be slower than models with a sit-in and are limited in storage space. They have a less pronounced center of gravity, which leads to greater stability and more efficient paddling.

Some of the specifications:

  • Length: 10 ft.
  • Width: 31 in.
  • Weight: 50 lb.
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 lb.
  • UV-Protected: Kayak will never crack or fade.
  • Construction: Durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Seat backs can be adjusted with a quick release to provide ease of use
  • Hatch to provide additional storage under the deck. Storage extends across the length of the boat.
  • The design offers stability and allows for tracking
  • Different footrests for different paddling heights

This boat is made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene. The hull is a durable, 10-foot recreational kayak. Its seat is padded and comfortable and is equipped with front and rear shock cords for stability. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It also has a central storage hatch and side handles to help it get in and out of the water.

It is a great recreational kayak for beginners. It has a flat bottom and is designed to be used in all kinds of water. The kayak comes with a paddle, but there are no rod holders. It is a good choice for those who like to fish in a small stream or lake. The Tahoma 100 is a good option for people who only want a small fishing setup.

The one-person kayak is durable and easy to maneuver. It has plenty of storage, a cupholder in between the legs, and an ample seat. While its price is competitive, its lack of storage is the biggest weakness. Its price is around $250-300. It is a good choice for families who do not want to spend a fortune on a sit-on-top kayak.

It also offers great value for a beginner. This sit-on-top kayak is made of durable polyethylene and comes with three-rod holders. The thigh area is well protected by additional chine rails. The front seat is stable and easy to get in and out of.

The rear seat is angled to be easier to maneuver. The front and rear chine rails are a nice touch for the beginner. It is right and sturdy, weighing only 50 pounds. Fortunately, this kayak is easy to carry and has great weight capacity. Its wide cockpit allows you to keep your gear in place while paddling.

1. Size

Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak

The Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak is the perfect size for the casual kayaker. Its flat bottom and chine rails make it easy to track and maneuver in the water. Moreover, this kayak is comfortable for all sizes.

It has multiple footrests and a flat bottom that makes navigation easier. The rider’s zone is a very important aspect of a kayak. It features an adjustable seat frame and several footrest positions.

This 8.5-foot kayak can fit two adults. It features two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder. The paddle is also easily stored in a backpack. This is a great kayak for people who want to stay afloat on the water.

2. Hull

Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak Hull

The high-density polyethylene hull is highly resistant to shock and vibration. The Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak also features a backrest, a seat, and a paddle. The weight of this kayak is around 50 pounds, which is an average for this category. It has a good range of top speeds and a decent keel length for this class.


The Lifetime Tahoma 100 Kayak is a large recreational kayak with a high-density polyethylene body. It is also significantly rigid, which makes it suitable for moderate waves near the shore.

The Lifetime kayak can handle up to 500 pounds without negatively impacting its performance. It is a flat-hull recreational kayak that is easy to launch and take off. Its pronounced chine makes it easier to maneuver.

The kayaks with a sit-on-top are significantly easier to use as compared to traditional kayaks. And we can wholly recommend it. The Lifetime Tahoma Kayak is a sit-on-top kayak with a comfy backrest for long paddling excursions.

It is designed for maximum security and stability Tamarack is a kayak that offers extreme safety and stability. It features a sturdy flat bottom that is complemented by deep channels for tracking and stability chine rails.

The kayak is made blow-molded (HDPE) making it strong UV-protected and resilient to impacts. The light, 50-pound design with rear and front carry handles allow it to be easily transported between the shore and the boat.

With storage hatches as well as paddle keepers and several places for footrests the kayak comes with plenty of features to improve your paddling.

Take a look at the following sit-on-top kayaks:

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